Rapist receives life sentence

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COEUR d’ALENE — A Post Falls man who drove his former girlfriend to work after raping her, keeping her car keys and promising to pick her up after her shift, will spend the rest of his life in prison.

Billy L. Joslin Jr. was sentenced last week to 100 years behind bars without a chance for parole after a jury rendered two guilty verdicts for rape and strangulation.

First District Judge Cynthia K.C. Meyer called Joslin, 39, a violent and professional criminal who raped a woman in similar fashion a decade ago, served time in prison, and committed a mirror image of the last crime within eight months of his release from prison.

“You are volatile, mercurial, you lack insight, you have an attitude of entitlement, you lack remorse,” Meyer said. “Society needs to be protected from you for a very long time.”

Before a jury in September found Joslin guilty of both felonies, Meyer gave prosecutors permission to use evidence surrounding the 2006 rape conviction in the latest trial.

Joslin’s latest charges stem from a year ago when he waited for his ex-girlfriend to come home for lunch, followed her inside her Hayden home, choked and raped her before driving her back to her job in her own car. He kept the victim’s car and apartment keys and promised to pick her up after work.

He eluded authorities who waited outside the 37-year-old victim’s workplace on Government Way and was later arrested hiding in a friend’s shop in Post Falls.

In the 2006 case, Joslin waited at his former wife’s apartment, forced his way in, strangled and raped her.

“She woke up to him strangling her and allowed her to come to consciousness and then proceeded to rape her. There was duct tape involved,” deputy prosecutor Casey Simmons said at Joslin’s Nov. 2 sentencing.

Deputy public defender Amanda Montalvo said the facts are in dispute and asked the court to allow her client a chance at rehabilitation, but Meyer refused.

Nothing has changed since last time, Meyer told Joslin.

“You have the same MO,” the judge said. “In your view the sex was consensual. In the (victim’s) view, submitting to the rape saved her life.”

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