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'Sheriff Joe' speaks at Cd'A Resort

Controversial lawman addresses illegal immigration, how he runs jail system

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Posted: Tuesday, October 5, 2010 12:00 am

COEUR d'ALENE - Controversy, as they say, sells.

Tent cities, chain gangs, and pink underwear. Throw in alleged civil rights infractions, a novel's worth of press coverage and a cool nickname, and that sells even more.

"I didn't want to put the word out that I would be here because everywhere I go the demonstrators come," said Joe Arpaio, Maricopa County, Arizona, sheriff and featured speaker at the Women in Red fundraiser for the Kootenai County Republican Women at The Coeur d'Alene Resort Monday. "They all follow me around."

Controversy, the saying also goes, polarizes.

Love him, hate him, Arpaio can draw a crowd. And 800 people came out to hear "America's Toughest Sheriff" speak on illegal immigration issues in Arizona and across the country, as well as describe a behind-the-scenes look into how he runs the Maricopa County jail system.

"It's the 'World's Toughest Sheriff,'" Arpaio pointed out during a press conference. "Let's get it straight."

While demonstrators didn't picket Monday, the sheriff didn't shy away from any of the sensitive topics, either.

He isn't a racist, he said. He's just doing the job he was first elected to do 18 years ago. While cracking down on illegal immigration is a center point of his run as head of the department, it has landed him under investigation more than once, including a lawsuit filed by the U.S. Department of Justice still pending, which doesn't concern him, he said.

"They just sued me. Let them do it. I'm just doing my job and I feel comfortable with my employees," he said. "I get no thanks. I'm just the bad guy, the bad guy for doing the job."

Oh yeah, Arpaio also has a $1 million bounty on his head placed by Mexican drug cartels.

Security was on hand for his visit, which he began with a press conference in the afternoon before the evening dinner which, at $45 per ticket, raised money for the KCRW scholarship program and donates books to schools across the county.

Meanwhile, the sheriff said that his Arizona county has seen a 19 percent decrease in crime over the last few years. He attributes that to his crackdown on illegal immigration, which the federal government should enforce more seriously.

"Somebody better do something," he said of the jail system, which includes Phoenix, with around 40,000 inmates. "In the meantime I, as the elected sheriff, have been doing what I can."

Perhaps most polarizing of his moves was when he established Tent Cities, an extension of the Maricopa County Jail. It has been controversial because of Phoenix's extreme heat, their placing next to "the dump, the dog pound, and the waste disposal plant" and for hanging a sign outside them saying, 'vacancy.' He also made inmates wear pink, and brought stray dogs from on overcrowded animal shelter into jail where inmates cared for them.

He said on Monday, besides unofficially supporting congressional hopeful Raul Labrador, that he was going to stay his current course as well as in the news, and run for re-election in 2012.

"I'm not done yet," the sheriff said.

"I've been an admirer of his for a longtime," said Carol May, Post Falls resident who spends two months a year in Arizona with her husband, Larry, and knows how bad the problem is for the state. "He's my John Wayne."

The stopover was the sheriff's first visit to Coeur d'Alene, an area he called beautiful.

"It just seems like every night there is another killing," Larry May said about the problem other states, including Idaho, might not understand since they don't deal with it on Arizona's level. "They're not noticing the realities of it."

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  • sweetfire posted at 6:18 pm on Tue, Oct 12, 2010.

    sweetfire Posts: 10

    Go Sheriff Joe. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep up the great work.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • reensee posted at 6:21 pm on Fri, Oct 8, 2010.

    reensee Posts: 6

    Thank you to all.
    I just wonder sometimes why the government will not protect our borders. Knowing what is happening in CA, AZ, NM and TX alone (not even mentioning the illegal infiltration in most other states) I wonder why they will not take action to stop it. We just keep paying more and more taxes for illegals, welfare, schools, police, etc. etc. etc. It is something we just don't quite understand.

    As well, the Health Care Reform has us very concerned as a business. Do we hire (we need to) or do we not hire...that is the question. How much will it cost? What does it entail? No one seems to know. I have talked with a couple of other business owners and they are confused as well. It makes no sense to hire someone at $40k a year and end up paying $65k a year. If illegals are legalized, and we're paying for them, as well as higher taxes for business in addition to the health care reform...is it woth it or should we send all manufacturing overseas? (We already offer and pay for half of our employees health care, 401k, etc. We just feel angry about being "forced" to do so). So in essence, we have downscaled because the future of business is not even slightly predictable.

    These are very troubling times.

  • sharetheplanet posted at 7:08 am on Fri, Oct 8, 2010.

    sharetheplanet Posts: 809


    Didnt u know those of us that have seen it first hand are just a bunch of lying conspiritors to the progressives here in NI?

  • Veeeee posted at 3:25 pm on Thu, Oct 7, 2010.

    Veeeee Posts: 423

    Because the immigration issue has been neglected for so, so long...and related social problems have increased to such an extent, it is no surprise to me that individuals like this officer find a place to capture national attention. It reminds me of my studies in "social movements". As the issue continues to heat up, we will see more and more activity like this, until a precipitating event(s) triggers an outcry. Finally a solution will be implemented and institutionalized. Arizona, I think, is the precipitating event...the antics in that state are moving this issue into the national spotlight. Another precip could be an all out border drug war that begins killing Americans...I hope not...but it appears to already be starting. thank you.

  • Rogue Cop posted at 12:34 pm on Thu, Oct 7, 2010.

    Rogue Cop Posts: 2371

    Here's the deal...It's easy for the libtard whackos who live here to pontificate and declare their sensitivity and racial diversity. They've never had to deal with the situations described by reensee. They won't be happy until every state in the union has been overrun by criminal invaders and we become a socialist 3rd world country.

    It doesn't matter what evidence is brought forth. Randy Myers and Co. will be in denial and will castigate the rest of us for not being libtard bleeding hearts. Funny how he attacks the ONE elected official (besides Governor Brewer) who is actually doing his job. Thank God that Meyers isn't in a law enforcement position because his oath of office would mean nothing!

  • MMMMMM posted at 9:43 am on Thu, Oct 7, 2010.

    MMMMMM Posts: 2749

    reensee, keep telling them!!!!!!!

    I've been called racist over and over for bring up the same things you are saying now. I've been told by a few here that I am what is wrong with North Idaho!! We escaped, like you did and like White Flight did about 16 years ago after our neighborhood was "gone" as you describe. We were fortunate to still get a good price for our house. I'm glad you're here and appreciate your message!

  • reensee posted at 11:37 pm on Wed, Oct 6, 2010.

    reensee Posts: 6

    It is so good that a lot of you see what is happening! Like I wrote before, spending 90% of my life in CA it is much, much worse than you think. I guess you must live it, to know it. They take over...FAST! One day the neighborhood is okay. Don't blink...your neighborhood is gone. You are now in Mexico.

    I have no way to describe how fast and rampant it occurs...but it is true.
    95% are not the honest, hard working immigrants we see in the media that desire legalization. This is a lie. The majority have 6-12 children that live off the system while selling drugs (that you must pay for in welfare/school/medical/police dollars (i.e. higher taxes)), drive very, very nice cars (typically 4-6 cars per household), are gang bangers, drug cartel, 3-10 families per household, have very nice weapons (i.e. the good guns), and are not nice people. Heck, you live in a very nice home and the new neighbors move in and are killing their goats and throwing their dead carcass' in the street for you to smell for two days (that's something they don't spread around on the news huh?).

    Look at UT. They are fleeing AZ and heading up to UT. Their crime rate and welfare expense has already increased.

    I could write a novel on this as it is so much worse than many are aware of. We actually moved our corp from So. Cal to ID to escape this very thing. I sure hope it doesn't get out of control in ID or Canada...here we come.

  • JoeIdaho posted at 8:19 pm on Wed, Oct 6, 2010.

    JoeIdaho Posts: 2841

    You guys, Josh & RC, do get the picture. Good job, Josh.

  • Rogue Cop posted at 4:25 pm on Wed, Oct 6, 2010.

    Rogue Cop Posts: 2371


    6M, you're absolutely right. No brainer!

  • MMMMMM posted at 2:04 pm on Wed, Oct 6, 2010.

    MMMMMM Posts: 2749

    Randy Meyers and Rogue Cop, you're right, I missed the "non".

    However - - - - non violent criminals are destructive, and my suggestion is essentially the same. Leopards don't change their spots. Look at the many illegal immigrants coming into this country. Many of them are non-violent, but very destructive none the less.

    Criminals by nature want something without having to pay for it. This is who they are, and treatment won't change that. Haven't we all seen plenty of treatment programs costing millions of dollars, sponsored by liberal do-gooders, who truly believe that the criminal mind is really just "sick".

    Look at the poor misguided folks who honestly believe that if we legalized drugs it would end the problems with the drug cartels and stop many crimes. What they don't seem to realize is that criminals are criminals and if they aren't dealing drugs then they WILL find some other criminal activity. Get it though your liberal heads that criminals are NOT motivated to change. The drug cartels are already branching out into kidnapping, murder, rape, robbery and home invasions. These poor liberal do-gooders seem to think that the Mexican drug lords will suddenly become peace loving strawberry and tomato pickers!

    Look at history. Alcohol was banned in this country for awhile. It didn't change a thing with criminals. And, when it was made legal again, crime continued to flourish. Criminals are criminals and that's that and - - -Randy Myers - - - criminals whether violent or non-violent are very destructive to our society.

    Lock them up!

    Now, Randy, go ahead and find the book THE CRIMINAL MIND by Samenow. You really need to educate yourself.

  • josh74 posted at 1:33 pm on Wed, Oct 6, 2010.

    josh74 Posts: 30

    Ok, Rogue I got this one, I am going to lower myself and name-call at this point... Randy, you are a douche.

  • Randy Myers posted at 1:20 pm on Wed, Oct 6, 2010.

    Randy Myers Posts: 1635

    @ Rogue Cop....You have no case hiding behind your avatar. But...I guess it's OK for me to answer YOUR questions but not for you to answer mine ? Thoughts of a goose and a gander occur. (What's good for...ya' know?).

  • Rogue Cop posted at 12:38 pm on Wed, Oct 6, 2010.

    Rogue Cop Posts: 2371

    So Randy, rather than answer my questions about non-violent offenders, your response is to ask me questions? I rest my case.

  • Kconner posted at 11:26 am on Wed, Oct 6, 2010.

    Kconner Posts: 327

    Until you’ve lived in an area where illegal immigration is a real problem, you have no idea what you are talking about. Move to Ca. or Az. for a year, come back, then you might be able to make an informed statement. Good job to Sheriff Joe, he’s only doing the job our pathetic federal government won’t do.

  • Randy Myers posted at 10:58 am on Wed, Oct 6, 2010.

    Randy Myers Posts: 1635

    I said "non-violent" criminals MMMMMM. Please read carefully.

    @ Rogue Cop...I do have high mindedness operating when I refrain from name calling. I never said I was an expert in criminolgy now did I ? As to a high horse....methinks you may be guilty of pointing 1 finger at me while several point back at you. As to checking hero worship at the door...Sheriff Joe is no hero to me.

    I am at least willing to put MYSELF at the table for lively debate and discussion not some Rogue Cop myth non action figure that thinks he knows, and I quoute you back to yourself.......

    " There is a loud and uneducated minority who know nothing about the world outside of Kootenai County, but your opinions are clearly those of the majority."

    Just where is the data to support that ?

  • WhiteFlight posted at 10:58 am on Wed, Oct 6, 2010.

    WhiteFlight Posts: 1

    Yes people, please visit S.California, or Arizona...We are being invaded, it's no joke. You will be shocked, and upset.. The sad thing is that it is spreading, Soon your beautiful county will be turned into a 3rd world slum...

  • reensee posted at 9:52 pm on Tue, Oct 5, 2010.

    reensee Posts: 6

    MMMMMM, Thank you.
    I do hope that the people of ID never know what the influx of illegals will do to their lives. I also know many will never believe it...until they live it.
    Typical example...one house we have in CA. Appraised at $425k. Mexicans TOOK OVER the area. Now the house appraisal is $125k (yes, we do realize the economy had something to do with that). But...cartel and drugs, drugs, drugs...and the lifestyle that goes with that. Very sad.

    From our experience in CA, most are NOT hard working farm laborers as portrayed. Most make big $$$, drive nicer cars than most we know (we drive the typical F-150's, etc.), have huge parties, live off the system as a sideline (baby momma thing) and laugh their butts off at American fools who pay for it.

    Our initial place of destination was UT due to it's business friendly stance (good on corporate taxes). After researching that area we soon learned the illegals are heading up in droves up to Utah. Their crime has increased as well as their welfare. We went further north.

    I sure hope they don't infiltrate ID as well.

  • Rogue Cop posted at 9:05 pm on Tue, Oct 5, 2010.

    Rogue Cop Posts: 2371

    6M, I think you misunderstood Myers (not that it really matters). He proposed not locking up NON-violent offenders. Either way he's wrong. Too bad the it takes someone like "reensee" to come in here and try to talk some sense into the ignorant locals who can't see beyond the end of their collective noses.

    Welcome reensee. You're in friendly territory. There is a loud and uneducated minority who know nothing about the world outside of Kootenai County, but your opinions are clearly those of the majority.

  • MMMMMM posted at 8:33 pm on Tue, Oct 5, 2010.

    MMMMMM Posts: 2749

    Welcome reensee! You understand first hand the illegal alien problem. Lots of locals won't believe you though. They are a stubborn lot here and probably won't believe it until they see it with their own eyes. Many Idaho folks are sensitive about the reputation Idaho has and have gone overboard to try to correct it. They have blinders on when it comes to Mexical illegals and are quick to call others "racist" when we try to inform them.

  • Rogue Cop posted at 8:30 pm on Tue, Oct 5, 2010.

    Rogue Cop Posts: 2371

    Myers, climb down off your high horse and stop pretending to take the moral high ground. Your ignorance about criminology is the only thing that surpasses your high-minded opinion of yourself. There's no hero worship demonstrated by JoeIdaho or anyone else re: Arpaio. It's simple recognition of a man doing his job without regard for politics or political correctness.

    Don't put non-violent offenders behind bars? What do you call non-violent? Burglary...a non-violent felony. Multiple drunk driving convictions, sales of narcotics to children, auto theft, child pornography?

    If you want a seat at the table of "lively debate and discussion" about crime, check your ignorance and "hero worship" at the door.

  • MMMMMM posted at 8:29 pm on Tue, Oct 5, 2010.

    MMMMMM Posts: 2749

    Randy Myers, the reason violent criminals need to be locked up is to protect society. The reason they need to stay locked up probably for life is - - - - - to protect society.

    Violent ciminals are not "sick". They don't need treatment any more than a rattlesnake needs treatment. They are what they are.

  • 986crazy posted at 8:02 pm on Tue, Oct 5, 2010.

    986crazy Posts: 434

    Maybe we should treat illegals crossing the border as people invading our country. Wouldn't we just mow them down? If we did that, wouldn't it stop illegal immigration?

  • reensee posted at 7:00 pm on Tue, Oct 5, 2010.

    reensee Posts: 6

    We are fairly new to your area, in the process of moving a business from CA to ID (might have a few job openings, not many and not until we get completely done and established with the relocation).
    I urge you to look at the following link which appeared today in our CA papers:


    In essence, it says "Welcome to America, Illegals. Yes, we'll pay for you."

    I have witnessed first hand the destruction and loss of "quality of life" illegals brought to the state of California (lived there many, many years). It is probably something most in ID are not 'yet' familiar with. CA went from a beautiful state and excellent place to live to downright scary and dirty. I applaud ID for taking an AZ stand and saving the taxpayers money...and preserving the American way of life. This is not Mexico.

  • milburnschmidt posted at 5:26 pm on Tue, Oct 5, 2010.

    milburnschmidt Posts: 1160

    It shouldnt surprise anyone that Sheriff Joe does not shy away from publicity. He is a elected official and like all they spend much of their time getting name recognition and running for the next election cycle. The fact the media follows him around relentlessly is not his fault though he likes it.Sheriffs offices are stepping stones to other offices and sheriffs are political creatures. Im leery of those who count millions coming in or leaving the country since these are all educated guesstimates. No one really knows and numbers are fudged depending on the point of view.Most acknowledge the reduction in numbers is due to the economy and loss of jobs. I find interesting in a TV spot that the government is cracking down on those who apply for citizenship legally to make sure applicants are marrying american citizens legitamately while on the other hand giving away the keys to those who dont play by the rules. If you watch the Natl Georgraphic series Border Wars you have to admit more is being done to enforce the border by brave agents with Hi Tech equiptment. But then you read about BLM managers refusing Border patrol officers entry onto wilderness or sensitive areas claiming water in the tiretracks will ruin the enviorment. I think a fair statement would be under Obama more is being done but at the same time much more could be done and not sending caught illegals back to mexico is not solving the problem. His administration is talking out of both sides of its mouth.

  • fiepie posted at 1:33 pm on Tue, Oct 5, 2010.

    fiepie Posts: 3062

    with alaska, wash. and ore....it was 7688 in 2007. sorry

  • fiepie posted at 1:32 pm on Tue, Oct 5, 2010.

    fiepie Posts: 3062

    Of the approx. 369,000 illegals taken into custody and deported this past year, Arizona has increased their amount from about 6169 in 9-2009 to 8343 as of 6-1-10.
    Arizona has a backlog of court cases with some final hearings scheduled for 2015.
    In Wash., Ore., and Alaska 10602 were deported in 2008 up from 7688 in 2008.

    Homeland Security recently changed the process they have to follow to allow speadier deportation.

    It has been estimated that since Obama took office there has been a reduction of illegal immigrants of around one million less than prior to his taking office.

    And you say "Hussien Oblamaha's administration" is not doing it's duty...give me a break...

  • Randy Myers posted at 1:14 pm on Tue, Oct 5, 2010.

    Randy Myers Posts: 1635

    I made one comment that could be deemed "denigrating" to the sherriff. I said he is a publicity hound....the article mentioned he was quick to point out he was the "toughest in the world" not just the USA.

    I think a partial solution IS to not lock up non-violent criminals. Those who need treatment and can work surely don't need to be in a tent city. As far as illegal immigration goes...I think we have to stop bashing each other and calling each other "morons" (ala Rogue Cop) and have some lively debate and discussion. I will agree with uncle fester or whoever I think is right Joe Idaho. Even you if you weren't just following along, hero worshipping an Arizona sheriff on the basis of his reputation. What works one place wouldn't work here id for no other reason than climate.

  • MMMMMM posted at 12:21 pm on Tue, Oct 5, 2010.

    MMMMMM Posts: 2749

    Agree with you, Rogue Cop!

    - - - - -

    This guy Pena, Dem. Texas, said on the news this morning that Mexican govt. should take control of their country and border. He went on to say that the drug cartels had control right now of "every inch of the border". His request of our citizens (US) was that we quit using drugs.

    This is unbelievable!! Drug cartels can control the border but the United States cannot??????? OK OK OK, I know - the US could if our government wanted to. Why would they not want to????

    Of course Arpaio is popular. He has more cajones than the president.

  • Rogue Cop posted at 11:41 am on Tue, Oct 5, 2010.

    Rogue Cop Posts: 2371

    Arpaio is a no-nonsense, honorable guy who is doing the job he was ELECTED to do by the PEOPLE in the county he serves. Prior to being Sheriff he worked for the Feds in drug enforcement.

    I don't think he, or anybody else who has any common sense, gives a hoot in a hollow log what morons like Da Truth or uncle fester think. Arpaio isn't politically correct and that rubs the whacko libtards raw. Too bad. If the Hussein Oblahma administration did their jobs enforcing the laws they were sworn to uphold and enforce, guys like Arpaio wouldn't be standouts.

    Any sheriff or police chief who isn't doing their jobs like Arpaio should be ashamed of themselves and should surrender their badges.

  • Krisiun1 posted at 11:03 am on Tue, Oct 5, 2010.

    Krisiun1 Posts: 37

    "The Truth" apparently can't handle the truth.

  • The Truth posted at 10:48 am on Tue, Oct 5, 2010.

    The Truth Posts: 2193

    There was no doubt that this article would bring a plethora of local-yokel no-nothing comments. I'm glad to see that the response was exactly as I expected.

  • josh74 posted at 10:19 am on Tue, Oct 5, 2010.

    josh74 Posts: 30

    Really Randy? Do we not stop DWI offenders and lock them up as a matter of public safety, non violent offenders shouldn't be locked up? Federal law mandates that all illegal immigrants be detained for 6 months! Sheriff Joe's agents were trained by ICE to implement federal law and to protect Arizona citizens from the onslaught of drug traffickers who murder, rape and kidnap, a majority of which come through a porous border illegally. Get your facts straight or at least offer up some concrete solutions other than criticizing and denigrating an elected official who has been serving his 4 million constiuents for theh past 18 years. By the way, my real name is Josh but I would name my first born after a man such as Joe, full of integrity and character something sorely lacking from you. How about that weight? Where do you measure, oh that's right you don't.

  • josh74 posted at 10:06 am on Tue, Oct 5, 2010.

    josh74 Posts: 30

    "Publicity hound" Randy? Really? This man is protecting our borders against illegals who enter our country by breaking our laws. Arizona is war zone from drug traffickers kidnapping, raping and murdering law abiding US citizens and all you can say is we have to "seek other solutions for incarceration for non-violent offenders." What planet do you live on? The federal governments own sentencing guidelines for illegal immigrants when caught here is to detain them for 6 months! Sheriff Joe own officers were trained by ICE agents to enforce these laws and to do so legally. An offender is an offender! Do we not lock up some for DWI because the offender is non-violent? NO, we lock them up because they have broken the law and are a risk to public safety. Give me a break! It's appeasing progressives like you Randy that offer no concrete or rational solutions of your own but instead opt to criticize and denigrate others who get the job done LEGALLY! GO JOE!

  • fiepie posted at 10:04 am on Tue, Oct 5, 2010.

    fiepie Posts: 3062

    What he is admired for is that he uses tents, pink underwear, baloney or peanut butter sandwichs.
    If all the departments were allowed to do this it would be great. Cut cost, quit bribing people to come back to jail, etc.
    We have to many laws that offer "equal rights" and so on and use these laws to benefit the lawbreakers.

  • JoeIdaho posted at 9:38 am on Tue, Oct 5, 2010.

    JoeIdaho Posts: 2841

    Wow, I am SO insulted, Randy. I have "no weight", huh?

    Agreeing with Fester tells me all I need to know about you.

    The positive is that Sheriff Joe does a GREAT job in Arizona, good enough that he is admired across the entire country. Now, I know that doesn't carry any "weight" with you, Randy, but fact is fact.

  • Randy Myers posted at 9:25 am on Tue, Oct 5, 2010.

    Randy Myers Posts: 1635

    Of course you named yourself after him JoeIdaho. Your own name must have no weight or else you would use it.

    This fella is a publicity hound and I tend to agree with uncle fester.

    I think the positive that has come from Sherriff Joe is that it points out that we have far too many people institutionalized in the USA and need to seek other solutions rather than incarceration for non-violent offenders.

  • JoeIdaho posted at 9:05 am on Tue, Oct 5, 2010.

    JoeIdaho Posts: 2841

    I named myself after him......"Joe" is a great name.....This is a GREAT Sheriff. Illegals beware.

  • fiepie posted at 8:03 am on Tue, Oct 5, 2010.

    fiepie Posts: 3062

    sorry greyhound...2...pushed wrong button

  • fiepie posted at 8:02 am on Tue, Oct 5, 2010.

    fiepie Posts: 3062

    greyhounds...I agree with some of what you say but...since Obama has entered office we have had around one million illegals leave this country because the issue is being addressed.
    This past summer there was a farm in Washington who had to either let six hundred illegals go or face being fined by the gov. If they are found in the future with illegals in their employ they will get fined and still have to remove the illegals.
    It isn't the government not enforcing immigration laws but employers who hire these as they get cheap labor, get employees who will work at hard labor.
    Most of the border states encouraged illegals to enter this country by ignoring this employment situation.
    Even our part of the country illegals have been encouraged by being able to get employment without having to show any documentation as to residency.
    Wouldn't any of us go if we wanted work or to be able to support our families?
    We have to start with the employers and we can resolve this problem.

  • greyhound2 posted at 7:39 am on Tue, Oct 5, 2010.

    greyhound2 Posts: 897

    The Federal government which claims jurisdiction on illegal immigration, hasn't, isn't and won't enforce its own laws and works to undermine anybody who will. It is the property owners in the counties and state who get stuck subsidizing businesses which hire illegals, through the increased costs of welfare, healthcare and education.

  • josh74 posted at 7:33 am on Tue, Oct 5, 2010.

    josh74 Posts: 30

    GO JOE!!!!!! If you don't like Sheriff Joe then you or your family has never lived in Arizona!! If you did live in Arizona you would want to live under his jurisdiction and know your loved ones are safe under his watch. The DOJ can't touch this man because he is honest and what he is doing is LEGAL! Haha.

  • fiepie posted at 7:33 am on Tue, Oct 5, 2010.

    fiepie Posts: 3062

    I like some of his thoughts and ways he treats criminals, etc. but when you compare stats around the country he actually has a lower rime rate to deal with than say...
    Phoneix....5.47 violent crime rate.....Las Vegas.....9.47.......Dallas.....7.92......Philadelphia....12.38
    San Antonio....5.71....San Diego....4.51
    Some of these cities are in approx. location to the border, have influx of illegals, same type of climate yet a lower crime rate.
    Leaves room to wonder if he is doing an outstanding job or has a lower crime rate and makes it easier to deal with than perhaps....Philadelphia.
    Oh...population?...Phoenix...1 1/2 million, Las Vegas...1.3, Dallas..1.3, Philadelphia..1 1/2...San Antonio..
    1.3 and San Diego...1.3...so populations are close to same.
    Then the question...does Arizona have an outstanding illegal immigrant crime rate? Doesn't seem like it
    is any worse than California or Texas.
    Then compare to Philadelphia and one wonders is it illegals that are the problem?
    I understand illegals don't help the equation but we seem to blame a lot of our faults on those and have to wonder how much of a problem are they?
    Arpaio also had to deal with a local law where it was illegal to question one's citizenship for a few years. Am not sure if this law is still on the books or not but he has had a few lawful citizens held, jailed, because they did not have anything on them to substantiate whether they were or were not citizens.
    That falls under racial profiling. (All those held were of Mexican descent)
    Is he better or worse than our local department ...I don't think so, just gets more publicity....

  • milburnschmidt posted at 7:31 am on Tue, Oct 5, 2010.

    milburnschmidt Posts: 1160

    Certainly while most sheriffs are unknown Sheriff Joe has been elevated by a media who would like to see him torn down. Yes crime is up along the border and as Pirates now roam lake falcon.Blm land 100 miles from the border is signed as unsafe and families living on the border fear for their lives what is the justice Depts answer? It is to go after a state and sheriff that is doing what the people want to stop a flood of illegal immigrants and take them to court. Meanwhile after two years Eric Holders justice dept hasnt closed Gitmo as they promised after months of deliberation still cant decide where to try terrorists,cant bring charges against Black panthers who intimidate voters and there are signs some of the political appointees in that dept wont enforce discrimibation against whites by blacks. But have no trouble investigating a sheriff who wont stop enforcing the law. Im sure Sheriff Joe has his flaws but the crime and deteriating quality of life in AZ is not caused by him. Its easy to judge from a all white community with low crime rates the plight of folks locked in their homes with bars on the windows listening to nightly gunshots and drug gangs roaming the streets.

  • phaedrus posted at 7:10 am on Tue, Oct 5, 2010.

    phaedrus Posts: 96

    Sheriff Joe is a liar:


    "Violent crime rates are all down — statewide numbers included — except for in Maricopa County, the jurisdiction of pro-enforcement Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Crime in Arpaio’s county has gone up 58 percent since 2002,"

  • uncle fester posted at 6:50 am on Tue, Oct 5, 2010.

    uncle fester Posts: 831

    What a shock, Sheriff Joe is a right wing nut.!

  • sharetheplanet posted at 6:36 am on Tue, Oct 5, 2010.

    sharetheplanet Posts: 809


    We need someone like u in EVERY sheriffs office.

    Thank you for upholding the law.

    The AMERICAN laws.

  • Jeffrey Wherley posted at 5:37 am on Tue, Oct 5, 2010.

    Jeffrey Wherley Posts: 3969

    Keep up the good work JOE.

  • TakeBackTheUSA posted at 3:49 am on Tue, Oct 5, 2010.

    TakeBackTheUSA Posts: 765

    I don't know if he's a John Wayne type or not but I do respect and admire this guy for what he's doing. Either we have laws that count or we have anarchy. Illegals have no more right to be here than I have to walk into a bank and say 'gimme'.

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