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Health, the holistic way

Vendors offer variety of solutions for aching joints, wan psyche

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Posted: Sunday, June 17, 2012 12:00 am

Feeling off?

Maybe your chakras are clogged. Or maybe your spiritual vibration is low.

Answers to such metaphysical maladies abounded on Saturday at a holistic fair at the Kootenai Fairgrounds, hosted by the Coeur d'Alene Holistic Chamber of Commerce.

It might sound divergent with conservative Idaho, but the group has 50-plus members and is growing every month, said Aurora Hill, the chamber's fair committee chair.

"I think people are interested in looking for alternatives," Hill said at the event. "Everybody has different needs."

Fair vendors offered a variety of solutions for aching joints or a wan psyche, like palmistry, herbs and chiropractic care.

Peggy Goreham and her husband, Rolland, were demonstrating their chakra chime sets, intended to expunge energy issues.

Hit a chime with a hammer, point it at a trouble spot on the body and let it hum away the problem, Peggy said.

"People are talking more and more about how sound can heal the body," she said, adding that different key tones affect different energies. "Massage therapists and healers, they're generally the ones to buy these."

Peggy showed one customer a chime to clear negative energy.

"If you have someone really negative in your house, walk around and clear it out," she said.

Karen Horst displayed an array of magnetic jewelry at her booth, some sporting crosses and animal figures.

A sign above her head read, "a natural, attractive alternative to pain relief and well being."

That's just what it is, she said.

"I got involved because my daughter had a migraine for four days, and 25 minutes after placing a magnetic necklace on her, it was gone," Horst said, such a necklace round her own neck to help with shoulder pain.

The Careywood woman spoke of magnets increasing oxygen in the blood and balancing out electromagnetic fields. But the best way to understand is to try it, she said, adding that she just opened a store in Hayden.

"It's usually a last resort, but I think it should be the first," Horst said.

Coeur d'Alene couple Hiram and Tammy Madland said they weren't looking for anything particular as they perused the booths.

The pair have simply had positive experiences with holistic medicine, Tammy said. For instance, in many cases they believe supplements have been more effective than prescription medication.

"They go hand in hand," Tammy said of Western and Eastern medicine. "We know we need the medical to uphold the holistic."

A gem and minerals booth offered a layout of glittering, polished items, each with a sign describing effects that were undeniably appealing.

Amber, to help with joint and stomach ailments. Muscovite for mental stimulation and inspiration. Rose quartz to help with matters of the heart.

Folks don't necessarily have to buy into those ideas, said vendor Maryann Smith.

"I don't push it. If they like (the stones) for their beauty, they like it for their beauty," the Coeur d'Alene woman said, adding that she's experienced more. "If they want to know more, I try to help them out."

Smith made another point about her products, a theory applicable to holistic practices overall.

"If you don't believe in something, it's not going to do anything for you at all," she said.

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  • DeNiles posted at 1:45 pm on Sun, Jun 17, 2012.

    DeNiles Posts: 2450

    KC... You know they can take blood from the body and study it. It remains alive all by itself. If several vials of blood were taken from the same person and all of them placed inside metal rings would they change at all? Would they change if those rings were weak magnets? Would they change if they were strong magnets? If some of the metal rings were magnets and others not magnets could the magnetized blood samples be identified simply because of being exposed to a magnetic field?

    The answer is no. You can cite no studies. You cannot show any proof. There is no proof. You could just as easily sell cow pies, rocks or snake oil with the same claims.

    Magnetism is a reasonably well understood and applied force. It is used a great deal in industry and exists where any electrical current flows. It can be manufactured with intense power and tuned to delicate application. If there was any serious medical benefit to magnetism far more influential people and companies would be selling it than you.

    Snake oil.

  • Adam posted at 10:53 am on Sun, Jun 17, 2012.

    Adam Posts: 14

    "If you don't believe in something, it's not going to do anything for you at all," she said.

    It's a shame these people are allowed to do business. So if you don't believe in penicillin, it isn't going to do it's job? That's not how real medicine works.

    If you need to believe in something for it to work, it's called a placebo. Simple as that.

  • KC Kreations posted at 10:03 am on Sun, Jun 17, 2012.

    KC Kreations Posts: 1

    Actually, SuperMan DeNiles, KC Kreations Magnetic Jewelry does offer:
    100% Satisfaction Guarantee or 100% Refund policy.
    One can't be responsible for all that is printed or NOT printed in a gratuitous review, now can they?!! And, for the record, I've only refunded one person their $$ back in nearly fours of business!

    I've been helping people (REALLY HELPING friends, family and new friends (whom were once strangers to me)) with their chronic pains and many conditions for YEARS. Magnetic Jewelry (high-gauss strength -- like ours) is, and has been the 'answer to their prayers' as was magnetic jewelry for us when we first found out how it worked for our specific needs nearly four years ago. I was deeply skeptical until I tried it for myself -- but it has been a Godsend to my life and many, many more people's. I do know there are magnetic vendors out there who sell sub-standard wares, and that is sad and disadvantageous to our cause. However, I will continue to be available to render relief to people if they need my services and attractively, strong, stylish magnetic jewelry because it's my mission to be there for people seeking a natural, healthy, attractive alternative to their aches, pains and conditions (Restless Leg, Fibromyalgia, Carpal Tunnel, Migraines, Arthritis, Sciatica, etc to name a few) and the many other syndromes that Rx drugs are being prescribed. No side effects with mags unless you sport a pacemaker or other electro-medical device (and that's only because of the batteries).

    Come in to my studio in the Integrative Wellness Center on W Hayden Ave, Superman. Maybe I'd LEND you an item to try out for yourself....or someone you care about......see for yourself how magnetic jewelry can help! Blessings! K.H.

    KC Kreations Magnetic Jewelry
    An Attractive Alternative to Chronic Pain
    579 W Hayden Ave, Hayden, ID


  • Sheepdoggy posted at 7:07 am on Sun, Jun 17, 2012.

    Sheepdoggy Posts: 41

    Feeling Off?

    Why can't we post links here?

    Who made that decision?

    A senile person?

    Wanna be famous?

    YOU can be the catalyst to change the world.


    Have no fear.....only love...

    The truth will set you free.....and us

    Love and truth.

    That's all it takes.

    So easy.


  • DeNiles posted at 5:50 am on Sun, Jun 17, 2012.

    DeNiles Posts: 2450

    Magnetic therapy is total bunk. There is not one single peer reviewed medical study showing that long term low field magnetic applications accomplish anything medically or physically beneficial, aside from lightening up your wallet. These charlatans are the worst sort of people. They knowingly take your money on falsehoods. I have seen them fleece relatives of seriously ill people for $1000's.

    Look at the quote here: "The best way to understand (magnets) is to try them". Where's the money back guarantee? Used as 'prescribed' magnets will do you no harm. Used as 'prescribed' magnets will gain you nothing. Remember the 'Q-ray' bracelets? Shut down and sued for medical quackery. Flat out fraud. This woman should be ashamed. Her store should be shut down.

    How sad that it gets any exposure in the paper. Then again they actually employ Cliff Harris and print his loony tunes cloud seeding baloney.

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