When it comes to trees — branch out!

Red Maple trees overpopulated in Coeur d'Alene and Post Falls


Homeowners know that trees provide shade, enhance property values and improve the land's overall aesthetics.

Now that the heat's arriving, consumers are wondering what kind of trees they should plant in their yards.

The city of Coeur d'Alene's urban forestry department lists dozens of approved trees on its website here and Post Falls' urban forestry department has guidelines for all things trees here.

“It's a tough decision,” said Jarrod McKee, owner of Aspen Nursery in Post Falls. “There's a wide selection of trees that thrive here. You have to consider how much maintenance you want to perform. For example, some of the aspens are more difficult and are susceptible to developing black leaf or having multiple insects attack them — both inside and out.”

Red maples are extremely popular in Coeur d'Alene and Post Falls.

”Unfortunately, we are overpopulated with red maple species,” he said. “I can't blame people because these are wonderful trees that provide great shade and they have amazing fall color. Everyone loves those bright red trees.”

However, McKee notes that there are concerns that if a red maple tree disease ever arrived in North Idaho, the results could be devastating.

Diversity is a good thing,” he said. "Try these varieties as well: Katsura, Tulip and Tupelo trees."

Here are two other popular options:

Zelkovas — a member of the elm family. This deciduous tree is native to Europe and much of Asia. It can grow upwards of 35 feet and has nice green leaves.

Lindens — In Britain these trees are called lime trees (even though they don't produce fruit). The North American version can grow to between 65 and 130 feet tall.

For more information, call (208) 667-7511 or visit http://aspennursery.com/


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