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Mitchell focuses on education, living-wage jobs

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Posted: Friday, August 1, 2014 12:00 am

COEUR d'ALENE - While visiting the Lake City on Tuesday, Idaho Democratic candidate for the U.S. Senate, Nels Mitchell, spoke about education, jobs, public lands, veterans and women's issues.

Mitchell, who wound up his private law practice in Boise in December to attend to the campaign full time, has served a three-year tenure at the Securities and Exchange Commission and taught part-time at the University of Idaho School of Law.

"The single biggest problem in Idaho is our lack of funding for public education. We are now last in the country on funding on a per-pupil basis," Mitchell said. "That's really the most serious problem we face here in Idaho and something that needs to be corrected."

Mitchell also spoke about the need to support veterans.

"This is an important issue because we have an entire generation that's been fighting wars in the Middle East, and we asked them to fight those wars," he said. "We need to make sure the Veteran's Administration and the programs are there to help them in the future."

He added that bipartisan efforts can succeed, referring to current legislation that would improve healthcare for veterans.

"The Veterans Administration needs more than money. It needs better management," Mitchell said. "It's great to see Sen. McCain and Sen. Sanders work together."

On initiatives for women, Mitchell said he would have supported the Violence Against Women Act that was renewed last year, and favors women's health insurance covering birth control.

For improving the employment landscape in Idaho, Mitchell said raising the minimum wage from $7.25 to $10.10 is essential to keep up with inflation.

"That's all we're talking about here, so that people can have a living wage job," said Mitchell, who said the raise would go a long way to advancing Idaho's economy and that fears that it would result in job loss are misplaced.

"If you're making $15,000 a year and all of a sudden you're making 20, you're not shipping it overseas to your Swiss bank account; you're actually spending it and so the local businesses benefit from raising the minimum wage."

Public lands in Idaho are another resource that Mitchell said voters should expect their representatives to protect.

"As far as I'm concerned our public lands are not for sale," said Mitchell. "People in Idaho view those public lands as belonging to all of us, and so yes, there are opportunities for economic development using those resources, but we also want to make sure they are there for us to hunt, fish, hike, camp. That's all part of living in Idaho."

Mitchell expects his ideas to resonate with Idaho voters. "Over 55 percent of the people in this state are still Independent, not affiliated with either party, and we have an opportunity, because we have a great slate of Democratic candidates running," Mitchell said.

"I think that people are going to be looking for the type of leaders that are going to bring common-sense solutions."

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  • Spud posted at 5:57 pm on Fri, Aug 1, 2014.

    Spud Posts: 85

    The Press should start by paying their paper delivery people 30.00 per hour for 8 hours regardless of how fast they get the papers delivered. See how that flies.... ha ha ha

  • Spud posted at 5:47 pm on Fri, Aug 1, 2014.

    Spud Posts: 85

    You want a living wage job in the region you wish to live in...fool? Then get yourself an education which is exactly what fits the needs of the living wage job being offered in the same area. If no such job exist that you want to do then move and do not slam the door behind you.

    No employer including me who ran a successful business in this town most of my life and retired debt free at 51 is going to just make up a job for you out of thin air so you can be given a pay check for something I did not need done in the first place. Get this through your thick heads once and for all. There must be an important need within the business structure which means by filling that need the company profits will increase. Get it yet? It is from the increase in the company profits you are then paid from. In other words you doing your job either generates enough profit for the company to have some to pay you, some to pay back the entire operation and a whole bunch to still have left over for having to put up with your entitlement attitudes. Then add in insurance, comp, sick leave, covering for you when you do not show up, training and more. So to be paid 10 per hour you need to generate at least 25 or more for the company. Day in day out.

    You don't like that then fine. Just show us all how big and smart you are and go open the same business and pay yourself as the head CEO 100,000 per year because you are worth your own lame mind that is.

  • greyhound2 posted at 2:32 pm on Fri, Aug 1, 2014.

    greyhound2 Posts: 844

    Sounds great but barriers are:
    1. As a "Right to Work" state the private sector unions have all been busted and left only are public sector jobs which operate on the taxpayer dime and are monopolies..
    2. Jobs have been outsourced overseas to low cost labor pools to reimport duty free to drive domestic producers out of business. From Mexico to China to Vietnam to robots.l.
    3. The borders have been opend to a flood of illegal labor to drive down wages and bankrupt the welfare office and create a surplus of labor.
    4. Investment tax credits allow corporations to avoid income tax by purchasing machines and robots to eliminate human labor.
    5. Globalization means globalized wages. If US wages are $15/hr, China $4/hr, robots $3/hr and Vietnam $2/hr, it is a race to the bottom.

    NAFTA, the WTO and Trade Agreements were sold as a path to prospertity. The reality is a path to bust. It isn't a win-win game. It is a lose-lose game. And American middle class are the biggest losers.

  • ancientemplar posted at 1:57 pm on Fri, Aug 1, 2014.

    ancientemplar Posts: 1260

    Don't know about the Senator but I do know we need a different Governor.

  • will-- posted at 8:53 am on Fri, Aug 1, 2014.

    will-- Posts: 1000

    "It is time for a change.."

    As evidenced by recent presidential elections, blindly voting for change just for the sake of change has not worked out too well.

  • oscar posted at 8:04 am on Fri, Aug 1, 2014.

    oscar Posts: 1375

    It is time for a change.. Our current senator has been part of the problem of running this country into the ground. Our current senator is part of the "do nothing" congress that everyone complains about. He has had his time and done nothing, lets get some new blood in office ad see if we can get this country moving.

  • taxpayer posted at 7:12 am on Fri, Aug 1, 2014.

    taxpayer Posts: 343

    voters, do you want to have better opportunities for our kids and yourself, education and business go together for better opportunities

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