Happy, healthy holidays

There are three different types of stresses that can cause subluxations in our bodies: physically, emotionally and chemically. In other words "THE THREE T'S," trauma, thoughts and toxins. It is no wonder that as we approach the holiday season we find ourselves coping with much more and struggling to maintain our health. Even if we enjoy every aspect of the holidays we are still coordinating more family get-togethers, meal planning, worrying if those meals are working against you and your fitness routine, finding gifts, staying warm... the list could go on!

Your regular chiropractic visits are doing more than caring for your back that you tweaked when pulling out the box of holiday decorations. Yes, we are correcting your spinal structure, but that manual manipulation results in correct alignment and open pathways for the nervous system to precisely communicate with the rest of your body and better manage stress, immune and physical challenges and keep your energy up.

A subluxation is a term used in the field of chiropractic that describes a situation where a bone, or multiple bones, of your spine will move out of position to compensate for instability or unequal weight distribution. When a bone moves out of place, it puts pressure on the vital nerves that exit between the bones and reduces their ability to function. This nerve function is absolutely vital in the communication of your brain and body. Without nervous system function, you could not live.

So, although we may not be able to help with the decorating, the baking or the countless other things that you may have on your schedule we can help you get your body on the right track so you can sleep better, feel healthier and ready to conquer the rest of 2011 with enthusiasm!

Take some time and come see us at our office in Coeur d'Alene, 370 E. Kathleen Ave. Suite 600 or in Kellogg, 208 Oregon St. Suite N. Give us a call to schedule your appointment, (208) 667-7434. You can also visit our website at www.CDAHealth.com or like us on Facebook.

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