POEM: A gift for Christians

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In the shelter of your Presence

I will trust you O Most High,

I know not when this storm will end

Or these calamities pass by.

But I will take my refuge

In the shelter of your wings.

I will walk by faith, not by sight,

I will choose to sing.

I trust in you O Lord my God,

My times are in your hand,

And when Iím weak, Iíll trust your strength,

Iíll say, ďThrough Christ, I can!Ē

And though my flesh and heart may fail,

Still, I will yet proclaim,

O God you are the strength of my heart,

I trust in your great Name.

You hold my life in your pierced hands,

You count my very days.

Youíre the stronghold of my vaporous life,

How unsearchable are your ways.

I know Lord you are trustworthy,

So I surrender my fearful heart,

Into those hands that were pierced for me,

Your grace, Lord, to impart;

Grace to believe for your deliverance

Grace to believe I will.

See your goodness to me, my God,

In the land of the living still.

I will take heart, I will trust you Lord,

I will seek your face and believe,

That your Presence will go before me,

And in asking Iíll receive.

Iím grasping the hem of your garment, Lord,

Turn and be gracious to me,

And Iíll give you praise and glory,

That a watching world may see-

That your grace is all-sufficient,

Your love eternal and bold,

And when, O God, you have tested me

I will come forth as gold.


Kootenai County

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