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North Idaho Storm fourth-grade boys: In their first outing as an AAU basketball team, the Storm beat the Hype 13-11 and the Spokane Warriors 24-3, before losing to the Spokane Cougars 23-16 at the Whitworth University Jamboree.

Three-game totals: Kaden Cripps led the Storm with 10 points, 22 steals, 17 rebounds, Marcus Butler had 16 points, 13 steals, 10 rebounds, Tyler Arnone had 10 points, 13 steals, 9 rebounds, Dylan Brown 10 points, 12 steals, 7 rebounds. Nick Bailey 6 points, 2 steals, 12 rebounds, Cooper Green 4 points, 6 steals, 12 rebounds, Dylan Behrens 4 points, 5 steals, 4 rebounds, Tyson Rutherford 7 steals, 6 rebounds.

Next up for the Storm is the The Warehouse "Jump the Gun" Jamboree on Sunday in Spokane.


Coeur d'Alene Sting under-11 boys Inter: The Sting defeated the FC Spokane B01 Pollock 8-0 this past weekend. Drake Prohaska had a hat trick, and Christopher Swider, Diego McClure, Marc McClure, Kyler Sorensen and Jared Hoffman each scored one goal. Defender Bennett Forsberg had an assist, and Jacob Overoye posted another shutout with two saves.

Sting U12 boys Ajax: The Sting beat the Spokane United-Crump 3-0 last Saturday. Ryan Bergsieker, Greyden Lee and Josh Schriger each scored one goal. Greyden Lee had an assist and Jason Lukes had one save in goal.

In their second game of the day, the Sting beat the Idaho Thunder 4-0. Josh Schriger scored two goals and Cameron Johnson and Greyden Lee each scored once.

Sting U11 girls (Walker): The Sting defeated FC Spokane 8-0 on Saturday. Emma Ramage and Jaizee Cessna each scored hat tricks and Geneva Bengtson and Lily Foster scored one goal each for the Sting (5-1).

Sting U9 boys (United): The Sting played a friendly against the Sandpoint Strikers this past Saturday. Miles Jone scored three goals, Cooper Prohaska two and Gabe Novak one for the Sting.

The two Coeur d'Alene Sting U9 girls teams faced off this Saturday for the second time this season. Team Real won 2-0 over Team Galaxy. Both teams continue the season with home games on Saturday against the Sandpoint Strikers FC-Ireland Francis.

Sting U13 girls Tottenham: The Sting won twice on the road last week.

The Sting shut out the Spokane Foxes FC 99' White 3-0 on Saturday. Goals were scored by Annica Wilson, Abigail Ellison, and Haley Gordon. Haley Gordon and Abbigale Shrontz were each credited with an assist.

The Sting defeated the Cobra Wombats 1-0 in Othello, Wash. Megan Drake scored the lone goal.

Sting U11 girls Timbers: The Sting beat the Spokane Shadow Elite 3-0. Zoe Cox had two goals and an assist, and Shelby Sharp scored once. Jordan Roth and Kyla Currie teamed for the shutout in goal.

Idaho Thunder U10 boys (Sater): The Thunderbeat the Spokane Scotties Hippauf 4-0 on Sunday in a Puget Sound Premiere League at River City Middle School in Post Falls.

Aiden O'Halloran, Andrew Ferreira, Cody Carvajal, and Devin Claflin each scored once. Devin Claflin had two assists, and AJ Curson and Alex Moate teamed for the shutout.

The Thunder, still undefeated, plays its final PSPL game Saturday at noon vs. the Spokane Pumas 03 Green at River City Middle School.

Thunder U11 boys (Gelenette/McLuskie): The Thunder started Saturday with a 4-3 loss to the Spokane Shadow. Thunder goals were scored by Cameron Calabretto, Gavin McFeely and Gavin McLuskie, who also had an assist.

Later that day the Thunder defeated the Breakers 6-2. Cameron Calabretto scored a hat trick, and Tristan Delbridge and Gavin McLuskie each scored once. Ben Blakey had an assist which resulted in an own goal against the other team.


* The Post Falls Panthers beat the Coeur d'Alene Jaguars 37-14 in seventh-grade play.

Quin Bennett led the Panthers with two rushing touchdowns and one receiving TD. Bailey Massender and Kody Kolden both scored on long runs. Nate Buer completed 60 percent of his passes with one touchdown and no interceptions.

Chase Cripps kicked three extra points and Kody Kolden caught one extra-point conversion.

Quin Bennett had 11 solo and five assisted tackles. Junior Williams had seven solo and seven assisted tackles, and Jake Schroeder and Kody Kolden each had five tackles for the Panthers.

* The Post Falls Ducks beat the Coeur d'Alene Packers 28-13 in sixth-grade play. Shilo Morgan scored on rushing touchdowns of 60, 55 and 5 yards for the Ducks. Wyatt Shelly had one 15-yard TD pass to Joel Sovereign. Tyler Smart caught one extra-point pass and Kyle Young had one extra-point kick. Jake Rutherford had 19 tackles in the win.

* The Coeur d'Alene Vikings beat the Spokane Chargers 21-19 in eighth-grade play under the lights Saturday in Spokane.

Seth Lucker scored on a 5-yard run and Brandon Kosiancic scored on a QB sneak from the 1. The game-winning touchdown came with 20 seconds left in the game when Brandon Kosiancic hooked up with Alec Baughman on a 40-yard touchdown pass. The defense was led by Randy Tucker, Nathan Colvin, Riely Shields and Dalton Virgil with five or more tackles each.

The Coeur d'Alene Raiders defeated the Spokane Warriors to remain undefeated in eighth-grade play Saturday night in Spokane.

Reggie Nault rushed for two touchdowns, Landon Moulding one for the Raiders.

The Post Falls Seahawks defeated the Coeur d'Alene Bucs 30-18 to wrap up the fifth-grade league championship with a 6-0 record. Dylan Paine rushed for 233 yards and three touchdowns on 23 carries for the Seahawks. Carey Sovereign scored one touchdowns, Jeremiah Moss had eight tackles, Houston Sasselli had seven, Eli Gondo five in the win.

For the Bucs, who led 18-16 late in the third quarter, Ezra Grigg had 151 total yards, five receptions and a TD, Logan Jeanselme had 122 total yards and 2 TDs and Derek Pearse was 6 of 8 passing and rushed for 44 yards.

The Jaguars lost to the Steelers in a fifth-grade league game. The Steelers scored three times in the first half. Cameron Tony ran for the Jaguars' lone TD.


Post Falls elementary school meet

Oct. 10

At Post Falls High

Approximately 850 runners participated

PARTICIPATING SCHOOLS - Ponderosa Elementary (Pondo), Mullan Trail Elementary (MTE), Prairie View Elementary (PVE), West Ridge Elementary (WRE), Seltice Elementary (Selt), Genesis Prep (GP).

FIFTH-GRADE BOYS - 1, Jack Reynolds, Selt, 5:57. 2, Jadyn Freeman, MTE, 5:59. 3, Corbin Cockerill, Pondo, 6:10.2. 4, Seth Neely, Pondo, 6:10.8. 5, Cheick Toure, PVE, 6:15. 6, Brenden Sorensen, PVE, 6:16. 7, Grant Jones, Selt, 6:20. 8, Koby Johnson, PVE, 6:23.2. 9, Deklin Boseth, Selt, 6:23.6. 10, Jonathan Bechard, Pondo, 6:37.

FIFTH-GRADE GIRLS - 1, Chloe Sisco, GP, 6:22. 2, Bailey Shanahan, Pondo, 6:25. 3, Kailey Moors, Selt, 6:37. 4, Tyler McCliment-Call, WRE, 6:42. 5, Laney Smith, MTE, 6:56. 6, Jackson McCliment-Call, WRE, 6:57. 7, Sandy Faulkner, WRE, 7:04. 8, Mazy Williams, Pondo, 7:05. 9, Alannah Drake, Selt, 7:05. 10, Sydney Shanahan, Pondo, 7:07.

FOURTH-GRADE BOYS - 1, Spencer Zeller, WRE, 6:11. 2, Caden McLean, GP, 6:22. 3, Tyler Arnone, PVE, 6:25. 4, Quinton Sampsel, Pondo, 6:26. 5, Josiah T. Heath, MTE, 6:30. 6, Lars Horning, Selt, 6:34, 7, Ryan Graves, WRE, 6:36. 8, Alexander Peters, Pondo, 6:40. 9, Nick Bailey, WRE, 6:42. 10, Brayden Jacobs, WRE, 6:47.

FOURTH-GRADE GIRLS - 1, Laurea Foster, Selt, 6:18. 2, Dylan Lovett, Selt, 6:19. 3, Chloe Redwing, PVE, no time available. 4, Kamryn Beck, MTE, 7:10. 5, Jayda Johnson, PVE, 7:14. 6, Jaden Donohoe, PVE, 7:16, 7, Jordan Baldwin, PVE, 7:21. 8, Leah Holding, WRE, 7:22. 9, Myria Aparicio, Selt, time not available. 10, Abigail Evans, MTE, time not available.

THIRD-GRADE BOYS - 1, Jaxon C. Anderson, MTE, 2:58. 2, Ryan Sorenson, PVE, 3:00. 3, Jack Sciortino, Pondo, 3:03. 4, Logan Davis, Selt, 3:07. 5, Dalton Wild, Selt, 3:10. 6, Trevor Bennett, WRE, 3:11. 7, Tanner Sessions, Selt, 3:12. 8, Zachary T. Clark, MTE, 3:14. 9, Caleb Schroeder, GP, 3:15. 10, Ashton Paine, WRE, 3:18.

THIRD-GRADE GIRLS - 1, Brianna Barnhart, MTE, 3:11. 2, Alexis Heath, MTE, 3:13. 3, Kassie Gardner, MTE, 3:14. 4, A'mya Ohlig, WRE, 3:15. 5, Mya Higgins, MTE, 3:21. 6, Madison Meriea, Selt, 3:29. 7, Alahna Lien, WRE, 3:32. 8, Alison Lehman, Pondo, 3:33. 9, Madison Pring, Pondo, 3:34. 10, Nicole Jones, Pondo, 3:36.

SECOND-GRADE BOYS - 1, Jesus S. Guieirrez, PVE, 3:13. 2, Langan Naylor, Selt, 3:18. 2, Luke Sisco, GP, 3:22. 4, Laken Golsby, WRE, 3:28. 5, Michael Johnson, PVE, 3:33. 6, Konner L. McKenzie, MTE, 3:34. 7, Keller Tracey, PVE, 3:35. 8, Stenerson Jett, school not provided, 3:36. 9, Camden M., MTE, 3:44. 10, Cannon Tally, PVE, 3:45.

SECOND-GRADE GIRLS - 1, Bella Short, Pondo, 3:28. 2, Anastasia Peters, Pondo, 3:30. 3, Madison Staples, PVE, 3:44. 4, Madison Barkley, MTE, 3:51. 5, Madelyn Day, Pondo, 3:53. 6, Allison Mitchell, Pondo, 4:04. 7, Noelle Thompson, Selt, 4:12. 8, Madalyn Meredith, Selt, 4:15. 9, Kendal Cowels, GP, 4:19. 10, Madelynne Haines, PVE, 4:20.

FIRST-GRADE BOYS - 1, Kaden Giovanini, PVE, 3:24. 2, Drew Zeller, WRE, 3:36. 3, Tye DeSouza, WRE, 3:38. 4, Cole Hazeltine, PVE, 3:46. 5, Trenton McLean, GP, 3:49. 6, Blair Crane, PVE, 3:55. 7, Hayden Cleave, Pondo, 3:57. 8, Patrick M. Brown, MTE, 4:00. 9, Thomas Stevens, Pondo, 4:01. 10, Brennon Arman, Selt, 4:02.

FIRST-GRADE GIRLS - 1, Dakota Langevin, Pondo, 3:36. 2, Ellie L. Longbrake, MTE, 4:00. 3, Kinlee McLean, PVE, 4:03. 4, Taya Hanson, PVE, 4:04. 5, Julia Peppin, Pondo, 4:08. 6, Alish Beaver, Pondo, 4:16.1. 7, Aspen Boyken, PVE, 4:16.9. 8, Jenna Chase, WRE, 4:18. 9, Joely H. Gardiner, MTE, 4:19. 10, Katie Yount, GP, 4:21.


Sunset Bowling Center


HIGH GAME - Dan VanDerhoff 214.

HIGH SERIES - Anthony Beery 536.

HIGH GAME - Suzanna Kenoyer 147.

HIGH SERIES - Suzanna Kenoyer 403.


HIGH GAMES - Garrett Boyce 232, Taylor Rose 220, Dylan Lunsford 204.

HIGH SERIES - Taylor Rose 558, Garrett Boyce 556, Joey Bates 514.

HIGH GAMES - Robyn Prescott 190, Chelsie Delcomte 155, Satira McGlathery 147.

HIGH SERIES - Robyn Prescott 489, Chelsie Delcomte 413, Satira McGlathery 408.

HIGH GAMES - Kameron Morgan 150, Matthew Seymour 131, Brian Barile 98.

HIGH SERIES - Kameron Morgan 392, Destin McWilliams 275, Wyatt Grunwald 250.

HIGH GAMES - Dinah Seymour 127, Danica Towan 121.

HIGH SERIES - Shaynie Montee 324, Danica Towan 315.


HIGH GAMES - Noah Wells 73, Jacob Campbell 55, Shaun Toles 50.

HIGH SERIES - Noah Wells 122, Jacob Campbell 103, Shaun Toles 93.

HIGH GAMES - Daphnee Hammond 97, Kylee Morgan 65, Susanna Pearl 61.

HIGH SERIES - Daphnee Hammond 151, Kylee Morgan 121, Charlotte Leach 119.

River City Lanes

Oct. 13


HIGH GAMES - Mackenzie Tucker 69, Ellie Powell 66.

HIGH SERIES - Mackenzie Tucker 119, Ellie Powell 107.

HIGH GAMES - Aidan Carlson 91, Gavin Herth 81.

HIGH SERIES - Aidan Carlson 162, Gavin Herth 138.

HIGH GAMES - Hailey Howard 89, Tannis Iversen 81.

HIGH SERIES - Tannis Iverson 233, Hailey Howard 216.

HIGH GAMES - Devin Perry 159, Cassidy Peacock 147.

HIGH SERIES - Devin Perry 425, Cassidy Peacock 400.


HIGH GAMES - Savahnnah Stocker 190, 187.

HIGH SERIES - Savahnnah Stocker 508, Trista Herbst 342.

HIGH GAMES - Joseph Verchota 233, 194.

HIGH SERIES - Joseph Verchota 538, Brandon Shaw 524.

Junior Golf Northwest hosted its third annual Battle of the Border at The Coeur d'Alene Resort Golf Course on Sunday.

This tournament was the final tournament of the 2012 season. More than 50 junior golfers from Washington and Idaho competed.

BOYS AGE 16-18 - 1, Tanner Comes, Spokane, 76. 2, Eric Dahl, Hanford, Wash., 79. 3, Kenny Dodge, Post Falls, 83

BOYS 13-15 - 1, Carl Underwood, Tri Cities, 88. 2, Tyler Conley, Spokane, 94 (won scorecard playoff). 3, Ty Brearley, Post Falls, 94.

BOYS 10-12 - 1, Will Reeves, Sandpoint, 84. 2, Jack Johnson, Liberty Lake, 88. 3, Baron Farrell, Mead, 93.

GIRLS 16-18 - 1, Michal Schuster, St. John, Wash., 81. 2, Katie Ochoa, Spokane, 87. 3, Hailey Warren, Spokane, 94.

GIRLS 13-15 - 1, Lydia Kim, Spokane, 78. 2, Hannah Gropp, Spokane, 93.

Junior Golf Northwest will be posting the 2013 tournament schedule after the first of the year. Junior Golf Northwest offers competitive golf events for junior golfers in the Inland Northwest for boys and girls ages 10-18. Information:


Flag football


Wild West Log Furniture 9 - Drechsel Bros Farms 0. Noah Henriquez ran for 1 TD for Wild West.

Koerners Furniture 28 - Ironman Safe 0. Aiden Prado, Braden Lind, Cole McCarthy, and Conner Wolfe ran for a TD each for Koerners.



EZ Money Payday Loans - Alicia Ketner and Emberlyn Reynolds 1 goal. Center Partners - Ella Morton 5 goals. Element Dental - Greta Bash and Hannah Hall 1 goal. Papa Murphys - Danielle Sablan 1 goal.


Lake City Heating & Cooling - Lindsey Moss 4 goals, Alex Gilbertson 3 goals, and Lily Fletcher 1 goal. True North Satellite - Callie Tyson 1 goal. Hippo Car Wash - Emily Krick 1 goal.


Temptations Cupcakes - Hannah Goodwin 2 goals, Becka Bash and Kaylyn Jackson 1 goal. McDonalds - Grace Bailey 4 goals, Arraya Stephens, Elizabeth Whitmore, and Chloe Butler 1 goal. Hagadone Directories - Tenaya Dixon 1 goal. Idaho Forest Group - Nikki Cicero 2 and Sophie Ventresco 1 goal. McDonalds - Grace Bailey 1 goal.


Idaho Forest Group - Landon Lee 2 goals. Advanced Benefits - Ryley Jurado 2 goals, Zakry Wenglikowski and Palmer Rakes 1 goal. Pediatric Dental Center - Cameron Davey and Jack Holloway 1 goal. Idaho Forest Group - Tyler Gaspar 4 goals. Skyhawks - Colten Stinson 3 goals, Gunner Larson and Max Bolkovatz 1 goal. Panhandle Carpet One - Austin Smith 1 goal. Dana Specht-Wells Fargo Advisors - Bryce Hall 2 goals and Tugg Wellsandt 1 goal. Pediatric Dental Center - Corbin Smith and Jack Holloway 2 goals. Skyhawks - Colten Stinson 2 goals and Gunner Larson 1 goal. Panhandle Carpet One - Turner Cox 1 goal. Advanced Benefits - Palmer Rakes and Ryley Jurado 1 goal.


Thorco - Marcus Manzardo and Brayden Sundstrom 1 goal. Allegra - Devin Logan and Caleb Markowski 1 goal. Skyhawks - Gavin Sherar 4 goals and Jayden Johnson 1goal. Integrated Personnel - Quinn Conces, Amaya Giovanelli, and Michael Schlothauer 1 goal. Thorco - Brayden Sundstrom 1 goal.


Lakeview Dental - Camen Bowling and Elias Wing 2 goals, Delia Barajas 1 goal. Jaeger Orthodontics - Molly Kopf 1 goal. Cd'A Firefighters Association - Zach Schmitt 1 goal. Lakeview Dental - Elias Wing 2 goals. Grace Tree Service - Drew Helsper 2 goals, Niketta Janoski, Brooklyn Schaffer, and Nina Judd 1 goal. Chad Owens Construction - Taylor Gilreath 2 goals and Gunnar Nickerson 1 goal. Knudtsen Chevrolet - Sammie Kemper 4 goals, Drew Willis 2 goals and Kylie Boller 1 goal.

Basketball sigups: The Coeur d'Alene Recreation Department will register Oct. 15-24 for 6th-8th grade boys and girls basketball leagues.

The program is set to begin in November and run through December. Games and practices are held weekdays and Saturdays at local schools. Cost is $26 for city residents and $31 for non-city residents.

Registration is at the Coeur d'Alene City Hall, 710 Mullan Avenue. Sponsors and coaches are also needed. Registration for 9th and 10th grade boys will be held Nov. 12-30 and the K-2nd grade program will register in January.



Oct. 13

Micro 5s

Avista - Isaac Atilano 1 goal, Rylee Dragon 1 goal, Treffen McCord 2 goals, Owen Sharp 2 goals, Dominic Wilhelm 2 goals

Big Mountain Accounting & Taxes - Hunter Chambers 1 goal, Isabel Morisette 2 goals

Century Publishing Co. Inc. - Skyler Chaffin 3 goals, Ian Ingle 3 goals, Kyley Meltebarger 1 goal

Interstate Plastic Inc - MacKenzie Brown 3 goals, Colton Gookin 2 goals, Cody Kemp 4 goals, Bailey Nubile 1 goal, Keegan Rangel 1 goal

In Touch Physical Therapy - Myles Bettis 1 goal, Maggie Hughes 1 goal, Samuel Javier 1 goal, Damien Nord-Fend 2 goals, George Lavy 2 goals

Paul Bunyan - Cobe Cameron 1 goal, Juliette Gilmor 2 goals, Nayson Brioso 1 goal

Post Falls Taco Bell - Brock Carpenter 1 goal

River City Animal Hospital - Charles Guzman 1 goal, Ryan Neujahr 2 goals

Mini 6s

Alpine Construction - Marcus Duke 2 goals, Bridger Harrison 2 goals, Mya Morisette 5 goals

Apogee Physicians - Max Cervi-Skinner 1 goal, Zack Cervi-Skinner 5 goals,

Jenna Chase 3 goals, Mckenzie Montee 4 goals, Makai Walton 3 goals

Brumbach Family Dentistry - Giovanni Carlino 3 goals, Mira Crawford 2 goals, Alexis Lange 3 goals, Luke Lasher 6 goals, Carson Sullivan 2 goals

Little Smiles Pediatric Dentistry - Natal Davis 2 goals, Myiah Pooni 3 goals, Quinlan Schreiber 1 goal

North Idaho Trophy - No Stats Recorded

Post Falls Taco Bell - Danielle Baumann 1 goal, Piper Canning 1 goal, Brodie Rettstaff 2 goal, Makoa Weldon 1 goal

Stan Craft Boat Co. - Rebecca McNay 1 goal

Watercolors Daycare - Ellie Reardon 1 goal, Justice Smith 1 goal, Kyren Umphenaer 2 goals

Ace Hardware - Abby Hughes 1 goal

Century Publishing Co. Inc. - No Stats Recorded

Classical Christian Academy - Matthew Bangs 1 goal, Andrew Bartholomew 1 goal, Brenner Drake 1 goal, David Ellis 2 goals, Daniel Kuplack 1 goal, Caylinn Reams 1 goal, Gabrielle Roberts 1 goal

Elemental Research - Lance Gilmore 1 goal

Grille From Ipanema - Kassie Gardiner 3 goals, Kael McGowan 1 goal

Idaho Thunder F.C. - Brianna Barnhart 3 goals

Nate's New York Pizza - Rett Baggerly 1 goal, Alex Hughes 2 goals

Wood Doctor - No Stats Recorded

Aleris - Zachary Butler 1 goal, Michael Fonte 2 goals

Express Employment Professionals -David Kuplack 3 goals

Idaho Thunder F.C. - Hailey Hughes 1 goal

Post Falls Family Medicine - Justin Kugler 1 goal, Samantha Lee 1 goal, Marissa Wirig 1 goal

Stan Craft Marine Center - No Stats Recorded

Washington Trust - Corbin Cockerill 1 goal, Sandra Faulkner 3 goals

Alpine Construction Navy - David Chekota 2 goals, America Ellison 3 goals, Chase Harrison 2 goals, Dylan Robinson 2 goals

Alpine Construction Gray - Davin Harrison 1 goal, Briauna Robinson 1 goal, Aidan Toole 2 goals

Basso Construction - Sabrina Rangel 2 goals, Tanner Short 2 goals

Grace Tree Service - Clifford Hahaj 1 goal

Flag football

Oct. 13


Blue Dog RV: Tyson Barnhart 4 tackles; Carson Blakesley- 1 touchdown, 3 tackles; Gabriel Cooley 2 tackles; Ashton Dotts- 1 touchdown, 2 tackles; Charlie Nowlan- 2 tackles; Phoenix Vanvleet- 1 tackle;

EZ Money Payday Loans: Jayden Butler- 1 touchdown, 1 reception 7 tackles; Asher Goodner- 2 tackle; Peyton Hollenbeck- 1 tackle; Gabriel Jenicek- 1 tackle; Tristan Tweedy- 1 tackle;

Little Smiles Pediatric Dentistry: Steven Anderson- 1 tackle, 1 sack; Ethan Benjamin- 1 tackle; Koen Berg- 3 sacks; Logan Clark- 1 tackle; Blair Crane- 1 tackle; Caden Marmon- 2 tackles; Tyler Nilson- 1 tackle; Timothy Sheppard 2 tackles; Alex Shields- 1 touchdown, 1 reception

Mainstream Electrical: Trevor Miller- 1 tackle, 4 sacks; Seth Stevenson 1 one point PAT; Jordan Summers- 1 touchdown; Cannon Tally- 1 touchdown, 1 tackle; Tate Vasquez- 2 tackles, 2 sacks; James Wood- 2 sacks

North Idaho Foot & Ankle Institute: Hayden Clem- 3 tackles; Logan Gilge- 1 touchdown, 4 tackles; Wilson Gilge- 2 tackles; Caysen Loutzenhiser- 6 tackles; Logan Roberts- 1 tackle; Lucas Smith- 1 tackles;

Stacie's Cakes: Holden Babowicz- 2 tackles; Bradley Mason- 1 one point PAT, 3 tackles; Langan Naylor- 1 touchdown, 4 tackles; Dylan Wolfe- 3 tackles;

Stan Craft Boat Co.: Brennon Arman- 3 tackles; Cole Cripps- 5 tackles, 1 sack; Tyler French- 3 tackles; Jack Fritz 1 tackles; Cooper Russworm- 2 tackles; Carsen Sorensen 1 tackle; Nolan Vaughan- 2 tackles, 1 sacks;

The UPS Store, Post Falls; Tevin Burns- 1 tackles; Jace O'Brien- 2 tackles; Cannon Oliver- 1 tackle; John Rudebaugh- 1 one point PAT, 1 reception, 5 tackles; Matty Tavares- 2 tackles, 2 sacks; Lucas Thorsness- 1 tackle; Logan Nelson- 1 reception, 1 tackle;


Awards Etc: Tyler Arnone- 1 reception; Nicholas Bailey- 2 tackles, 1 sack; Sean Duncan- 4 tackles; Hayden Kennedy- 1 tackle; Noah Lewis- 1 tackle; Nicholas Nowell- 2 receptions, 2 tackles; Ian White- 2 tackles, 1 sack;

Classical Christian Academy: Isaac Ballew- 1 touchdown, 2 tackles; Owyn Fernandez- 1 tackle; Gabriel Goodwin- 1 tackle; Noah Haaland- 6 tackles; Caden McLean- 2 receptions, 10 tackles; Griffin Sanders- 1 touchdown, 1 two point PAT, 1 reception, 9 tackles;

Curtis Orthodontics: Camden DeGraw- 1 tackle; Xander Fortune- 1 tackle; Blaine Goodner- 3 tackles; Isaiah Hawkins- 1 Sack; Kyle Lickfold- 3 tackles; Logan Schulze 1 tackle; Kouper Weil 3 tackle;

DeWitt Concrete Construction, Inc.: Reilly Hill- 1 tackle; Christopher Lindblom- 1 tackle; Isaac Lunnen- 1 tackle; Josiah Shields- 1 touchdown, 2 receptions, 1 interseption, 4 tackles; Dalton Wild- 1 reception, 6 tackle; Nicki Zubaly- 1 one point PAT, 3 tackles;

Henry's Electric: Quinn Henry- 2 tackles; Alex Horning- 1 tackle; Lars Horning- 2 tackles; Tyler Nickerson- 1 tackles; Austin Vaughan- 11 tackles;

Nate's New York Pizza: Cole Brennan- 1 tackle; Gavin Brennan- 1 reception, 1 sack; Trevor Edwards- 3 tackles; Blake Gleaves- 2 tackles, 2 sacks; Jack Sciortino- 1 touchdown, 1 one point PAT, 3 tackles; Tanner Sessions- 1 touchdown, 4 tackles; Zander Tally- 1 tackle; Lance Thompson- 2 tackles; Tristan White- 3 touchdown, 1 reception, 1 interception, 4 tackles;

Reality Design, LLC: Timmy Bastedo- 1 tackle; Jake Bustamante- 1 tackles; Christian Curlee- 5 tackles; Cameron Moors- 2 tackles; Bailey Musson- 2 tackles; Jacob Pedersen- 1 touchdown, 2 receptions, 1 tackle; Steven Pedersen- 1 touchdown, 2 receptions, 1 interception, 4 tackles;

Stan Craft Marine Center: Dalton Altimus- 1 tackle, Ryan Graves- 1 one point PAT, 4 tackles; Idaiah Meredith 4 tackles, 3 sacks; Ethan Miller- 1 touchdown, 5 tackle; Jessica Olsen 1 tackle; Ashton Paine- 1 reception; Lane Reardon- 2 touchdowns, 1 one point PAT, 1 reception, 2 tackle; Jameson Wasson- 2 tackles;




Oct. 13

Arctic Kat Ice Cream Black: Micah Hall-1 goal, Jace Voeller-2 goals

Arctic Kat Ice Cream Light Blue: Noah Nehlich-1 goal

Arctic Kat Ice Cream Royal Blue: no stats available

Big Bear Landscaping: Houston Melena-1 goal, Madeson Menter-3 goals

Element Dental: no stats available

Hayden Vision Source: no stats available

Java on Serman: Jaevyn Bishop-1 goal

Lakeside Pediatrics: Crew Thompson-1 goal, Nathan Vaughan-4 goals

Legends Sports Photography: Sawyer Pedersen-2 goals

Little Smiles Pediatric Dentistry: Gibson Comstock-2 goals, Jack Nicholson-1 goal, Hailoh Whipple-4 goals

Lucky Monkey Trading Co.: Alex Carle-6 goals, Cole Cooper-2 goals

Pediatric Dental Center of North Idaho: Beckett Larson-3 goals, Asa Morton-2 goals

Periwinkle Childrens Therapy: Caleb Adams-2 goals, Jace Plummer-2 goals, Kingston Martinez-1 goal

River City Animal Hospital: Rylan Braga-1 goal

Showcase Farms: Conan Tapia-1 goal, Keegan Wilson-3 goals

Stapleton Construction: Hudson Stapleton-2 goals, Malakai Zastrow-3 goals

Steel Structures America: Jackson Hackett-1 goal

Sting Soccer Club: Parker Sterling-3 goals

Stone Creek Land Design: Mia Boettcher-1 goal, Cody Trost-1 goal

Tran Creative: no stats available

Micro-Kickers (2 games, combined goals scored)

Oct. 13

Adapt All Stars: Payton Gray-1 goal, Julia Peppin-2 goals, Kyle Taylor-1 goal

Artic Kat Ice Cream: Rylee Duvall-1 goal, Keaton Gust-4 goals, Gavin Trost-11 goals, Noah Waddell-6 goals

Bank CDA: Cooper Smith-6 goals, Kenzie Thompson-1 goal

Coeur d'Alene Sport & Spine: Cameron Linehan-1 goal, Kamryn Pickford-2 goals, Sawyer Sternberg-1 goals

Coeur d'Alene Tribe: Rachel Corette-1 goal, Owen Zahnow-1 goal

Dirne Clinic: RJ Blood-1 goal, Ben Linford-1 goal, Jaron Voeller-3 goals

Grasshopper Lawn & Landscape: Audrey Bell-1 goal, Wilson Deruyter-1 goal, Isabella Muehlhausen-2 goals, Brooklyn Paskett-1 goal, Makani Tran-1 goal

Inland Alarm: Sebastian Baker-1 goal, Paisley Goings-1 goal

ISP: Malia Batman-1 goal, William Horner-1 goal, Jakan Lawrence-5 goals, Neil McCarthy-4 goals

Java On Sherman: Kabella Edwards-2 goals, Nolan Ludwig-3 goals, Jackson Nickel-1 goal

Lakeside PEdiatrics: Kelsey Carroll-1 goal, Kyler Kirking-1 goal, Bryant Spangler-2 goals

Polin & Young Construction: Katie Focke-1 goal, Richard Hackett-2 goals

Schaffer's Towing: no stats available

St. Joseph's Ear, Nose & Throat: Preston Frank-1 goal, Sofia Galletti-1 goal, Sage Pedersen-2 goals

RND Architects: Isabella Douglas-1 goal, Phillip Du-1 goal, Macie Lilyquist-2 goals, Abby Moehring-3 goals, Luke Neary-1 goal, Berklie Ogieglo-2 goals

Steel Structures America: Isaih Allison-3 goals, Kaylie Smart-1 goal, Ronan Sternberg-2 goals

U8 Girls (7-8 Girls)

Oct. 13

Adapt Prosthetics & Orthopedics LLC: no stats available

Bank CDA: Isabella Henkle-2 goals, Gabrielle Henkle-1 goal, Mykah Kirking-1 goal, Vivien Matthews-2 goals, Jamie Shipley-1 goal

Lakeside Pediatrics: no stats available

Tall Timber Logging: no stats available

U8 Boys (7-8 Boys)

Oct. 13

Pediatric Dental Center of North Idaho: no stats available

Steel Structures America: Daniel Dawson-2 goals

Viking Construction: Brandon Chavez-1 goal

Zwinger Excavating, Inc.: Steven Ball-4 goals

U10 Coed (9-10 Boys & Girls)

Oct. 13

Andy's Heating: Erin McPhee-1 goal, Drew Sims-2 goals, Nickolas Swenson-1 goal, Adam Achziger-1 goal

Hayden Triathlon: Emily Davis-1 goal, Zachary Nunemacher-4 goals, Brody Singer-1 goal, Darrell Moore-1 goal

Sting Soccer: David Freeman-6 goals

The Mill- no stats available

U12 Coed (11-12 Boys & Girls)

Oct. 13

Coeur d'Alene Paddleboard: Haley Lofer-4 goals, Eli Winde-2 goals

Eye Guys Optical: no stats available

Flag football

Oct. 13


Legends Sports Photography (Game 1): William Fairbanks-tackle; Talen Gottas-2 tackles, sack; Elijah Kirwan-touchdown; Bo Maciosek-tackle; Braylon Sutich-touchdown, 2 tackles, sack; Jacob Veare-6 tackles

Legends Sports Photography (Game 2): Taylor Corbeill-tackle; Grayson Kammarcal-2 tackles, sack; Elijah Kirwan-15-yard touchdown; Bo Maciosek-safety, tackle; Braylon Sutich-3 tackles; Dylan Sutich-tackle; Jacob Veare-1-pt PAT, tackle

Little Smiles Pediatric Dentistry: Jordan Comstock-touchdown, sack; Charlie Dixon-touchdown, 2 tackles, 2 sacks; Alex Jones-tackle; Jacob Molina-touchdown; Caius Tebbe-sack; Toby Tebbe-touchdown, 4 tackles, 4 sacks

Mainstream Electric: Keegan Borjorquez-touchdown, 3 tackles; Maddox Le-5 tackles; Gabriel Shriner-touchdown; Ryan Steinberg-3 tackles; Caden Symons-tackle

Rathdrum Physical Therapy: Jack Bredeson-10-yard run, 6 tackles; Gabriel Danser-3 tackles; Jory Fuqua-tackle; JT Owens-25-yard run, 2 tackles

Vein Clinics Northwest: Jon Ellison-3 tackles; Carter Kloos-tackle; Jayson Ross-2 touchdowns, 3 tackles


Aesthetics Northwest: Ty Beauchat-tackle; Braden Ethington-3 tackles; Dylan Wiseman-5 tackles

Coeur d'Alene Tribe: Trevor Cogley-2 tackles; Chaye Eldridge-tackle; Lucas Jackson-2 touchdowns, interception, tackle; Austin McLean-tackle; Angelo Miller-tackle; Aiden Skalak-2-pt PAT, tackle; Gage Veitenheimer-tackle

Hayden Vision Source: Jordan Douglas-2 tackles, 2 sacks; Austin Eiter-touchdown, 6 tackles; Miles Kamara-tackle; Aidan Kammarcal-touchdown; Andrew Kammarcal-reception, tackle; Sam Meyer-tackle; Alex Reyes-20-yard touchdown reception, touchdown, sack; Dyllon Schofield-tackle; Trevor Scoffield-tackle, sack

McAdams, Wright, Ragen Inc.: Andrew Averett-20-yard touchdown, touchdown, 3 tackles; Nate Bullock-3 tackles; Alex Lavengood-20-yard run, tackle; Cade McKinney-tackle; Brayden Ross-5 tackles

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