TICKET: Another possibility

To the lady who was outraged that a “young kid” was given a $67 citation for his license plate being “covered in snow”…I’m wondering…either this was the most heartless, “badge heavy,” unqualified police officer on the planet, a man who clearly missed the classes at the academy regarding enforcing the law according to the spirit in which those laws were written… or… the cited person was abusive, uncooperative, insulting or in some other way conveyed to the officer that just a verbal admonition regarding his license plate not being visible was not going to get through to this young man.

Not sure which of these scenarios applies here, but I do know that it’s fashionable these days to be disrespectful to the police. If the young man was polite and respectful, I’d be filing a complaint with this officer’s supervisor for poor judgment. However, I just can’t help wondering if he talked himself into that ticket. I’m pretty sure the police have better things to do.


Coeur d’Alene

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