DR. DONALD JOHNSON: Finally a breakthrough for snoring and sleep apnea sufferers who cannot tolerate CPAP machine

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Small, FDA/Medicare-approved oral device is a great alternative for most sleep apnea patients

Imagine tearing off that irritating mask and turning off the noise forever. If that sounds great, chances are youíre one of the roughly 50 percent of sleep apnea patients who simply canít tolerate their CPAP machines.

According to experts, that works out to about 6 million people. So if you find yourself hitting the off switch in the middle of the night, youíve got a lot of the company.

Snoring and sleep apnea are problems too dangerous to ignore

But knowing youíve got company doesnít solve the problem. You still know that, without help, youíre probably going to stop breathing hundreds of times a night and wake up literally gasping for air.

And you know that not only does your sleep apnea leave you exhausted during the day (and a potential menace behind the wheel), it can lead to a variety of life threatening problems like high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke.

Fortunately, thereís an answer ó a new technology that means you donít have to choose between the dangers of sleep apnea and the discomfort of CPAP therapy.

A simple, effective solution

Now, I can fit you with one of todayís comfortable and extremely effective FDA-approved devices that help keep airways open without the inconvenience of CPAP machines.

These individually tailored devices have a number of advantages over CPAP machines: comfortable, easy to travel with, and easy to get used to.

In fact, these small, lightweight oral devices work so well they are now considered a truly effective alternative to CPAP for patients with mild to moderate sleep apnea ó and for those with severe sleep apnea who canít tolerate a CPAP machine.

There are literally dozens of styles of oral devices, each with different advantages. My job is to find the right one for you, based on things like the severity of your apnea, the size and shape of your jaw and tongue, and whether you grind your teeth or have a condition like TMJ.

Whether youíre one of the millions of people who would love to throw away their CPAP machine or someone newly diagnosed with sleep apnea whoís looking for a treatment that really works, there may be an oral device thatís right for you. Iíll help you choose the right device, then fit it precisely so it works effectively and gives you all the comfort youíre looking for.

Patient satisfaction

Iíve been fitting patients with oral devices for years now and I love seeing the difference finally controlling their sleep apnea makes in their lives. Iím convinced that one of these oral devices will let you enjoy a good nightís sleep and will help with your snoring too.

Isnít it time to start waking up refreshed and feeling energetic all day long?

Isnít it time to let your partner get the sleep they deserve with no machine noise and no snoring? Donít put it off. Call 1-844-847-6673 and book an appointment today!

We can see you when itís convenient for you

We understand the demands of todayís busy lifestyles. We know you have responsibilities to work, to be with your family or just do what you want to do! Just let us know the best time for you to visit our office. Weíre more than pleased to make an appointment that matches your schedule! If you hate the mask, the noise, the tubesÖ

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Dr. Donald Johnson founded Northwest Treatment Center for Snoring & Sleep Apnea in Coeur díAlene to help patients stop their snoring and live free with no limits! Obstructive sleep apnea is usually able to be treated with a small oral appliance. Dr. Johnsonís office is at 114 W. Neider Ave., near Costco. The website for more information is www.NWSleepDoc.com and the office phone is 208-667-4551. Schedule a free consultation appointment today!

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