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Female dies in train collision near Rathdrum

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Posted: Thursday, September 13, 2012 10:49 am

RATHDRUM — The Kootenai County Sheriff's Department has confirmed that a young female died during a vehicle collision with a Union Pacific train in the Rathdrum area at 7:40 a.m. today.

KCSD is working on identifying the victim and will notify next of kin. Her identity is expected to be released later today.

The female was the lone occupant in the vehicle.

Lt. Stu Miller said the collision occurred near Ramsey Road just north of Boekel. He said there are no crossing arms at the intersection, but there are lights.

The train pushed the white car about 70 feet down the tracks.

It is the first fatality involving a train collision this year on the Rathdrum Prairie.

More details will be released as they become available.

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  • Jeffrey Wherley posted at 9:46 pm on Sun, Sep 16, 2012.

    Jeffrey Wherley Posts: 3969

    Not only Quiet Zones; http://www.fra.dot.gov/rrs/pages/fp_1475.shtml

    They even have laws that force trains to dim their lights in some areas, making them even hard to see at night. It is not the RR companies that are doing this it is Federal, local and state jurisdictions forcing it, to increase "livability", but at the cost of safety.

  • concernedcitizen posted at 1:56 pm on Sun, Sep 16, 2012.

    concernedcitizen Posts: 2530

    I call BULLSPLAT. Trains HAVE to blow their horn at EVERY road crossing BY LAW. You better check your facts.

  • Jeffrey Wherley posted at 1:42 pm on Sun, Sep 16, 2012.

    Jeffrey Wherley Posts: 3969

    Good post.

    Quiet Zones are created by local people complaining to their local governance, they then go to the RR and demand a Quiet Zone to reduce impact on property values that have built near the tracks. If the RRs had their way they would blow their whistles at ever crossing, but as long as development is building near tracks and joining forces with governments for property values, tax revenues and profit increases, Public safety will pay the price.

  • my own opinion posted at 1:36 pm on Sun, Sep 16, 2012.

    my own opinion Posts: 397

    You have to turn your body all the way around to see a train as they do not blow a whistle warning! I stop and get out and do a look around 360 ( a disabled person will not be able to do this very easy) wow when will a safety gate be put up at this location to protect people? these people who have been killed had lives they wanted to live! Please get a petition going and tell everyone where they can sign so this will end the deaths of Innocent lives. I want to sign and if the crossing is not lighted and protection measures put in place more will pass and loose their lives at this crossing. RIP. train company be ashamed start blowing those whistles! lift the quiet zone and save lives or put up lights and guard rails or do it all make some noise and lights and bells!!!! lets make it a safe crossing! I'm for life at the train crossings. I had a neighbor many years ago who lost a daughter a young mother in Kentucky. I met this young woman, I was young also and we were friends till just after her last visit when her mother was heard screaming i could hear her next door apt after the bad phone call. The young woman's 18 month old son in the back seat of a split in 2 car was still strapped in and he was in shock unhurt but he lost his mother and saw everything. The crossing was very much like this one here in Idaho.

  • efromm posted at 12:20 pm on Sun, Sep 16, 2012.

    efromm Posts: 684

    My condolences to the family.

    A few years back Mary Tom from Hayden Lake ran right into a train the same way. In broad day light! I read that there are no whistles blown at this particular crossing. Man if that is the case they need to start blowing them. In Post Falls they blow them! All the time. Had one blowing at me the other day. I had a friend hit a train on Chase road when we were teenagers in the 80's. Ted was lucky to get out of that Gremlin with his life. There was no light at the crossing at that time. There needs to be more lights and arms put up. With the influx of people moving here they need to protect the public from the trains. This will not be the last time this happens unfortunately.

  • Jeffrey Wherley posted at 9:20 am on Sun, Sep 16, 2012.

    Jeffrey Wherley Posts: 3969

    Meanie, you and your ilk are the pathetic ones and should feel ashamed of yourselves. All Accidents are preventable, that is why "accident" is a dying word except for the pathetic that have 100 excuses for every event in life and never are willing to accept responsibility.

    This is an Incident report, not and Accident report or an obituary (see any names, or service dates?). There is no excuse for hitting a train, driving over tracks is like driving thru a forest, you do everything you can to miss the trees. Sun in the eyes? Then don't drive! Roll down the widow, turn down the radio, get out of the car, BUT NEVER DRIVE WHEN YOU CAN NOT SEE!!!!! What Idiot taught this "young female"? If they didn't teach that simple FACT of LIFE, they are complicit in her death, if they did teach her. It was her responsibility to do as taught. STOP, LOOK, LISTEN. I have raised 2 young females and I assure you they know these simple life rules of driving. If they hit a train it will be their fault, that is a fact, but won't curb the pain of the loss. But reports of these incidents are to prevent future losses not curb the pains of what is already done. Otherwise, why even put up signs at all or educate, we can all have pity parties daily for the constant flow of deaths, and feel good about our sensitivity of others pain, while doing nothing to prevent it from others.

    I'll keep warning to prevent future incidents, you go ahead and keep making excuses, we will see which is more fruitful and meaningful.

  • Jeffrey Wherley posted at 8:36 am on Sun, Sep 16, 2012.

    Jeffrey Wherley Posts: 3969

    Nope, that contribution will never come from me, if it comes at the expense of spreading platitudes over substance.

    Sensitivity, especially overly sensitive is over rated and seldom helpful. But it does give the sensitive one a faux brownie button to pin to their chest, for their symbolic effort.

    Azz far as the other part, Thanks, that I do take great pride in, ask all my friends, it is one of my many enduring and endearing attributes. But all my friends know better than to be overly sensitive around me without great cause or they aren't my friends.
    This excludes about 1/5 of the population from ever being my friends, unless they are masochistic also (glad I know none of those), but HSP people are annoying to be around. http://www.hsperson.com/pages/test.htm this might help you, find help for your condition. http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/prescriptions-life/201105/top-10-survival-tips-the-highly-sensitive-person-hsp this might also help you.

    See, I try to help others not, Co-op their conditions. That is too draining, it sucks the joy and fun out of life. Maybe that is why I never read Obits or gawk at incident scenes, Misery will hit all our life's one day only HSP or a Masochistic would look to soak themselves into it.

    If you have any more questions or need to share, please send them to people that are paid to care, Your local Mental Health Clinic. :)

  • meanie posted at 7:37 am on Sun, Sep 16, 2012.

    meanie Posts: 80

    To those of you who have no respect for this young girl ,you are disgusting!. You probably are sitting in your LAZY boys have no idea of what you are talking about. You are misserable disgusting people. You should be ashamed of yourselves for your pathetic ways. No respect, I can see no one will turn out for your deaths, expcept maybe to sing , ding dong the idiot is gone. Your pathetic post just about bring tears to my eyes. That crossing is very close to my home and I cross it often. Accidents happen , and it is a quiet zone. No horn blowings in that area. The sun was bright and blinding at that time . It is just a terrible loss and accident . Have some respect will you? I wonder if you would be so disrespectful if this was one of your family memebers or children? Think about who you are and how you act. I hope it isn't to late for you to change. Prayers to this family. I am so sorry for your loss.

  • local res posted at 10:11 pm on Sat, Sep 15, 2012.

    local res Posts: 1165

    The stop sign is actually misplaced. The stop sign should have been place back at least 75 feet from the track.

  • local res posted at 10:09 pm on Sat, Sep 15, 2012.

    local res Posts: 1165

    Jeffery your last contribution to the world is an example to other idiots that need an example how not to become an insensitive aZZ.

  • local res posted at 10:04 pm on Sat, Sep 15, 2012.

    local res Posts: 1165

    Max you are living proof of evolution in action

  • concernedcitizen posted at 6:19 pm on Sat, Sep 15, 2012.

    concernedcitizen Posts: 2530

    I am sorry to say that JW is correct. We do NOT need more regulation, lights, crossing guards or what have you. The Idaho drivers hand book tells us to YIELD the right of way to the train. We have eyes and ears and MUST use them when driving. Not listen to music, playing with iPod, texting, yelling at kids or WHATEVER else might distract us from OUR individual responsibility while operating a motor vehicle.

    My condolence to the family.

  • Jeffrey Wherley posted at 10:09 am on Sat, Sep 15, 2012.

    Jeffrey Wherley Posts: 3969

    I, a sociopath? For want to prevent senseless incidents like this. OK

    While people like you live for the gore so you can put your heart on your sleeve. Your Glibness and Superficial Charm tell of your problem not mine.


    Have a nice day...... Oops i guess that would portray a trait on me, but my capacity to acknowledge them denies other traits, can you see any in yourself? I doubt it.

  • localopinion posted at 9:20 am on Sat, Sep 15, 2012.

    localopinion Posts: 44

    Dont read the comment below mine... It is the self-righteous blathering of a sociopath. Accidents happen ... my regards go to her friends and family.

  • Jeffrey Wherley posted at 7:44 am on Sat, Sep 15, 2012.

    Jeffrey Wherley Posts: 3969


    This news article is not an Obituary to show our respects to the dead. It is a warning of the dangers and to open discussion to prevent this stupidity again.

    To the Family, that decided to continue to read, against my warnings. Sorry for your loss, nothing said here will decrease your pain, but she was responsible for her own actions, and a train track is historically known as nowhere to gamble at,
    "The car always looses".
    That should be a public Safety Campain. Oh wait, it is!
    "The best drivers are aware that they must be beware"
    "Stop accidents before they stop you."
    "Alert today – Alive tomorrow."
    "Safety is not automatic, think about it."
    "Stop accidents before they stop you."
    but the one I always like most,
    "Slow down! Your family will be waiting for you."

    Personally after picking up the pieces of one woman, and extricating the body of 2 others (one actually lived), I feel sorry for the engineers that had to watch the Idiots coming in a Rush to beat them and lost. All the Incidents I spoke of had crossing signals, and the one in this event has lights that were ignored. More signals and regulations aren't needed, more responsible drivers are needed.

    My condolences to the engineer that will never forget his inability to stop what he was FORCED to watch.

    @Max I can see where you were trying to go, but since no Attorney general statement like that can be found, I assume it was manufactured, and turned into a politicking effort to-boot. Not one of your finer moments. But the attacks are unfounded, Sensitivity is not called for here. Education and Prevention is what a public forum is for. If these forums were for memorializing the dead, there would be a rush of Idiots knowing they will have their 15 comments of fame.

    If you want a Memorial piece, send it in as a letter to the editor, or go pay the paper to put it into the paper. But if you want condolences, my opinion is, leave the cause of this "young female" out of it. Death by Train is next to Suicide in the Accident Column of causes of death.

    You can jump on me for my insensitivity, but I care more about preventing another death than the idiots already gone. Their last contribution to the world is an example to other idiots that need an example to become responsible drivers.

  • MicaBay posted at 3:57 pm on Fri, Sep 14, 2012.

    MicaBay Posts: 33

    Those pesky trains, showing up out of nowhere... If only they had some sort of warning lights or audible sound to warm people of the deadly potential. I demand more regulation!

  • FromNIdaho posted at 3:26 pm on Fri, Sep 14, 2012.

    FromNIdaho Posts: 48

    It is a terrible tragedy when someones life is lost at such an early age. My thoughts and prayers are with her family. There are a lot of those crossings out there with nothing more than a sign. There should be some additional warnings.

  • LTRLTR posted at 2:55 pm on Fri, Sep 14, 2012.

    LTRLTR Posts: 1171

    Yes, this death of a young girl is very tragic, an event that anyone who knows her will never forget.

  • CaiusCosades posted at 1:22 pm on Fri, Sep 14, 2012.

    CaiusCosades Posts: 380

    Tragic loss, my heart goes out to the family.

  • Aumlanka posted at 12:46 pm on Fri, Sep 14, 2012.

    Aumlanka Posts: 25

    Why max power? Was any of that necessary? You act as if new of a young lady being hit by a train isn't news in a small town (quite frankly it's news in bigger cities also) and you're being a jerk just to be a jerk. Clearly as a troll you couldn't care less what the rest of us think of what you say. You didn't even add anything to the discussion. Please if you're going to troll at least add something meaningful to think about that is sort of on topic.

  • Mark on the Park posted at 12:43 pm on Fri, Sep 14, 2012.

    Mark on the Park Posts: 471

    Max, I hope none of the victim's family members read your comment. Not just because it is insensitive to their loss, but because anyone reading it runs the risk of becoming dumber.

  • max power posted at 10:46 am on Fri, Sep 14, 2012.

    max power Posts: 559

    *** Surgeon General Warns: We Are All Going To Die ***

    Atlanta, GA - The Surgeon General, in response to a railroad mishap in Idaho that took the life of a young woman, issued a dire warning. WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE.

    He issued a partial list of what may cause our expiration:

    Still birth, childhood diseases, drowning, shooting, murder, suicide, execution, war, cancer, malaria, AIDS, wrong medication(s) prescribed, heart disease, bicycle accident, car accident, falling off tall objects, airplane accidents, railroad crossing mishaps, train crashes, terror attacks, falling into deep holes, mining accidents, quick sand, fires, smoke inhalation, industrial accidents, going to work, staying home, anger, fighting, VD, alcohol poisoning, accidental poisoning, food poisoning, carnival rides, falling on a knife, allergic reactions, snake bite, insect bite, spider bite, sports accidents, attending a soccer game, explosions, bull fighting, riots, garage door accidents, hurricanes, typhoons, tornados, lightning, earthquakes, landslides, hot-air balloon malfunctions, chain saws, electric shock, choking on Fish & Chips, cholesterol, stroke, driving off a bridge or cliff, stepping into an empty elevator shaft, jealous spouse, sleep walking, Viagra, getting hit on the head by a rock, cuts, sting ray barb, shark attack, alligator bite, being eaten by a whale and sleeping on the railroad tracks.

    He also warned about the death of America. DON'T VOTE AGAIN FOR OBAMA! That would be like backing up the Titantic so it could hit the Iceberg again. "America's death by being stupid," he said...

  • cookiemonstersmom posted at 10:00 pm on Thu, Sep 13, 2012.

    cookiemonstersmom Posts: 5

    That train crossing is so dangerous. It requires a sharp turn over one's shoulder to see a train coming from either direction. They need to put crossing arms there or make some other sort of safety improvement.

    Rest in peace, little one.

  • yourneighbor posted at 1:25 pm on Thu, Sep 13, 2012.

    yourneighbor Posts: 224

    So sad, my heart breaks for the family....

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