CARRIERS: Cranky’s no excuse

I was absolutely appalled about the article in The Press on Jan. 4 concerning the paper carrier who was injured trying to deliver the paper to what sounds like ďa cranky old man.Ē He was way out of line to ask her to come back and place it in his hand. Having shut the door on her after she fell (on his icy porch) is beyond my comprehension of how God wants us to treat one another.

Paper carriers are not our slaves! They do a wonderful job getting the paper to everyone under the most trying of circumstances. So what if your paper is late? Is it worth someoneís life or well-being or even feelings to see that you get your paper (in your hand) at the absolutely right time (that Iím sure was set by him)? Donít you realize that you could be sued for an injury on your property? Where is your human decency? You could fall and get hurt one day. How would you feel if due to your rudeness and lack of caring, people refused to help you?

I canít believe people like you and shame on you! I hope you search your conscience and learn from it.


Dalton Gardens

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