Cd’A Schools Districtwide track meet results

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The fastest runners in Coeur d’Alene public schools’ districtwide track meet were announced by the district. The meet took place last week at the Kootenai County Fairgrounds. Here are the top 10 runners for each grade level, including the students’ schools and their times to run a mile.

Second-grade girls

Emmaline Carr, Dalton, 7:42; Kalin McCarthy, Ramsey, 7:44; Adelynn Archer, Sorensen, 7:45; Marly Sutich, Hayden Meadows, 7:51; Aubry Voorhees, Fernan, 7:56; Chloe Murphree, Dalton, 7:57; Mia Borjas, Dalton, 7:57:5; Ella Johnsen, Sorensen, 8:00; Maren Larson Sorensen 8:00.3

Second-grade boys

Andy Irgens, Ramsey, 7:06; Alex Siegler, Fernan, 7:13; Brayden Smith, Dalton, 7:17; Beckett (no last name provided), Borah, 7:26; Wyatt Morgenstern, Ramsey, 7:27; Chase Gordon, Hayden Meadows, 7:31; Cayden Hatcher, Ramsey, 7:40; Bennett Anderson, Bryan, 7:41; Landon Leveque, Atlas, 7:42; Knox Keogn, Ramsey, 7:43

Third-grade girls

Audrey Wise, Dalton, 7:23; Makaela Randall, Skyway, 7:29; Kate Paine, Skyway, 7:30; Sierra Sheppard, Winton, 7:31; Audrey Prickett, (no school provided), 7:38; Riley Brazle, Winton, 7:41; Lilly Asher, Hayden Meadows, 7:44; Madeline Peterson, Skyway, 7:53; Camryn Woodman, Ramsey, 8:05; Launa Anderson, Hayden Meadows, 8:06

Third-grade boys

Waylon Hinderager, Ramsey, 6:11; Ronan Kennedy, Skyway, 6:12; Wyatt Carr, Skyway, 6:19; Cooper Hermes, Ramsey, 6:31; Kingston Wilson, Skyway, 6:33; Paxon Rasor, Hayden Meadows, 6:35; Ben McElvany, Ramsey, 6:49; Rylan Braga, Fernan, 7:04:1; Payson Shaw, Fernan, 7:04:5; Jackson Reiswig, Bryan, 7:09

Fourth-grade girls

Olivia May, Sorensen, 6:49; Annabelle Carr, Dalton, 6:55; Taylon Lund, Skyway, 7:01; Marissa Hyland, Winton, 7:16; Helen Oyler, Bryan, 7:29; Brooklyn Parkinson, Ramsey, 7:34; Drew Merk, Dalton, 7:36; Kaylee Paulson, Dalton, 7:39.1; Miranda FitzSimmons, Winton, 7:39.8; Stella Deitz, Dalton, 7:41

Fourth-grade boys

Ander Everson, Skyway, 6:16; Mitchell Rietze, Sorensen, 6:19; Camden Johnson, Ramsey, 6:22; Hayden Johnsen, Sorensen, 6:33; Kolbie Wilson, Skyway, 6:34; Caden Oxenrider, Atlas, 6:37; Skylar Chaffin, Ramsey, 6:41.2; Zac Kerns, Winton, 6:41.5; Connor Swanby, Winton, 6:51.3; Will Jackson, Hayden Meadows, 6:51.7

Fifth-grade girls

Kimberlee Priebe, Dalton, 6:24; Hazel Kunkel, Sorensen, 6:32; Jennifer Peterson, Skyway, 6:37.2; Devyn Pirwitz, Ramsey, 6:37.9; Zara Munyer, Ramsey, 6:48; Chloe Frank, Northwest Expedition, 7:04; Joy Archuletta, Winton, 7:07; Marcie Archer, Sorensen, 7:09; Sienna Grant, Atlas, 7:10; Emmery Fuller, Hayden Meadows, 7:12

Fifth-grade boys

Max Cervi-Skinner, Ramsey, 5:55; Zack Cervi-Skinner, Ramsey, 5:58; Liam Martin, Bryan, 6:11; Logan Anderson, Bryan, 6:13; Tyson Gersdorf, Atlas, 6:34; Kyle Waddell, Bryan, 6:36; Jack Kennedy, Skyway, 6:40; Alex Jones, Ramsey, 6:41; Connor Mongan, Dalton, 6:42; Lucas McPeak, Hayden Meadows, 6:42.2

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