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PFPD: Do you know these people?

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Posted: Friday, June 29, 2012 12:07 pm | Updated: 12:21 pm, Fri Jun 29, 2012.

Post Falls police investigators are asking for the public's help in identifying two individuals who may have information regarding recent graffiti at Treaty Rock Park.

Anyone able to identify the persons in photos provided by the police department, or with information about the graffiti at the park, is asked to contact the department's detective division at (208) 773-3517.

Information can also be sent by text message to Those who wish to remain anonymous should visit the Post Falls Police Department's website, and follow the links.

If you are able to identify either of these individuals or have information regarding graffiti at Treaty Rock Park, please contact our Detective Division at the Post Falls Police Department - 208 773-3517. For your convenience you can text us information at If you would like to remain anonymous please go to our website at and follow the links there.

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  • manman posted at 2:11 am on Wed, Jul 25, 2012.

    manman Posts: 46

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  • chouli posted at 7:37 pm on Wed, Jul 4, 2012.

    chouli Posts: 1264

    These 2 guys are in the wooded area and it seems to be pretty light out, not really a setting for big vandelism crime. If someone tagged the rocks, uh,is it really the most important use of the LE's time? These guys don't appear to have anything incriminating seen from the pictures. Other than to hassle them, what can LE really do? Is it likely they know who the perps are? and if so, are they likely to tell the LE anything?
    To show my community spirit, Would whoever did the spray paint artwork in the woods near the park please call the PFPD and tell them you're sorry so they can move on to more important issues???

  • max power posted at 9:14 am on Wed, Jul 4, 2012.

    max power Posts: 559

    These losers look like Occupy Wall Street Occuturds and part of the self proclaimed 99 poo-scent!

  • BoxcarBill posted at 1:19 am on Wed, Jul 4, 2012.

    BoxcarBill Posts: 1074

    Cameras are needed because some terrorists might be taggers?

  • My2sence posted at 2:17 pm on Mon, Jul 2, 2012.

    My2sence Posts: 317

    "more efficient by saving time" ???, these photos were takin 4 days ago, clear as day photos...& nobody in custody yet. So I ask again, how are these cameras working?

  • Mark on the Park posted at 10:05 am on Mon, Jul 2, 2012.

    Mark on the Park Posts: 471

    Having a camera guarding high -crime areas (vandalism is still a crime) is a perfect use for taxes. Does anyone else get the feeling that - for some people - this forum is becoming a way to biotch just to see their biotching in print?

    My2sence - when did community vigilance turn into a bad thing? Oh, and taxes pay police salaries too. If cameras assist them in their duties, making them more efficient by saving time and allowing them to pursue other criminal activities then please explain why you think they are not a good idea.

  • My2sence posted at 8:18 am on Mon, Jul 2, 2012.

    My2sence Posts: 317 exactly did the tax cam "help" I mean, there they are right there plain as day, why can't LE find them? oh ! I get it, post the pics of the possible perps, then set back and let the phones ring, were doing all the work here, we pay for the cameras, then were supposed to also play detective and let the cops know where they can find them? maybe we should go to their house (moms basement) and bring them in for questioning too. And I agree, niether one of them is holding a can of krylon, or any other graffiti making device, I know it doesn't say they are suspects, but it sure sounds like it, the camera did take a picture of them & all.

  • Joseph Jr posted at 7:00 am on Mon, Jul 2, 2012.

    Joseph Jr Posts: 512

    YARPLY! C'mon...the reason for the photos, is because law enforcement realize, that it is likely somone can identify them. Just because you can identify someone, does not make you a suspect. If you recognize them, someone else will most definitely recognize them also. I'd give them a call and tell them to turn theselves in.

    My own opinion: Where is your mind?

    Shaft: Yup...

    Fleple: ? Yeah, they want to ask these guys if they've got information...

    Chouli: Quote: "what's with the cameras hiding in the woods? I don't think tax $ needs to be spent on this type of oversight." Evidently, others have previously vandalized the area. Homeland security? I somehow doubt Homeland Security is putting up camera's in parks.

    Heatherfeather; Pretty gross comment. Where are your thoughts???

  • yarply posted at 10:07 am on Sun, Jul 1, 2012.

    yarply Posts: 485

    So if you did know these two individuals, would you become a suspect also of some crime?

  • my own opinion posted at 7:13 am on Sun, Jul 1, 2012.

    my own opinion Posts: 397

    Maybe those guys were there to have sexx? they are checking eachother out lol.

  • SHAFT posted at 6:15 am on Sun, Jul 1, 2012.

    SHAFT Posts: 16

    amen pie!

    so chouli/floorist...... If someone tagged up your fences/cars/houses would you not want the police to look into it if they didnt have an identified suspect? Would you be upset if someones security camere caught it? waaah waahh waaah...

  • fiepie posted at 8:43 am on Sat, Jun 30, 2012.

    fiepie Posts: 2811

    No one accused either of doing anything....just think they may have some information about the graffetti.
    One wonders, if the towns did not cover the graffetti up, how long it would be before some would be upset about the eyesores.
    Apparently there is an ongoing problem there or there wouldn't be any cameras. Do we allow the problem to continue or try to bring it to a halt?
    And I am sure if they had a picture of the culprit committing the crime they might also ask for help in identifying that person also.

  • chouli posted at 8:04 am on Sat, Jun 30, 2012.

    chouli Posts: 1264

    what's with the cameras hiding in the woods? I don't think tax $ needs to be spent on this type of oversight. when did we decide Big Brother needs to watch over us everywhere? what a windfall that homeland security money seems to be...

    I agree with floorist, and before I'd make ANY assumptions about these 2 I'd wanna see the evidence that they did anything wrong. just being there doesn't mean squat.

    maybe PFPD needs to spend their time pursuing something more meaningful. this tells me they have too much time, too many officers, and too many toys at our taxpayer expense.

  • the floorist posted at 2:55 am on Sat, Jun 30, 2012.

    the floorist Posts: 331

    Before I point a finger at anyone...

    ...I'll be needing a picture of the evidence... 'bout a picture of the culprit committing the crime, maybe?

  • bullman3 posted at 11:43 pm on Fri, Jun 29, 2012.

    bullman3 Posts: 142

    Anyone under the age of 18 the court should FINE both parents no matter the circumstance.

  • yarply posted at 6:24 pm on Fri, Jun 29, 2012.

    yarply Posts: 485

    Wow. Cameras in trees. Ain't that just special.. snarf,, snarf.

  • heatherfeather posted at 2:19 pm on Fri, Jun 29, 2012.

    heatherfeather Posts: 297

    It's Buttscratch McFingersniff and his pal Dopey Puffer. Both are known to frequent mom's basement.

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