Candidate profile: U.S. Rep. District 1, Pro-Life (formerly Marvin Richardson) (I)

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PRO-LIFE (formerly Marvin Richardson) (I)

Birth date: Fertilization date, 11/1/40

Profession: Organic farmer

Educational background: B.A.,  BYU,  Political Science and Accounting

Public service (elected or appointed offices):  none

Community service (service clubs, nonprofit boards, etc.):  Home school  basketball coach,  pro-life organization leader, political party leadership.

How many years as a resident of your city:  10 years

Marital status: Married to Kirsten Faith Richardson, 30 years

Family: 15 children, 27 grandchildren.

Hobbies: Working out   

1. Why are you running for office?

 I am running to speak the truth; for example, abortion is murder, unjust war is murder, socialism is collective theft, our currency is counterfeit, and public education is communist education.

2.  What do you see as the three biggest issues you’ll face?  

A)  Teaching America that abortion is murder.

B)  Teaching America that our present wars are unjust and unconstitutional (war must be declared by Congress).

C)  Teaching America that education, welfare, medicine, and recreation are not proper  roles of government.  These functions are financed by collective theft.

3.             If elected, what steps will you take to resolve these issues?

     A)  Introduce legislation establishing personhood at fertilization.  When sperm meets egg, a spirit (person) comes from God, or the pre-existence, and a new person is       

 on earth.  No one has the right to kill an innocent person, born or pre-born.   

      B)  Introduce Articles of Impeachment against any President that conducts unconstitutional war.  The only war that is justified is a defensive war.  The wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya are unjust wars.  We should fight terrorism only when Congress  declares “marque and reprisal” as found in Article 1, Section 8, paragraph 11.  

       4.  What specific skills or experience qualify you for this job?    

       I am a life-long student of the US Constitution.  I have been involved in many businesses and I have owned a Licensed Public Accountant office in Bear Lake County, Idaho.  I have been a candidate for state legislature (2004), US Senate (2008), and Governor (2006) (2010).

     5. Why should voters elect you, rather than an opponent?    

 If you are looking for a politician who will represent your constitutional interests, vote for me.  I never compromise God's morals or the US Constitution. 

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