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Some GOP members disapprove of Lincoln Day speaker

Mack said he was once a Democrat

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Posted: Sunday, February 26, 2012 12:00 am

COEUR d'ALENE - Richard Mack, the keynote speaker at the Kootenai County Republican Party's Lincoln Day dinner on March 24, acknowledges he was once a Democrat.

In an email to The Press, Mack said, "However, I was never a liberal or a moderate."

Mack is a Constitutional conservative and frequent speaker on the national Tea Party circuit. He was a sheriff in Arizona, but now is living in Texas and running for a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives currently held by Republican Lamar Smith.

Some in the county's Republican Party don't approve of the selection of Mack for the Lincoln dinner, honoring former president Abraham Lincoln.

A letter opposing Mack's appearance at the annual party and fundraiser was sent last week to party leaders. The letter was signed by more than a dozen central committee members. One signee, Jeff Ward, said in an interview that Mack has "been fairly hostile to the Republican Party."

In the letter, the writers said Mack's support for the Republican Party and party candidates has been inconsistent and questionable. "In fact, Mr. Mack's political history has shown a consistent opposition to the Republican Party and a strong affinity to other political parties, including Democratic, Libertarian and Constitution parities."

Mack said Friday, "If Republicans support the Constitution, less government, individual liberty, less taxation, and standing for States' rights and against a $16 trillion debt, then they will like my presentation. I absolutely guarantee it."

He said he's honored to be invited to speak at the event.

"I have quoted (former President Ronald) Reagan and Lincoln frequently in my books and throughout my career," Mack said. "Jeff Ward is president of the Reagan Republicans. Does he not know that Reagan was once a Democrat?"

Mack said that while he was registered as a Democrat, "I was the first sheriff in American history to sue the federal government and the head of the Democratic Party, Bill Clinton, on the issue of state sovereignty."

He said he won that case in the U.S. Supreme Court.

Mack said, "Yes, I have been critical of some Republicans who have voted for blatantly unconstitutional laws," listing the USA Patriot Act, No Child Left Behind, the National Defense Authorization Act, the "bailouts," and "the support for bureaucratic corruption in Washington."

He said he'd be against similar government actions, no matter which political party starts or supports them.

"For anyone to support unconstitutional laws just because they come from Republicans is wrong and immoral," Mack said. "Lincoln said to stand with those who stand for the Constitution; that is what I have always done."

Mack, echoing Reagan, said "'Government is not the solution to the problem, government is the problem.'"

He said, "I readily admit that that quote is a slap in the face to some big-government Republicans."

The letter writers ask that the invitation to Mack be withdrawn and that no party funds be spent on him.

Mack was a two-term sheriff in Arizona, elected as a Democrat, before running unsuccessfully a third time.

He made an unsuccessful run for sheriff in Utah as a Republican. Also in Utah, he ran unsuccessfully for governor as a Libertarian.

He took a shot at a Senate seat in Arizona, also as a Libertarian.

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  • Michael Alexander posted at 1:45 pm on Tue, Feb 28, 2012.

    Michael Alexander Posts: 93

    Mack in my opinion is a true American! He stands for the principles of our founders, life, liberty, and justice. The party system is the problem, we need to start asking what is more important, the party or the constitution? I believe our founders did not compromise when it came to our governments restiction of power, which is why we need to stop compromising our values! If believing in liberty, makes us libertarians, does that mean we can not also be conservative? We must start uniting behind the ideas that made our country great, and stop bickering over insignificant details! I think our government has compromised far too much! Hart, Beriberi and Vick are my representatives and senator, and I believe they are doing a great job! We need more men like these in office. How well is your representatives doing thier job? If you dont like how we Idahoans want our state, you can move, because we love liberty and justice for all, here in Idaho. We need to elect a sheriff like Mack, and we have a chance to with John Greene. I suggest you look at his record and see why I say that.

    In liberty,
    Michael Alexander

  • Why Not posted at 3:03 pm on Sun, Feb 26, 2012.

    Why Not Posts: 4396

    Funny, I was under the impression that the newcomers were actually a group of well organized Social Libertarian types bent on forming a nation within the nation. I believe that there are groups active in several states and Idaho, Florida and Texas are the hot spots. Not Republicans and definitely not mainstream, they have been carefully crafting the takeover of the GOP at the states level. Maybe you already guessed they are among us: Hart, Beriberi and Vick. Down in Southern Idaho, Uncle Bill Sali has been quite busy since being booted from office a few years back.

  • 3Cheers posted at 10:03 am on Sun, Feb 26, 2012.

    3Cheers Posts: 384

    The Reagan Republicans of Kootenai County who signed Jeff's letter ARE the liberal and RINOs of the KCRCC. Some of them lost their positions on the Central Committee two years ago and have been using backstabbing and bullying tactics against those who replaced them ever since. Instead of uniting and having a common goal to get rid of Obama in the next election The Reagan Republicans have been undermining and redirecting the conservative element of the KCRCC using Saul Alinsky rules.
    The Reagan Republicans, who are not nationally recognized, really need to change their club name to the Arlen Spectors Republicans which would better reflect who they really are.

  • BlueGirl4Ever posted at 10:01 am on Sun, Feb 26, 2012.

    BlueGirl4Ever Posts: 7

    Then he became rich and part of the 1%.

  • mister d posted at 9:05 am on Sun, Feb 26, 2012.

    mister d Posts: 1531

    It sounds like Mack would be an interesting speaker that could enlighten the group he speaks with. My understanding from the article is that he bases what he does on principle and doesn't just follow the lead based on what party an individual is from. What a concept.

  • Why Not posted at 6:12 am on Sun, Feb 26, 2012.

    Why Not Posts: 4396

    “For anyone to support unconstitutional laws because they come from Republicans is wrong and immoral.” Lemmings are cute and when one jump’s over the cliff the rest follow. Agreed government is the problem, government that is toxic and cannot compromise. It’s always the other guys fault, yet when one side or the other has control extremes result. The moral of the story, good government is a government that can compromise.

  • immortal posted at 4:38 am on Sun, Feb 26, 2012.

    immortal Posts: 258

    You would think that those who love to throw dirt on today's public education would themselves understand historical facts to a greater degree. For the KC republican party to use Lincoln as a namesake in any way belies the fact that he was, in fact, a big govt liberal. In the mid 1800s, the republican party stood for the principles that democrats today do, and vice versa. Don't get me wrong, I respect Lincoln as THE greatest president the USA has ever had. As well, he was one of the greatest human beings to ever live. For the republican party to claim he shared their values however is simply wrong and underscores their ignorance.

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