Considering a nursing career in memory care

Nursing offers many choices, one choice that may be overlooked is a career working with older adults with cognitive impairment in a Memory Care community.

This option allows seasoned professionals and those new to nursing an opportunity to use and expand many skills including staff management, distributing medications, monitor reactions, management of respiratory issues, recognize changes in medical conditions and make key decisions in an emergency situations. Another important use of nursing skills in memory care is streamlining medical care and communications with care providers, families and outside agencies.

A nurse’s presence in a memory care community is vital to promoting a safe and vibrant environment for residents. Using nursing skills in this environment can save lives. Creekside Inn, a part of Koelsch Senior Communities, recognizes the complex health conditions that many seniors experience and we believe our number one priority is caring for our residents. Utilizing 24 hour licensed nurses is key to the Koelsch mission as we strive to help residents enjoy a life of dignity and independence. Offering a competitive wage, opportunities to advance and honoring your professional abilities is our priority when hiring nursing staff.


If you are interested in learning more about making a difference in the lives of seniors contact Creekside Inn at (208) 665-2444. We are looking for the best nursing candidates the area has to offer and would like to have an opportunity to meet you.

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