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Local designer uses quantum physics theories to help clients find their fashion identities


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A man named Daniel Allen has had an impact on countless wardrobes in the Coeur d’Alene area.

It was his death that made his daughter, Amber Allen, refashion her life’s path and start Royal Grace Styling, a business she now runs in North Idaho and North California.

“I lost my father nearly two years ago,” Allen said. “It was about six months after he passed away. I was working as a designer for a local designer in Hayden. I kind of just hit a wall.”

Allen, who studied fashion merchandising and interior design at Liberty University, said she needed to pursue more meaningful work.

She said she now helps men, women and children reassess their wardrobes through a personal process designed to help them find their personality and nature.

“My heart for the company is really to help people step into their identity through fashion,” Allen said. “Through the years of doing this I’ve discovered that I can’t push someone into being in a place where they’re ready to accept and embrace who they are.”

She said she has clients who need styling and wardrobe help for speaking events, and also helps others develop a sense of style through personal or group shopping, and other types of consultation.

The foundation of her approach is based in quantum physics, which was affected by research by her mother who has a doctoral degree in the field.

Given that all matter is vibrating energy and colors are different levels of vibration, Allen said that people, too, vibrate at different frequencies and that this affects their nature.

This applies to fashion choices.

Allen said she helps clients realize their nature, which can be a measurement of four elements: air, water, earth and fire. Although her business is focused on styling and helping build a wardrobe, she has plans to design clothing lines based on these elements.

She said each nature has specific traits that contribute to how people communicate vocally and through their presence.

When helping a client, part of the process, Allen said, is to determine how these personal traits will manifest themselves through clothing choices.

The tie between personal identity and clothing, however, is also affected by socio-cultural elements, no matter gender, she said.

“They’re constantly told all these things and these images are thrown in front of their faces of what beauty and masculinity and all these different opinions are,” Allen said. “I wanted my company to really speak truth and to honor the individual and help them recognize that just because you’re told one thing doesn’t mean that that’s who you were created to be.”

She said when she started her business she wanted to help people understand that it’s OK to be strong, soft, subtle, relaxed or any other trait inherent to who they are. She then translates that to clothing choices and wardrobe analysis.

She said her process of helping determine others’ styles through clothing requires empowerment.

“It’s to teach them. It’s to give them the tools to be able to succeed on their own and not keep referring and being financially or emotionally indebted to someone else who ‘has the answers,’” Allen said.

The process requires personal acceptance.

“I want them to feel loved. I want them to love who they are and that being an individual is the best gift that their creator gave them,” she said.

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