Writers Corner for December 2, 2011

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Gently on my roof I hear the rain

It drips on down the window pane

My weary eyes gaze through the glass

I wait and hope this storm shall pass

This falling flood reflects my soul

Where deeply I have sensed a hole

It has come to where my body aches

Because so oft my heart does break

They say out yonder looms the sun

Oh I pray those days would come

That gray times from me would flee

And my heart instead be filled with glee

But indeed I know my need is more

Than my circumstances have in store

My deepest longing is for joy

But life's schemes are so coy

They steal from me that which I seek

And make my place here feel so bleak

In spite of this I thank the One

Who gave for me His only Son

And so I need not clear skies

I need the One who for me dies

To wreck my joy pain may endeavor

But my joy in Him endures forever

In circumstance it's found no longer

So even when the storm grows stronger

I know that I can still find peace

For at last I've been released

From this dark cloud in my heart

And I am glad to with it part

- Will Dole, Plummer



I'm not suppose to be watching this, this gathering of family and friends. But, darn it, I want to be sure it all happens the way I planned it.

Who is present? Most of the family of course. But what about some of those so-called friends. The ones who liked you for awhile, then withdrew and now sort of like you again. Is the right music playing? I had requested "Over The Rainbow" by Judy Garland and "Sentimental Journey" by Doris Day. That last one had been my mom's favorite and since I will be seeing her soon, it was a tribute to her.

And the flowers? Hope there are a lot. And the food request was just for finger

sandwiches, soft drinks and chips. I know that probably sounds cheap for this sort of

event, but I donated plenty of meals for other occasions in the past.

Well, I'm beginning to fade kinda fast now and the preacher (hope they found a good one) is starting to wrap this up. Okay, he is closing the lid now ~ sure wish I could have stayed around for the condolences and the party...

- Laura Lynn, Hayden



The summer has left us,

There's a chill in the air.

The trees shed their leaves, and

Their boughs are now bare.

It's another beginning in God's wonderful plan.

Comes winter and snow. What a beautiful sight.

It covers our sins with a blanket of white.

It's most joyful season with love everywhere,

With a spirit of giving that comes from the heart.

Soon, another new year, another fresh start.

With God as our leader to show us the way,

We will wake up tomorrow to another great day.

- Virginia Burnet, Coeur d'Alene


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