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Name's the same

Reagan Republicans feel like victims of 'identity theft'

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Posted: Saturday, May 5, 2012 12:00 am

The Kootenai County Reagan Republicans late Friday were served with a letter informing them somebody else has the rights to the group's name and ordering them to cease use.

In the letter, addressed to Reagan Republican representatives Ron Lahr and Jeff Ward, an attorney wrote that his clients have registered the name "Kootenai County Reagan Republicans" with the Idaho Secretary of State.

"You are expressly forbidden to use, promote, display, print or produce any document, media or other communication in any form that includes the name 'Kootenai County Reagan Republicans,'" the letter states. It says all references to the name have to be removed from the Reagan Republicans' website and campaign communications.

Lahr, of the Reagan Republicans, reached late Friday, said, "I look at this as identity theft."

Hayden attorney Scott L. Poorman wrote the letter dated Friday. He states, "I understand that you purport to represent 'Kootenai County Reagan Republicans,' an unincorporated nonprofit association, although no such entity is on file with the Idaho Secretary of State, and no registered agent is listed for said entity."

Poorman stated that continued use by Lahr and Ward's group has the potential to cause confusion among the public and to damage his clients' reputation.

Poorman said he represents the "Kootenai County Reagan Republicans," an Idaho nonprofit corporation, and Clifford Noll, the registered owner of the assumed business name "Kootenai County Reagan Republicans."

Lahr said his group is looking into the demand and consulting with a lawyer. He said the name has been used by his group since the summer of 2009.

"The Reagan Republicans is not a name," Lahr said. "It's a group of people who work hard to get Republican candidates elected. That doesn't change, no matter what happens with this name thing."

The letter goes on to warn, "Your failure to comply with this demand will result in civil litigation against you seeking damages, including potential punitive damages for your intentional conduct, plus all attorney fees and costs incurred in the litigation."

A Clifford L. Noll, living at 715 N. 13th St., in Coeur d'Alene, filed April 20 for the assumed business name with the state.

There is a listing for Noll in the phone book, but nobody answered a call Friday evening.

Noll, on Tuesday, filed articles of incorporation for an entity called "Kootenai County Reagan Republicans Inc." with the state.

Along with Noll, Hendrik Mills, of 13859 N. Reflection Road, in Rathdrum, and Jeff Altus, of 2499 Upper Hayden Lake Road, in Hayden Lake, are the initial board directors of the corporation, the filing documents said.

According to one article, the corporation is authorized to "promote civic activism and participation in the political and electoral process, to promote and encourage the ideals and policies of the Republican Party" and other activities.

"The corporation may have one or more classes of members, the qualifications and rights, including voting rights, of which shall be designated in the corporation bylaws," according to another article.

Altus is a former Idaho state representative. He offered the closing prayer at the United Conservatives of North Idaho meeting in December in Rathdrum.

Ward has said in the past that United Conservatives of North Idaho is likely a re-branded version of Rally Right, a conservative group in North Idaho led by Bob Pederson. Many Rally Right supporters were in attendance at the December meeting, including Pederson.

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  • Jan C posted at 2:42 pm on Mon, May 7, 2012.

    Jan C Posts: 75

    Yes, we can agree the Republican Party nationally needed to be brought back to our roots. However, it is sad to see that people are being fooled into believing the libertarian ideology is conservative. It is not. It is in actuality closer to liberalism, than conservative policies. Google it. You can find charts showing where each of the ideologies land on a liberal/conservative scale. Or, you can also listen to John Stossle and Judge Napolitano to find out how libertarians live and vote. They don't have all the answers.

    If a candidate doesn't like the Republican Party, he shouldn't get paid as one, and he should have enough character to run on the platform with which he actually agrees. I want my party back, and Ron Paul isn't part of it. I read, understand, and respect Constitution, too. Ron Paul doesn't have the exclusive on that; contrary to what many would have us believe.

  • Mark on the Park posted at 9:35 am on Mon, May 7, 2012.

    Mark on the Park Posts: 471


    Ron Paul "disses" the Republican Party because he is a true conservative and an adherent to Libertarian ideology. Republican politicians have - by their actions - wandered far from the conservative path, and fiscally, Reagan was no different. Reagan is remembered as a right-winger, but his fiscal policy was anything but conservative.

  • JoeIdaho posted at 8:55 am on Mon, May 7, 2012.

    JoeIdaho Posts: 2841

    Jan, the RINOS are afraid of upholding the Constitution, and that's how they got into trouible in the first place. The Reagan Republicans from this area have made it plain & simple; for them it's about being "moderate, so we caln all "work together" to find common ground".
    I'm sick of it. The same ones that "find common ground" end up going along with spending enormous amounts of money Federally, and are the same ones behind Mayor bloehm.
    IF they want my SUPPOPRT, they have to follw the Constitution.
    And YES, I am a Ron Paul supporter.

  • Jan C posted at 9:22 pm on Sun, May 6, 2012.

    Jan C Posts: 75

    Shame on you, Justin Cottrell for defending and condoning such action. Where is honor and integrity? Are the ones that did this so threatened by this group's effectiveness that they needed to stoop to trying to take their name?

  • Jan C posted at 9:15 pm on Sun, May 6, 2012.

    Jan C Posts: 75

    Really JoeIdaho, you are incorrect in stating that the Reagan Republicans are "a group of "moderates" who are all left of center, having plenty of RINOS in their midst." Bob Nonini has one of the most top-notch conservative records in the state, and Phil Hart's friend Steve Vick is also a member of the Reagan Republicans. Raul Labrador, last election's Tea Party favorite is also a Reagan Republican.
    "Moderates left of center"??? I don't think so. It is totally unfair of you to make such a statement.

    According to the posts below Rally Right may be behind this. Is Rally Right condoning such action? If they are, shame on them. This is disgraceful. It might be Mr. Altus's legal right to do so, and Reagan Republicans probably should have filed, but who would have thought any one would stoop to what I view as nothing more than low, unethical behavior.

    Ron Paul? He would be the original RINO. He only uses the Republican Party to get elected. He has dissed the party many times over. His negative comments regarding the GOP are on record a number of times; most recently stating to Sean Hannity: "The only reason I am running as a Republican is because it's the only way I can win. It would cost too much money otherwise." Yes, he said it! So maybe we should stop with calling true Republicans RINO and work on a little unity or leave the party.

    By the way, Paul dissed President Reagan, on a number of occasions, too:

    Somebody better do their homework.

  • JoeIdaho posted at 8:17 pm on Sat, May 5, 2012.

    JoeIdaho Posts: 2841

    Frank....Michael Alexander & I both agree, "Reagan republicans" are democrats in disguise, and not a good one.
    GLAD to see them get a boot....

  • Michael Alexander posted at 4:57 pm on Sat, May 5, 2012.

    Michael Alexander Posts: 93

    If I remember correctly, Reagan was a democrat before being a republican. These Reagan Republicans are more democrat like than republican, in my opinion. What is funny about this group is I bet they all are against Ron Paul, even though Reagan endorsed Paul for congress. So it seems to me that they are just using a good mans name to gain for themselves.

  • InThePines posted at 2:20 pm on Sat, May 5, 2012.

    InThePines Posts: 146

    To: JoeIdaho. Your comment is entirely inaccurate. Sorry.

  • InThePines posted at 2:19 pm on Sat, May 5, 2012.

    InThePines Posts: 146

    Attn.: Joe Idaho

  • Justin Cottrell posted at 9:00 am on Sat, May 5, 2012.

    Justin Cottrell Posts: 157

    Speaker, one can't steal what's not owned. If the old Reagan Republicans had done their due diligence, and filed the name properly then none of this would have happened. However, now that they've had their hind quarters handed to them, they claim identity theft. I thought the guys behind the old group were 'professional' businessmen, and had a lawyer amongst their midst. Because anyone with even an inkling of business sense understands that if they expect to keep a business name, it's gotta be registered with the state.

    @COG777- The International Regulatory Cooperation was signed this week. Bad deal for all of us. But I'm curious, do Ward, Lahr, or Tyler even have a clue what this order means? I know there is one there that probably has a pretty good understanding of it, and I hope she leaves before the ship sinks.

    The newest Executive Order

  • speaker posted at 8:38 am on Sat, May 5, 2012.

    speaker Posts: 7

    So a thief from Rally Right ( United Conservatives of N. Idaho ),came in to steal, kill, and destroy.I pray that it's members wake up and see how corrupt it's leaders are and repent of themselves. there is a lack of morals there and they think they have GOD on their side,nothing is further than the truth in this area. I know some people who have been Judged by them. This is done by Mr. peterson if he can't control them. So be aware .

  • 1voice posted at 8:14 am on Sat, May 5, 2012.

    1voice Posts: 56

    Really??!?! Undoubtedly from those who are so far right they are about to tip off the edge of reality. Take one more step please. . . .

  • mister d posted at 8:07 am on Sat, May 5, 2012.

    mister d Posts: 1531

    Someone got out smarted.

  • 986crazy posted at 7:56 am on Sat, May 5, 2012.

    986crazy Posts: 425

    Republicannibalism continues. Awesome.

  • justbecause posted at 6:19 am on Sat, May 5, 2012.

    justbecause Posts: 56

    Regan republicans is a joke. I know you all idolize him but he raised taxes in 82 which undid most of his big tax breaks in 81. He also raised government spending in his tenure from 900 billion to 2.8 trillion. Nicholas F. Brady who was Regan's Secretary of Treasury stated last year that following Regans tax ideas in our current economy woes would be extremely detrimental. Different times require different techniques. Like the rest of North Idaho your dwelling in the past instead of embracing the future. The "good ole days" are just that old days.

  • Will Penny posted at 5:21 am on Sat, May 5, 2012.

    Will Penny Posts: 291

    Well, well, well it looks like Altus has graduated from poaching gane to poaching name!!

  • COG777 posted at 3:50 am on Sat, May 5, 2012.

    COG777 Posts: 340

    Well Joe Idaho some of the alternatives are not so pretty either as this shows. It is all about power and control and the group looks silly and petty for doing this. It will more than likely boost the Reagan Republican supporters. Too bad no is paying attention to what is really happening in the country rather than which group who belongs too and how they can one up each other. Meanwhile we are losing our country. SAD state of affairs.

  • kBled posted at 3:21 am on Sat, May 5, 2012.

    kBled Posts: 70

    What's that, we're trillions in the hole? Well then, let's get on the ball and start arguing with each other about which of us is the most 'Reagan'.

  • JoeIdaho posted at 3:03 am on Sat, May 5, 2012.

    JoeIdaho Posts: 2841

    The "Kootenai County Reagan Republicans" is a group of "moderates" who are all left of center, having plenty of RINOS in their midst. Good for them to get kicked a little, hope they disband. They're NOT Constitutionalists, they DO believe in bigger government, and I am against them.

  • heatherfeather posted at 1:54 am on Sat, May 5, 2012.

    heatherfeather Posts: 297

    New rules need to be established. Every time a lawyer-maggot like Poorboy opens its college mouth and quacks, it needs to be prepared to step up and duel, Aaron Burr style. Immediately, 100% of frivolous "lawsuits" would disappear, as no fancypants has the cojones to do so. LOL

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