Hart offers $12K to clear $600K tax debt - Coeur d'Alene Press: Local News

Hart offers $12K to clear $600K tax debt

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Posted: Tuesday, July 3, 2012 12:10 pm

BOISE (AP) — A tax-protesting Idaho lawmaker is offering to pay $12,000 over five years to settle debts totaling more than a half-million dollars.

Rep. Phil Hart's proposal is part of his bid for Chapter 13 bankruptcy protection. The northern Idaho Republican has listed about $600,000 in debt, with most of it owed to the Internal Revenue Service and Idaho State Tax Commission.

The Spokesman-Review reports Hart has offered to pay $200 a month for five years, and the repayment plan has drawn skepticism from at least one bankruptcy attorney with expertise in Chapter 13 cases.

David Gardner says Hart's offer is likely to draw objections from both the bankruptcy trustee and creditors when it gets a hearing in August.

Hart lost his bid for a fifth term in May's primary election.

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  • milburnschmidt posted at 7:56 am on Mon, Jul 9, 2012.

    milburnschmidt Posts: 1160

    Despite inclineds pontificating and billious boring defense and support of Mr Hart there is one main fact he overlooks. If you read the state of Mr Harts financial affairs and offer of $12,000 to satisfy a half million dollar debt you understand why our country is in such financial distress and sinking deeper in debt. We have a abundance of politicians who cant handle their own money squandering ours passing off their spending to future generations. Despite Inclines admiration for this man the truth is Hart is not the kind of politician who will get us out of the mess or local,state and federal Govts have gotten us into. The country is not in trouble because of my ftnancial situation but from politicians who cant make disciplined decisions to handle others money taken from them by threat of penalty if they dont pay up. The voters decided to end this mans career and that is the end of the story, Democrats also have their share of Phil Harts and we suffer from their crackpot spending and financial therories also.

  • inclined posted at 2:59 am on Sun, Jul 8, 2012.

    inclined Posts: 681

    Sir, I'm almost certain Mr. Hart won't be reading this, for which I am glad.

    I have had the occasion to sit down with the man, and ask him, personally, about matters relating to accusations people like yourself make.

    You are wasting a fair share of your passion on the wrong cause. In fact, it is a disgusting misinformed view of the man that makes you as offensive as the reason for the rest of your issues.

    You have some grave concerns, and I understand those issues have caused a great deal of consternation with millions of Americans. Please, sir, do not become part of the disgrace of maligning the very kind of person, and public servant, that was attempting the impossible in taking a stand against the politic responsible for the decline of this country.

    You owe him an apology. You sound capable of dealing with severe and complicated issues. Meet with the man and ask him to explain what you have taken as your belief, then write of your mistake.

    And, as well. Your decision not to vote is illogical. You hurt yourself, the state and the country. Tell me you can't tell the bl.oody difference in many of the ideological principles, even if you may be in a quandary of lesser matters. What you have written above--figure out very carefully what, who, in the balance, is most likely to be responsible, and choose against that. But if you can't delineate where Mr. Hart is in your estimation, let alone bad government, then perhaps you shouldn't vote.

  • Joseph Jr posted at 10:30 am on Thu, Jul 5, 2012.

    Joseph Jr Posts: 512

    I am ashamed this man (small "m"), counts himself a republican or conservative.

    With 50% or less, paying state and federal taxes, the struggling middle class (typically salary or hourly wages) and wealthy (business owners, investors and trustfunders) are paying the entire bill (tax) supporting 100% of the population including people like Hart.

    Our streets, highways, freeways, roads, bridges, emergency services, libraries, schools, etc., used by all Americans, are paid for by the half who pay taxes.

    Our nations debt has gone from approximately 6 Trillion to over 13 Trillion since electing a liberal president 3 1/2 years ago. Just a fact.

    If you are part of the 50% who do not pay federal or state taxes, please consider that the 50% paying taxes, are paying for the above services.

    Anyone owing $500,00.00 + in taxes, over a 5 year period, in my opinion, is a flat out thief. The amount owed is staggering, and the net income must of such a person must be approximately $450,000.00 per year. I have to cringe at what the gross income was before well paid accountant's waived their magic wands in an office or someone's basement.

    I am appalled by this American Citizen, and his supporter's.

    We know that dishonest people are members of both parties.

    I will not be voting in this general election, as I cannot support the presidential candidate of either party.

  • inclined posted at 2:17 am on Thu, Jul 5, 2012.

    inclined Posts: 681

    It was never simply a matter of not paying taxes, just as Contempt law is not about the Attorney General only doing what the President is in on(which is why his executive order to excuse and cover for Holder will allow Congress, on a legal tactic, under Civil Law, to go straight passed Holder(since he cannot fulfill his obligation with getting permission) and get Mr. Obama before the courts himself.

    Your understanding of the laws as relates to all three of these examples is lacking, to only embarrass yourself with people that know about these matters.

    Any Sheriff, going back to common law England, would not be doing his duty, not only to single out the worst of crime and give it his full attention, which is his discretion. Do your research f.,
    Sheriff Arpaio has been at this elected office for over 20 years. Illegal immigration plagues his state, and has scapegoated state law enforcement for what Federal Law and enforcement should have been doing. He happens to be one of the people at the epicenter of resisting Democratic Socialism at it's more virulent out-breaking.

  • fiepie posted at 4:02 pm on Wed, Jul 4, 2012.

    fiepie Posts: 2977

    Mr. Hart was on the tax commision for Idaho. If you did not pay your tax, he would not have recieved a salary and you, most likely, would have been in deep...
    Mr. Holder is held in contempt even though they released a large part of what pertained to that mess.
    Sheriff Arpaio picks and chooses whom his office responds to. If you are of Hispanic race you have a good chance of not getting a law officer to look at your complaint.
    Of the three....Mr. Holder can only release what the administration will allow him...Mr. Hart wants to only pay what he wants, not what he owes....Mr. Arpaio wants to enforce the law only when he wants...
    Whats the difference between the three....? (hint...2 of the 3 have the ability to fulfil their obligation without having to get permission)

  • inclined posted at 2:51 pm on Wed, Jul 4, 2012.

    inclined Posts: 681

    hdw. If by higher standards, you mean, higher as in moral? And, do you mean lead as in excellence, honor, virtue? And then, with this leading, would you yourself be interested in what was noble, distinguished, and morally upright? How long would our conversation go, talking about a whole palate of issues, would it take for me to know what kind of character and person of dignity and distinction you were? And if you were not of that, how would you presume to know what Phil Hart is? Have you given him the respect to stop in and meet and talk with him, be interested in people that served with him, study his research? Did you know that the highest law officer in the country is in contempt of congress, because, they know with some certainty he lied, and covered up. He however is after Sheriff Joe Arpaio, a distinguished and dedicated lawman in Arizona, for obeying state law, and agreeing with the Constitution. Which leader do you want to be leading by example? Do you know the difference? The government has a long list of criminal accusation against an estimable man. Does that make it
    true and right? It may be the DOJ, up to the President of the US, are corrupt and perpetrating a lying deception on more levels that we can imagine. Do you want them to continue to lead in that?

  • max power posted at 9:29 am on Wed, Jul 4, 2012.

    max power Posts: 559

    Do like Libtard Timothy Geithner and blame it on Turbo Tax...

  • hdw posted at 8:47 am on Wed, Jul 4, 2012.

    hdw Posts: 4

    I believe as a representative of the people and an elected official, Hart should be held to a higher standard. It's time that our politicians learn to lead by example !! Pay up ! ALL of it, just like any of the rest of us would have to.

  • inclined posted at 1:59 am on Wed, Jul 4, 2012.

    inclined Posts: 681

    v. Do your best. Give me the three most profound issues you might be willing to give your life for, born out of your political ideology.

  • voxpop posted at 3:26 pm on Tue, Jul 3, 2012.

    voxpop Posts: 738

    Oh yeah - another hero of the Republican right.

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