Business best without fed ‘help’

I take offense to what Doug Strong wrote. I will have my 36th anniversary in business next month.

In August 1976, I went to Associates Finance, not a government company, and borrowed $500 to buy my original equipment. At the time, I was supporting my family with a full time job and running my business part time. As the business grew, I quit my full-time job on June 13, 1978, and from that time on have run the business.

I never had a government loan or government help in my business. My best year ever was in 2008. Then, President Obama was sworn in and the downward spiral for many businesses in the United States started. My business did slow down, but not enough to cause severe financial distress. I did see some of my customers go out of business and many other small businesses in Coeur d’Alene close.

Mr. Obama has never had a real job and does not have any idea what it takes to run a business. He was born in Hawaii and raised in Indonesia where he attended a Muslim Madrasah at the age of 6. “Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it.” (Proverbs 22:6) He has surrounded himself with radical people like William Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn who escaped justice after being linked to so many anti-American crimes, explosions and, allegedly, this heinous murder of Sergeant McConnell. The racist preacher, “reverend” Wright was Barack Obama’s pastor for 20 years. Communists like Van Jones and Valarie Jarret advised the president. Anita Dunn, who worships Mao Tse Tung who killed 60 million people in the Chinese Revolution, was the administration communications director. There are many more friends and advisers with questionable backrounds.

“If you got a business, you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen,” Obama said. “If you were successful, somebody along the line gave you some help. There was a great teacher somewhere in your life. Somebody helped to create this unbelievable American system that we have that allowed you to thrive.” That statement is not true for the business owners I know. I received advanced training in my job by going great distances to classes and paying for the hotel, the meals and the cost of the classes. The government didn’t give me a dime.

It is a shame that many in the United States now live in a “my name is Jimmy and I will take all you can gimmy.” If people don’t like this country the way the Founding Fathers meant it to be, they should go to Europe. They have socialism and over-extended union benefits. Look where it got them.

It is individuals who work hard, not freeloaders, that make this country successful. If the government would get out of the way, this country would again be on the road to prosperity. If the current policies continue, we will be the new Third World country.

Dave Boerner is a Coeur d’Alene resident.

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