Texting while driving: Most don't, many have

It may be a challenge for many Press readers to put their "text machines" down while driving.

While the majority of participants in our most recent poll say they have never typed a text message and sent it by cell phone from behind the wheel, nearly as many say they have.

Those who do it often may have a little trouble adhering to the brand new law that bans texting while driving in Idaho.

Here's how readers responded when asked "Have you texted while driving?":

"Yes" - 315 voters - 41 percent

"No" - 354 voters - 46 percent

"I don't have a text machine" - 93 voters - 12 percent


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As wildfires blaze throughout the West, Utah officials are considering restricting gun use on public lands as dry conditions persist. Would you support such a ban in Idaho?

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