Cleaning tile grout

If your tile grout is dirty and stained but still sound, consider whitening the grimy grout with colorant. It's an easy, inexpensive four-step process by DAP Kwik Seal Grout Recolor Kit.

Pretreat: Sponge on the pretreat solution and let it sit for five minutes. Then scrub the grout with the supplied brush. Wipe clean with the chamois.

Apply Colorant: Squirt a thin bead of colorant on the grout lines in a 2-square-foot section. Then scrub the colorant with the grout brush included in the kit.

Remove Excess: Wipe the excess colorant from the tile using the chamois. Wipe only the tile, not the grout lines. Let dry for 30 minutes.

Buff to Remove Haze: Apply a light mist of glass cleaner and buff the tile with a clean rag or chamois. Let dry for a full 24 hours before exposing it to water.


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