ROSE: Reasons for support

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• Change is desperately needed.

• Fiscal responsibility.

• Support of our emergency responders.

• An end to self-serving commissioners.

• Fair, honest, representation of the people.

• Experience and intelligence.

• Cares for her community, her neighbors and fire department.

• She won’t steal, lie or cheat.

• She won’t make staff buy things from her store (conflict of interest).

• She wouldn’t steal another candidate’s campaign signs.

• She wouldn’t lie to the people about being re-elected when she wasn’t elected in the first place.

• She is not related to any of the staff.

• She wouldn’t force the staff to buy goods and services from friends who are vendors.

• She wouldn’t hide money and ask for a levy.

• She wouldn’t hide money to avoid giving the firefighters a raise.

• She would never bully and intimidate the staff to get her way or vote.

• When things break down, she would ensure the resource for QUICK repair.

• She would promote positive training and updated needed equipment for the staff.

• She would be the voice of reason supporting the needs of the district.

• Pro Firefighter, EMT, Volunteer and Career.

• Every Fire Commissioner would have a voice and a vote.

• She would never obsess over the staff, the equipment, policy and politics, (it’s everyone’s fire department).

• She would support and respect the Fire Chief.

• She would never create or support a hostile, hate filled, working environment.

• She would never force the Board Secretary to omit information from the public record


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