Acupuncture for food addictions

Food addiction is a pervasive challenge. Theses extreme cravings can make it seem impossible to control your behavior around food even when you know you should not be eating it. It is so often at the root of people’s failure to change their behavior and their diet. Signs of addiction include: repeated unsuccessful attempts to quit, consuming the substance despite known adverse effects, tolerance to the substance develops, etc. Do you think that you might have a food addiction?

Sugar, refined carbohydrates, trans fats, and monosodium glutamate (MSG) act like heroin or cocaine, giving you pleasure by triggering an innate process in your brain via dopamine and opioid signals. Casein and gluten (a major component of wheat) can also have addictive properties.

Your brain essentially becomes addicted to stimulating the release of its own opioids. Dr. Hyman author of The 10 Day Detox Diet states, “The food industry has created an entire nation of people addicted to processed junk foods. Our taste buds, hormones, brain chemistry and hormones have been hijacked by the food industry.

The average American eats about 152 pounds of sugar and 146 pounds of refined flour per person per year. Flour actually has a higher glycemic index than table sugar. These substances are highly addictive; in fact, they are eight times as addictive as cocaine.

Studies show that rats will keep eating sugar even while they are getting electric shocks to make them stop.

Stress plays a role in food addiction as well. When we are stressed, we release stress hormones that cause us to crave sugar, salt, and fat. Serotonin is released when we consume sugar and carbohydrates. Serotonin has a calming effect, and this may help to explain why we’re drawn to sugar and carbohydrates to help us feel good

A detoxification program (also called a purification program) is one of the most effective ways to eliminate sugar cravings and shed unwanted weight. A primary goal of the detox is to reset your hormones and brain chemistry to eliminate cravings and addiction. The result is not only a significant jump-start on weight loss but also a dramatic change in health.

A detox program generally consists of a personalized diet that eliminates unhealthy, addictive food and replaces it with nutritious, healing foods. Supplements and herbs specific to your food addictions and health challenges are also used. Acupuncture is a helpful addition to help decrease cravings and reduce stress during the process.


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