SCARY: A fun family tradition

The letter written by Faith Normington is utterly ridiculous and shows that some parents shelter their children too much. What will happen when they go out into the “real world” and are exposed to something they cannot handle without their Mommy to write letters to the editor? I have seen firsthand what happens: THEY GO OFF THE DEEP END! They need rules and guidance, yes, but at age 16, should they not be able to tell right from wrong and, if exposed to something that they do not morally agree with, should they not be able to just walk away? I, on the other hand, was not as sheltered as a minor, and was able to grow up to know right from wrong, and would like to go on record as disagreeing completely with this comment. Let me explain why:

Scarywood has become an annual tradition for our family, but we know enough to use common sense when bringing minors. There are some out there who, at age 13, could handle the “adult content” because of their maturity level, and, of course, some, even at age 16, who cannot. Scarywood does not claim to be for the “mild” or “faint of heart” or even the “sheltered child.”

As a junior high teacher, I would say that kids hear more cuss words in the hallways at school than they would hear at Scarywood. Are you going to shelter your child(ren) and pull them out of public school? If you don’t want your kid to be exposed to the adult content of a quite popular feature of our area, don’t send them! Simple as that.

I am so sick of parents complaining and trying to conform things to meet their absurd needs. I hope Silverwood pays absolutely no attention to these ridiculously conservative complaints and continues to provide the type of amusement customers pay for. It isn’t cheap — and it is not recommended for children under a certain age (which is posted everywhere). Shame on you, Faith Normington, and all the other parents out there trying to take something enjoyable away from innocent people who look forward to this wonderful event each year!



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