DR. TIA FLYNN: Ask your audiologist… Hear well in 2018

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If you have hearing loss you should make a “New Ear’s Resolution” to help yourself hear well. Make that appointment for that hearing test that you have been putting off. Not sure if you have hearing loss or a blockage with wax? Ask for a free screening. Get those hearing aids if it is recommended. Those around you will be thankful!

If you have hearing aids in the drawer make an appointment to have them adjusted or repaired. Get them back in your ear(s). Do what it takes so that you wear them and hear well.

Everyone knows someone that isn’t able to hear well. Do not be the person others avoid because they have to continually repeat themselves to you. YOU don’t want to be THAT guy or gal. Make this year the year to hear well again.

2018 is a great year to invest in your hearing. I am going to list some new advancements and advantages:

1.) The newest “big thing” is Bluetooth direct streaming to your hearing aids so that you can listen to the cell phone, television or computer at a volume that is good for you. Many smartphones (iPhone and Android) have apps that let you use your cell phone as a hearing aid remote control for many functions such as polar plot noise reduction, volume control or program changes.

2.) Updated longer life rechargeable battery systems for Behind the Ear (BTE) instruments.

3.) Extended wear Lyric deep insertion hearing aids continue to be upgraded. I have been fitting them for seven years already and people that can wear them say they love them and nothing sounds better. There are a few other types of deep insertion hearing aid “copy cats” out there that claim to be close to the Lyric but in my opinion none compare in comfort and sound quality.

4.) Waterproof hearing aids. Available as small discreet behind the ear aids. These are wonderful for those active people that sweat or are around water or in foul weather a lot.

5.) Traditional in the ear and behind the ear aids. New circuitry developments occur regularly. The sound quality and clarity has never been better in the top of the line products.

6.) Sound therapy for tinnitus sufferers. Most major hearing aid manufacturers have hearing aids with a tinnitus program to help those that live with ringing in the ear.

7.) Power behind the ear aids for severe to profound hearing loss. These new aids have wonderful programming that reduces feedback to stop that embarrassing whistling.

If you don’t get help from me please get help somewhere! Happy New Ear’s to all of the hearing impaired people in North Idaho. Make 2018 a New Ear’s Year for you!

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Dr. Tia Flynn is a certified audiologist and has been in business for more than 18 years. Every Tuesday morning from 9 a.m. to noon, Dr. Flynn provides free hearing screenings at 1601 Third St. in Coeur d’Alene, 208-664-2767. Visit our newly updated website www.affordablehearinginc.com for an online hearing test and watch helpful videos.

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