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Polytheism invades McEuen

Hindu god sculpture draws critics in CdA

At least the dufus led rag in Spokane correctly failed to capitalize where inappropriate.
Funny this story wasn't front page or that the artsy-fartsy pagan project was quietly kept under wraps by... more..

Best INTEL Processor For Mid to High-End Gaming PC

Intel offers several processors that are widely held to be some of the best CPU's around for PC gaming systems. They exist in a natural progression of both performance and price, but that doesn't mean the most expensive is necessarily the best choice. It's all about what you plan to do with your system and what your long and short term budgets are. For ... more..

Watch NFL Live S-tream Online on Phone or Tab

Watch NFL Live S-tream Online on Phone or Tab more..

dog and cat rescue and sanctuary

We are Ty & Meribeth and we want to open a dog and cat rescue and sanctuary. This is our dream job. My wife has a love for nonprofit work and helping other and I love rescuing dogs and cats from horrible situations. We make quite a pair.
This is a long term goal for us. This is our retirement goals. Most people see retirement as a time to relax and... more..

How To Get More Video Game Tester Jobs With One Simple Step

If there is one thing that every professional video game tester has in common, it's the need for more testing jobs. Because of all the up and coming video game testers, there seems to be far less video game tester jobs available than there once was. Does this mean you won't be able to get any testing jobs? No, not at all. It simply means that getting hi... more..

Landing a Teaching Job

Becoming a teacher starts with your resume. Check out to get advice on that. Next comes the interview which is by far the most important part. Do not be nervous, prepare yourself by reviewing typical interview questions and have a friend or family member practice with you. Once this ... more..

What are Kindergartens Missing?

Hi everyone!
We are college students looking for input about what you want in a kindergarten. This information is going to be used to determine what needs to be done for a local church to draw a student base. What we want to know is if you, as parents, would want or need to enroll your students in a new private kindergarten.
Some other things that we... more..

British Man Living In Coeur D'Alene

hi i am looking for my British uncle and his last known place of residence was in Coeur D' Alene. His name is Peter Griffiths or Peter Castro he was born in 1969. I have not seen him for a very long time. Last time i saw him he had short dark hair, brown or black eyes and he was of slim build. It is very important that he contacts home. Does anybody kno... more..

No One Seems to Care!

The TSA is allowed to intimately grope elderly women, children and even rape victims at airports with the alternative being dangerously radiated in the body scanners. No one seems to care.

Raw milk producers across the nation including an Amish farm have recently been raided by armed swat teams and their businesses virtually destroyed. No one seems t... more..

couple of resume tips

Explain things in your resume summary

Most resumes have the same generic resume intro that hiring mangers see right through as meaningless fluff. Make sure to get your story across clearly and to the point. Put a little bit of yourself into the intro but make sure to keep it professional also, its a balancing act.

[b]Resume bullet structu... more..

Gardens to the Sky

Gardens to the Sky
You do not have to understand this, just join this group.
I see a garden that is a house; electricity can be collected from plants, as in the potato experiment, also it can be collected from moving water like a dam.
Plants can be used to filter and move water. Plants can be used to transport water like in the experiment where cele... more..

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Happy Birthday Church - The Bride of Christ

Today is Pentecost Sunday 2011!

The press of family crisis and daily grind caught me unprepared to submit a timely Letter to the Editor for the print edition.
You can review my comments from last year at:
[link= more..

Polytheism invades McEuen

Hindu god sculpture draws critics in CdA

At least the dufus led rag in Spokane correctly failed to capitalize where inappropriate.
Funny this story wasn't front page or that the artsy-fartsy pagan project was quietly kept under wraps by M... more..

This Northwest Mom Has Etsy All Sewn Up

Every mom wants the best for her children, but it’s hard when many items are simply out of your financial reach.

Otis Orchards mom Jen Camp felt that way when she became a single mom while pregnant with her third child. Not content to simply settle for less, she decided to try sewing... more..

7 Habits of Highly Fit People

Lots of people ask me how to quickly and easily get fit. While I know they are hoping for a simple answer, the reality is that getting and staying fit is a lifestyle, not a quick fix.

So what do fit people do in their "healthy lifestyle"? Take a peek with the following 7 Habits of Highly Fit People:

Habit #1: They Don't Buy Junk

Fit p... more..

Are You Tired Of Struggling To Reach Your Weight Loss Goals?

Fat loss pills, fad diets, and infomercial gadgets just don’t work.

But there is something that does…and I’d like to give you the opportunity to learn more about it – risk free.

Go here NOW to find out more >>> ... more..

Is the CDAPress news?

I have been using Google's news page to get my news, but I recently noticed that my news page does not link to the CDAPress. Even if I do a news search I only find the CDAPress as a reference for other news outlets. I can find the CDAPress on the web, but apparently Google does not consider it news. This means that the CDAPress is left out of news searc... more..

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"Cardio 4 Kids"- Help Us Fight Childhood Obesity

Help Us Stomp Out Childhood Obesity in Northern Idaho!!”

This Fitness Program For Kids Will Be Starting Tuesday, August 31st!!

About two-thirds of Americans are counted as either overweight or obese, according to the National Center for Health Statistics.

Is your Child at Risk?

This fitness made fun class will be for kids between the a... more..

It Won't Be Long Till We See Him With Our Eyes!

Today is Pentecost Sunday. Christ's Church is celebrating it's 1977th birthday. This may seem a long time to wait for the fulfillment of a promise. The Church must remain vigilant as it discerns the signs signaling Jesus' return.

When is Jesus going to restore the kingdom to Israel? His response in Acts 1:7 was perplexing for Disciples who hoped... more..

What Is In The Best Interests Of The Child : The IBO - AP Debate

[link=] [b] 1933 -- The first Humanist Manifesto is published. Co-author John Dewey, the noted philosopher and educator, calls for a synthesizing of all religions and "a socialized and cooperative economic order." Co-signer C.F. Potter said in 1930: "Education is thus a most powerful ally of... more..

Check out this candidate for Senator...

Elect Claude M. (Skip) Davis III, Republican Candidate for U.S. Senate, Idaho 2010 more..

Donors to the US Senate and US House.

Bills should be made up of the people by the people. Not of the corporation by the corporations. Name me on Bill that has been passed by the US congress that was introduced by the people for the people. Not by the corporations.

US Senator MIke Crapo (US Senate R-ID)

1. JPMorgan Chase & Co $29,732
2 Credit Suisse Group $21,500
3 ... more..

The Future Online Education system is now.

So far by google I've ran into two online formats for home online schooling or any place with a internet connection for K-12. The Future for education is now.
So for people investing time and education for a teacher position think twice.

Kaplan Academy of Idaho
Idaho Virtual Academy

Are just two such future educational outlets for the future in ... more..

The Education system is coming to a throw back.

Like the cola drinks making beverages of by gone era. So the education system introduce a system of a throw back from the past.
This area has been doing pretty good with taxes and a strong education system funded by public taxes.
But we must stop listen to what is going on around use.
The state food stamp program has doubled since 2007. I'm certain ... more..

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