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Feels like the first time

North Idaho Fair and Rodeo offers plenty of new experiences

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Posted: Thursday, August 23, 2012 12:15 am

COEUR d'ALENE - Kayla Dorame stood alert before the judging table, her fingers quick to nab the Silkie rooster that kept trotting away.

Just as the ribbons were announced, the rooster puffed its Vegas fluff feathers and crowed, Dorame pressing her hands to her face with a grin.

Opening day at the North Idaho Fair and Rodeo marked the judging of the Coeur d'Alene girl's first rooster, her first 4-H poultry entry ever.

And the 10-year-old's first blue ribbon for the division.

"Just hanging out with it," Kayla said of how to raise a prize show bird. "I'm proud of myself."

Another victory, her mother Nicole added: Their other Silkie, a hen, had hatched its first chick two hours before.

"(Kayla) just loves her chickens. She got the incubator for her birthday," Nicole said. "She's very shy and timid, and this has brought out her personality."

First-time experiences abounded at the Kootenai County fairgrounds on Wednesday. Crowds from across the region flocked to enter new competitions, test their courage on rides, their teeth on sugary fare.

It was a momentous day for CF Zany Zoey.

The Angus heifer swished her tail obligingly as an electric razor passed over her jet hide, prepping her for her first Lowline Cattle Show this weekend.

Plenty of time has been invested drilling the cow on how to stand and walk like a winner, said Jacqui Duran, a cattle raiser with Double D Lowlines in Athol.

"With cows, it's just a matter of repeating everything," Duran said, adding that, not too surprising, "cows are fairly easy to train."

The competitions are significant for the industry, said Rick Gosselin with Idaho Lowline Cattle Company in Hayden. A cow's performance determines its breeding career, he said.

Yeah, pretty important.

Not to mention, showing off the cattle is a chance to educate folks about their bovine brethren, Gosselin said.

"It's huge," he said of raising agriculture interest. "Anytime we get people excited about agriculture, which some think is a dying (industry), if we make one person aware, that's huge."

Gracen Haynes' teeth chomped through golden dough and tender meat in the midst of the food stands.

His grandma, Marla McCasland, nudged a bowl of ketchup toward the 3-year-old as he stuffed his first hand-dipped corn dog down the hatch.

"He loves it," McCasland said, noting that the Silver Valley toddler is far from picky.

It was also the first sticked meat for Gracen's younger brother, Kash, 1, who nibbled at deep-fried crumbs.

"Is this yummy? Is this your new favorite thing?" Kash's grandma cooed.

They weren't about to enjoy the petting zoo without first indulging their sweet tooths, she added.

"We showed up, and there were all these smells and sights,"McCasland said. "We were happy to eat our way through the fair."

Just around the corner, Hunter Johnson was walking on water.

And rolling. And running.

The 6-year-old's mother, Jodi, smiled as she watched him maneuver inside the giant, transparent ball in a pool of water.

"He's always wanted to do a human-sized hamster ball," Jodi said. "There's no way we could say no."

When staff unzipped Hunter's bubble, then did the same for his sister, Haileyann, the kids scrambled to their parents.

"It was like going into an obstacle course," Hunter reported of his first attempt. "It was so fun."

"It was really hard to stand up and roll for 10 seconds," added his 8-year-old sister, also a first timer. "I like this stuff."

Jodi was thrilled her children could try something a little out there.

"I think it's just going to continue them on the path of always wanting to try something," she said. "(Hunter) will probably be asking again for this all day."

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  • My2sence posted at 10:20 am on Thu, Aug 23, 2012.

    My2sence Posts: 317

    What a great story, that does sounds like a great experience, Im very happy for all the blue ribbon winners..........I too was there yesterday with my two kids....here's our "experience".........

    I should have known what was in store for us once we got inside, before we even entered the ticket booth someone on a stretcher was being loaded into an ambulance, lights flashing, cops directing traffic, so.. we joked that we don't wanna go on the ride that person just did haha,lol...(I'm not cold hearted, the person was moving, & the EMT wasn't moving very swiftly, so we knew at least it wasn't a serious tragedy k) So we made it in, kids right away want to play all the impossible games they will never win, and I remind them that whatever they win, (usually blow up plastic bats) they get to carry all over the fair for the next 4 hours, ok so we head to the mirror mazes, yeah ! that was a fun 14 minutes, then we hit the rides, actually the rides hit us,..you see there is a new ride at the fair this year, it's the bungee jump, where they strap you into the protective harness & hook a couple rubber bands to ya, tickets? ...oh no this money pit ride only accepts cash or credit cards, $5 for 3 minutes of jumping, so my son goes first, and I have to say, I've never seen a bigger smile on his face when he was sling-shotted up in the air ( I'm trying not to be too sarcastic because truthfully there were a few moments of "fun") ok, so my 12 year old daughter is next, she gets all strapped in, and away she goes, doing real good, back flips, front flips, and after a few jumps most everybody looses some bounce, so what the carny's do is they grab ahold of your strap in front of you and give you a hefty "pull down" to get ya some more bounce momentum, up until that point my daughter was all smiles, cute metal braces & all, that she just had tightened at the dentist two hours prior, so her poor mouth was already sore, then it happens... he pulls her down so hard, and leaned way too far into her that her mouth smashes onto the top of his shoulder, BAM !!, in the blink of an eye, her evening is done, just that fast, her mouth that was already sore, was now 50 times worse, I saw it happen, so I rush over to where they were at to asess the damage and give her big squeeze & help wipe her tears away, it seemed like an eternity for him to get that stinkin strap off of her, anyway she comes running to me, I give her a big hug while she's trying to explain to me what happened, the young carny comes over to us, and gives us his academy award winning apology, then tells me "if she want's, later, she can jump for free again" I didn't know whether to laugh histerically, or slingshot his @$$ to the moon. ok, so 1st, no bleeding, 2nd, no swelling, & 3rd, no damage to her 5 thousand dollar smile. So we go sit down for a bit, I ask her if she wanted to go home, she said "no" even with tears rolling down her cheeks, after about ten minutes, we decide to walk around for a while, and durring that walk, she musters up enough strength to start messing with her little brother again, so now I know she's gonna be ok, "LET'S GO ON A RIDE DAD !!" ok, ok, how bout the ferris wheel? YES!!! so we get to the wheel....OF DOOM, were in line for about 5 minutes before it dawned on me THIS THING IS BROKE!!, NO POWER, and people are stuck on this ride....for a half hour, AND the spanish speaking fella....JUST WALKED AWAY! didn't say nothing to anyone, just walked away, well obviously he went and got a "technician" that is skilled in fixing 44 year old fair equipment, fire and rescue were ready to start saving people....WHAT!! ok, were deffinately NOT going on the ferris wheel, scratch that off the list. Then I noticed that a 1/4 of the fair rides were not even set up yet, my younger son wanted to ride the "bumble bee" ride, goes round and round and up and down....(supposed too anyway!) nope, just round and round. They did find a couple of rides that they were happy with after that, now were hungry, time to eat, my daughter wants a slice of pizza and a sno-cone, "sorry dont have sno cones" okaaay how bout a soda?, she has about 4 bites, not only is it awful, but her mouth is still too sore from the bungee death ride to chew the cardboard crust, well me & Aiden have a hankerin for a corn dog, get one every year, yummy, we wait the traditional 12 minutes in line, put in our order..."two corndogs and a cotton candy please" ok, that'll be EIGHTEEN DOLLARS !!!!!...... HUH!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME???!!! HOLY @#$%!!@#, hope she wasn't expecting a tip, ok, so where's the condements for our 14 karat gold dogs?? over there on that table, ok on that tabe sat 2 jugs, one was ketchup, the other was mustard, thats great, where are the tiny cups to put the above mentioned items in..."sorry were out of them" the big sweaty cook says...thats it, nobody messes with my fair food, I say to him "really?, the very first day of the fair & your out of stuff already?" "sorry" he says again. so we do it old school & drizzle both ketchup and mustard up & down the length of our prized corn dogs, for me that was ok, for my messy son...well let's just say it looked like I drizzled him in the stuff. now we head back to more rides, passing through all the games with carneys telling me I'M HALF A DAD if I don't win my kids something...blah blah blah, My daughter convinces my son to go on a ride that well...makes you sick...and well, thats just what happened, now I have a kid who's mouth throbs every once in a while, and a kid who just gave the fair BACK their blue ribbon corn dog, so needless to say, $120 later, we were done. My advice? never go the fair on the first day, actually, never go to the fair. What an expensive, epic failure.

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