HATRED: Alas, it works both ways

The Press ran an AP article on Wednesday, Aug. 8, profiling Professor Pete Simi’s book “American Swastika” in which he found that hate music is funding white hate groups and has influenced everyone from Randy Weaver of Ruby Ridge to Wade Michael Page, the Sikh Temple gunman. With his focus on Heavy Metal, Punk and even Folk music, he tells us of secret codes hidden within their lyrics that inspire hatred.

While we are all familiar with hate groups such as the Ku Klux Klan, Aryan Nations and Neo-Nazis, seldom if ever do we hear negative comments about non-white hate groups such as the Black Panthers, the Nation of Islam and La Raza; in spite of the fact that such groups regularly use threatening gang graffiti and rap music lyrics to spread their own hatred. As well, with no legal authority whatsoever, private NGOs like the Southern Poverty Law Center regularly designate as a hate group, anyone with whom they disagree politically; most recently the Family Research Council, which was itself attacked by a gunman who shot one of their employees; angry over the council’s defense of traditional marriage.

Of course, if a college professor dared to condemn all hate groups equally, he had better already have achieved tenure, be ready for a rash of hate mail in his inbox and think seriously about investing in a bullet-proof sports coat. Our current administration will not even allow the U.S. Military to call Major Hasan an Islamic terrorist, after his hateful murder of 12 American soldiers and the wounding of 31 more. We all know that a major with ties to the Klan would have been kicked out of the army as soon as anyone found out – and if he had committed the very same crime, everyone would have called him a terrorist.

This clearly shows that the biggest problem with hatred in America today is that it is politically incorrect to accurately, intelligently and fairly talk about the issue. It seems that virtually every hate group in our country is somehow justified unless its membership is straight, white and male. The only way to truly eliminate group hatred in America is to condemn all of it. In lieu of this, we can expect that each separate group will continue responding to what it see as hatred being directed at it, until eventually our entire country is destroy by this malignancy.


Coeur d’Alene

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