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Editorial: The value of a different view

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Posted: Friday, November 16, 2012 7:20 am

Sometime soon, a school board near you is going to appoint a new trustee.

Yep. Another one.

The revolving circle of resignation/appointment is coming to temporary rest again, although this time not because someone simply has had enough and ain't gonna take it anymore. Jim Purtee, who was appointed at the end of April, is battling a health problem and, for the good of all, is giving up his place on the Coeur d'Alene School District Board of Trustees.

We know there are those who say "good riddance." Purtee did not endear himself to some when he posited the possibility of district-wide school uniforms, or when he voted to kill two progressive but controversial educational programs, International Baccalaureate and Primary Years Programme. But Purtee's motives were almost universally acclaimed when he pitched his staunch support behind the district's successful bond issue in August, and we believe he would have proved to be a valuable voice for children and steward of taxpayer dollars.

So where does that leave us? Where we've been several times already in just the past few years: With a looming school board vacancy that likely will need to be filled before next May's election.

It's our hope that highly qualified citizens step forward when called upon to apply for any school board vacancy. It's also our hope that those currently on the board will look favorably on an applicant who might not march to the beat of the same drummer as the rest. This is not to say the board members all think and act identically, but there is less diversity in the thinking on this board than we believe would best serve the 10,000-plus students of the district.

We agree with the idea that people learn little from those who agree with them; that enlightenment comes from different perspectives respectfully considered. Even if the Purtee replacement is only on board for the duration of this school year, one with views distinctly different from those now on board could prove enormously valuable.

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  • LTRLTR posted at 7:11 pm on Fri, Nov 16, 2012.

    LTRLTR Posts: 1171

    parent and apathoid: You both nailed it.

  • Truth About IB posted at 1:50 pm on Fri, Nov 16, 2012.

    Truth About IB Posts: 74

    I am sorry to hear of Mr. Purtee's poor health. My prayers for a speedy recovery. Let me correct the letter writer by stating that Mr. Purtee and the rest of the Board did not "kill TWO Progressive controversial programs. After a comparison of the participate rate and results of AP vs. IB, it was determined that AP was preferred by students by a 2-1 margin. The value of IB simply does not offset the outrageous cost.

    Again, I wish Mr. Purtee all the best and it is my hope that a civics minded, responsible, fiscally conservative member of the community steps forward to fill his seat. Do not let the Progressives undo the work you have fought so hard to accomplish.

  • apathoid posted at 9:28 am on Fri, Nov 16, 2012.

    apathoid Posts: 211

    So, Mikey, let me see if I can get this right because your logic defies the facts:

    - for literally DECADES, your beloved Progressives used "resign / appoint" to maintain the status quo on the board with nary a complaint out of you
    - Edie Brooks resigns and appoints because she is disgusted that diversity has been introduced to the Board. You praise her for her years of service and lament the election results.
    - Edie Brooks illegally oversees the appointment of Wanda Quinn to make sure, and I quote, that someone is appointed "who thinks like she does." You praise the appointment and once again lament the election.
    - Hamilton / Seymour sue to overturn the illegal appointment and you decry them daily in your paper for it even though the judge says they were right!
    - Dianne Zipperer quits because she can't stand the new "diversity" on the Board and isn't willing to work with those who see things differently than she does...and you praise her for her years of service (head nodding) and once again blame Hamilton and Seymour for this "great loss"
    - Sid Fredrickson quits because HE can't work with the diversity on the Board and your reaction is once again to praise Sid and blame Hamilton and Seymour.

    So, why now all of the sudden your "grave" concern that "diversity" be brought to the Board....you never wanted it before!

    Don't let your love affair with IB / PYP blind you to reality Mike...diversity WAS brought to the Board and you HATED it.

  • apathoid posted at 8:55 am on Fri, Nov 16, 2012.

    apathoid Posts: 211

    @parent - I literally blew coffee out my nose at that one! Good stuff.

    They're only going to be happy when the "progressive" head-nodders all come back. We all know a true progressive is open to other people's opinion, but only until the time that they realize someone has an opinion different than their own, right?

  • parent posted at 8:41 am on Fri, Nov 16, 2012.

    parent Posts: 347

    Oh Mike, just go do your hair and leave the board alone. The worry was NEVER there when the libs were in control but put the conservatives in and you would think someone stole your favorite toy.

  • Jill Heine posted at 8:04 am on Fri, Nov 16, 2012.

    Jill Heine Posts: 408

    The future of 10,000 minds is significant.
    Where was this wisdom when Wanda Quinn was illegally reappointed?

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