SCARY: And degrades women

Faith Normington wrote an interesting letter to the editor. Seems her son (16) and three friends went to Silverwood, this time of year called Scarywood Haunted Nights. Her son came home and told her about some of the R-rated and crude attractions. Of course I was curious so I called Silverwood and a young lady named Rhonda called me back and she said yes the R-rated language (F words) was on the train rides, but it was posted that it was. She also affirmed an obscene item in one water feature. It is very demeaning to women.

She also said they tried to be PG-13 before but no one came. So now some of the displays are R-rated, but it is age posted before entering. So what does this say about this old world? She has had a lot of calls and is now going to bring all this to the attention of the General Manager. I thanked her for returning my call as she was very nice and agreed with me on the display in the water.

I would suggest parents check this out before sending their kids or better yet GO with them. I have always touted Silverwood as a wonderful family affair. Why must they sink to the level of disrespect for women or for that matter anyone? Halloween displays can be scary and gruesome, but to resort to R-rated for children of any age is disrespectful. It has become a crazy world!


Hayden Lake

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