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YOUTH SPORTS: Elks Hoop Shoot, gymnastics, AAU basketball and more

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Posted: Wednesday, January 23, 2013 12:00 am


Then there were six.

More than 4,600 kids participated in the 2012-13 Coeur d'Alene Elks Hoop Shoot at the school level. From there, more than 90 arrived at The Arena at Post Falls High School on Jan. 13 to determine who would be the six age-group representatives to the district competition.

The end result was a combination of the old and the new.

For the fifth consecutive year, Zach Mackimmie of Canfield Middle School participated in the Lodge competition. For the fourth time, Mackimmie will be advancing to the district competition in Kellogg on Saturday.

Mackimmie put together two good rounds to net 21 baskets in the boys 12-13 year old age division. Last year, in the 10-11 year old category, Mackimmie earned a trip to the national championship Hoop Shoot, only the third athlete from the Coeur d'Alene area to ever make it that far since the Hoop Shoot began in the 1970s.

There was a logjam behind Mackimmie with Logan Erny of Timberlake Junior High, Sheldon Kistler of Twin Lakes Elementary and Tanner McCliment-Call of River City Middle School tying for second with 15 made baskets out of 25.

In the tiebreaker shootoff, Erny hit all five of his shots in the first round to take second place. Kistler and McCliment-Call made three shots each and went another two rounds before third place was decided. In that round, Kistler was perfect from the line while McCliment-Call missed one.

On the girls' side of the competition, it was a duel between Ali Rollins of Canfield Middle School and Lilly Kelley of Timberlake Junior High. When Rollins ended her second round with a score of 20 out of 25, Kelley had her work cut out for her.

The 12-year-old responded, making 12 of her final 15 shots to knot the score. In the tiebreaker, Rollins was a perfect five for five. Kelley started out hitting her first three shots before missing, putting Rollins at the top of the podium.

Athol Elementary's McKeely Tonkin was third with 16 out of 25.

Tiebreakers were the order of the day in all the boys' and girls' competitions.

In the boys' 10-11 age division, Colby Gennett of Prairie View Elementary used a strong second round to eke out a one-point win over Canfield's Dylan Bengtson and Ramsey Elementary's Brayden Sundstrom. Gennett made 16 baskets.

In the tiebreaker for the runner-up spot, Bengtson found his stroke and hit all five of his shots while Sundstrom made three of five. Two years ago, Bengtson represented the Coeur d'Alene Lodge at the national championships in Massachusetts.

For the girls, Tyler McCliment-Call easily outdistanced her competition, making 14 of her shots. After a rough start, Twin Lakes' Kenzie Dean hit seven of her final 15 shots to earn second place with nine points. Halle Kane of Canfield and Bryan Elementary's Kyla Currie both made eight shots and needed two rounds of tiebreakers before Currie came out on top for third place.

The boys' 8-9 year old division was dominated by the Post Falls schools. Tyson Pottenger from Seltice Elementary won the competition with a score of 16. Close on his heels was Richie Thomas of John Brown Elementary at 14. There was a tie for third between Prairie View's Zachery Endreson and Westridge's Nick Bailey with 13 points each. Endreson started the tiebreaker, making three of his five shots. Bailey came up big in the clutch, making his first four shots to earn third place.

Atlas' Taylor Dietz won the girls' 8-9 year old age group, making 11 of 25 shots. Maya Kowatsch of Ponderosa Elementary School and Breanna Widener of Winton Elementary tied for second with eight points each. Kowatsch was one better in the tiebreaker to claim the runner-up position.

For the seventh year, the Lodge also presented the Waide Hamner "Top Gun" trophy for the best boy and girl free throw shooter, regardless of age group. For the second straight year, MacKimmie won the boys award. Rollins was tops among the girls.


The North Idaho Storm fourth-grade boys AAU basketball team posted a 4-0 record to win the Snake River Shootout last weekend in Lewiston.

The Storm beat the Moscow Lightning 30-12, Pullman Thunder 39-19 and Moscow Sharks 31-0 in pool play. In the championship game the Storm beat the Lewiston Fury 41-22.

Four-game totals: Cole Rutherford 37 points, 15 rebounds, 35 steals, 12 assists; Tommy Hauser 17 points, 12 rebounds, 21 steals, 14 assists; Kaden Cripps 16 points, 12 rebounds, 22 steals, 4 assists; Cooper Green 14 points, 6 rebounds; Nick Bailey 12 points, 4 rebounds, 6 steals; Dylan Behrens 12 points, 4 steals; Dylan Brown 9 points, 9 rebounds, 13 steals; Tyler Arnone 8 points, 6 rebounds, 9 steals, 3 assists; Marcus Butler 9 points, 8 rebounds, 9 steals; and Tyson Rutherford 7 points, 4 rebounds, 4 steals.


Avant Coeur Gymnastics started its competitive gymnastics season recently. The higher level boys competed at the University of Washington Open while higher level girls competed in Everett, Wash., at the Seattle Open during the first weekend of January.

Boys level 4/5, and Girls 3-7 and Xcel competed the second weekend in Clarkston, Wash., at the Winter Spirit Meet. Local teams captured four 1st place awards, one 2nd place award, and one 4th place award.

All Avant Coeur athletes competed the third weekend of January at the HUB Sports Center in the Spokane Valley at the Dynamic Flip Fest. Avant teams captured five 1st place awards, two 2nd place awards, and one 4th place award. Team Avant Coeur has next weekend off before attending meets in Moscow, Tacoma, and Las Vegas, as well as hosting the Great West GymFest at the Coeur d'Alene Resort in February.

January meet results follow:

Washington Open 2013, University of Washington, Jan. 5

Boys Level 5 Patrick McCarthy: AA-1st, FX-4th, PH-2nd, SR-2nd, PB-4th

Boys Level 6 Team-7th Place Jackson Scherr: AA-13th, HB-5th; Michael McCarthy: AA-16th; Nick Ancker: AA-21st;

Boys Level 8 Team-6th Place Austin Kirk: AA-8th; Mitchell McHugh: AA-4th, FX-2nd, PH-3rd, V-2nd, PB-2nd, HB-4th; Lincoln Powell: AA-5th, FX-3rd, PH-4th, SR-5th, PB-3rd; Conner Petellin: AA-2nd, FX-1st, PH-1st, SR-3rd, V-3rd, PB-1st, HB-2nd

Boys Level 9 John McCarthy: AA-1st, FX-1st, PH-1st, SR-1st, V-1st, PB-1st, HB-1st

Seattle Open 2013, Everett, Wash., Jan 5

Girls Level 8 Team-4th Place Madi Whittemore: AA-5th, V-4th; Indy Anna Hall: AA-3rd, UB-2nd, BB-5th, FX-3rd;

Amber Mallet: AA-5th, V-2nd, UB-4th; Taylor Brockhoff: AA-7th, V-5th, UB-3rd; Danielle Lawson: AA-3rd, V-1st, UB-5th, BB-2nd, FX-5th; Kiandra Carpenter: AA-7th

Girls Level 9 Team-3rd Place Tessa DePasquale: AA-7th, UB-4th; Zoey Larue: AA-8th; Kyra McFeely: AA-9th;

Courtney Cutting: AA-5th, UB-5th, FX-4th

Girls Level 10 Hannah Wolf: AA-2nd, V-1st, UB-3rd, BB-2nd, FX-2nd

Winter Spirit 2013, Clarkston, Wash., Jan. 11-13

Boys Level 4/5 Team-1st Place Taiven Albright, Level 4: AA-2nd, FX-2nd, PH-5th, SR-2nd, V-1st, PB-2nd, HB-1st;

Will Park, Level 4: AA-3rd, FX-3rd, PH-3rd, SR-3rd, V-2nd, PB-3rd, HB-2 nd; Siors Miller, Level 4: AA-4th, PH-2nd, V-3rd, PB-4th, HB-3rd; Dylin Kvitek, Level 4: AA-1st, FX-1st, PH-1st, SR-1st, V-1st, PB-2 nd; Bryan Frantz, Level 4: AA-3rd, FX-3rd, SR-4th, V-5th, PB-1st, HB-1st; Chandler Goodson, Level 4: AA-5th, SR-2nd, V-3rd, HB-3rd; John Henke, Level 4: AA-4th, FX-3rd, PH-5th, SR-5th, V-1st, PB-1st, HB-2 nd; Caden Severtson, Level 5: AA-1st, FX-1st, PH-1st, SR-1st, V-1st, PB-1st, HB-1st; Cody Bancroft, Level 5: AA-2nd, FX-2nd, PH-3rd, SR-4th, V-2nd, PB-2nd, HB-2nd; Quentin Foster, Level 5: AA-3rd, FX-3rd, PH-2nd, SR-2nd, V-3rd, PB-3rd, HB-3 rd; Conner Fulks, Level 5: AA-1st, FX-2nd, PH-1st, SR-1st, V-1st, PB-2nd, HB-1st; Porter Howard, Level 5: AA-2nd, FX-1st, PH-3rd, SR-2nd, V-2nd, PB-3rd, HB-2nd

Girls Level 3 Team-1st Place Kahlan Davis: AA-1st, V-1st, UB-1st, BB-2nd, FX-1st; Macy Uemoto: AA-2nd, V-4th, UB-2nd, BB-1st, FX-1st; Maiya Terry: AA-3rd, V-2nd, UB-3rd, BB-4th, FX-2nd; Kirstyn Edelblute, Level 3: AA-4th, V-3rd, UB-4th, BB-3rd, FX-3rd

Girls Level 4 Team-4th Place Sierra Holt: AA-5th, V-3rd, BB-3rd, FX-3rd; Rileigh Halsted: AA-8th; Jaclyn Paterson: AA-7th, V-3rd; Bailey Chasten: AA-5th, V-4th, BB-1st, FX-5th; Berkley Owens: AA-5th, V-1st, BB-5th; Taylor Torgeson: AA-6th, BB-2nd; Elizabeth Nelson: AA-7th, V-5th, UB-3rd, BB-2nd; Amber Veneroso: AA-9th

Girls Level 5 Team-1st Place Riley Sheets: AA-1st, V-4th, UB-3rd, BB-3rd, FX-1st; Braylyn Peterson: AA-4th, V-1st; Katelyn Zastrow: AA-8th; Brianna Priest: AA-1st, V-3rd, UB-1st, BB-1st, FX-3rd; Faith Khoma: AA-2nd, V-1st, UB-2nd, BB-2nd, FX-1st; Riley Torgerson: AA-3rd, V-5th, UB-3rd, BB-3rd; Shaylin DePasquale: AA-7th, V-4th; Danielle Santerno: AA-1st, V-2nd, UB-2nd, BB-2nd, FX-1st; Caitlin Scarola: AA-4th, V-5th, UB-3rd, BB-5th, FX-5th; Allie Mathes, Level 5: AA-3rd, UB-2nd, BB-3rd, FX-2nd; Brianna Norberg: AA-10th, V-5th; Tegan Uemoto: AA-5th, V-5th, UB-4th, BB-4th; Bethany Frey: AA-6th, UB-3rd, FX-4th; Alexyn Brenneman: AA-8th, BB-2nd; Hannah Snow: AA-8th

Girls Level 6 Samantha Snow: AA-6th, V-1st, UB-4th, FX-3rd

Girls Xcel Gold Team - 1st Place Kaytlyn Brenneman: AA-1st, V-4th, UB-1st, BB-1st, FX-4th; Katie Nungesser: AA-1st, V-3rd, UB-2nd, BB-1st, FX-1st; Mallory Lunceford: AA-3rd, V-1st, UB-4th, BB-2nd, FX-3rd

Girls Level 7 Team-2nd Place Mckenzie Roth: AA-7th, V-4th, BB-5th, FX-3rd; Abby Quigley: AA-2nd, V-2nd, UB-4th, BB-4th, FX-3rd; Tyler Priddy: AA-6th, BB-5th, FX-4th; Wendi Fencl: AA-1st, V-2nd, UB-1st, BB-1st, FX-4th; Tara Dittman: AA-6th, V-2nd, UB-4th, FX-4th; Elliana Kirk: AA-3rd, UB-3rd, BB-2nd; Mauren Rouse: AA-5th, V-3rd, UB-4th, BB-5th, FX-5th; Mackenzie Walton: AA-9th, V-4th, BB-1st, FX-2nd; Julie Lindquist: AA-5th, V-5th; Abigail Peightal: AA-5th, UB-3rd; Isabelle Tafoya: AA-6th, V-1st, UB-3rd, FX-1st

Girls Level 8 Kiandra Carpenter: AA-3rd, V-3rd, UB-4th, BB-4th, FX-1st

Dynamic Flip Fest 2013, Jan. 18-20

Boys Level 4/5 Team-1st Place Chandler Goodson, Level 4: AA-2nd, PH-4th, SR-2nd, V-2nd, PB-4th; Bryan Frantz, Level 4: AA-2nd, FX-1st, SR-3rd, PB-3rd, HB-1st; Taiven Albright, Level 4: AA-5th, FX-5th, PH-2nd; Will Park, Level 4: AA-8th, FX-2nd, PH-5th; Siors Miller, Level 4: AA-9th, PH-3rd, HB-5th; Dylin Kvitek, Level 4: AA-1st, FX-1st, PH-1st, SR-1st, V-3rd, PB-1st, HB-2nd; John Henke, Level 4: AA-1st, FX-1st, PH-1st, SR-1st, V-1st, PB-1st, HB-1st; Caden Severtson, Level 5: AA-1st, FX-1st, PH-1st, SR-1st, V-1st, PB-1st, HB-1 st; Cody Bancroft, Level 5: AA-2nd, FX-3rd, PH-2nd, SR-3rd, V-4th, PB-2nd, HB-2nd; Quentin Foster, Level 5: AA-3rd, FX-2nd, PH-3rd, SR-2nd, V-3rd, PB-3rd, HB-4th; Patrick McCarthy, Level 5: AA-1st, FX-1st, PH-3rd, SR-1st, V-5th, PB-1st, HB-1st; Conner Fulks, Level 5: AA-2nd, FX-4th, PH-2nd, SR-2nd, V-2nd, PB-1st, HB-2 nd; Porter Howard, Level 5: AA-4th, FX-5th, PH-5th, SR-3rd, V-1st, PB-4th, HB-4th

Boys Level 6 and Up Team-1st Place Jackson Scherr, Level 6: AA-1st, FX-1st, PH-1st, SR-1st, V-1st, PB-3rd, HB-1st; Michael McCarthy, Level 6: AA-1st, FX-1st, PH-1st, SR-3rd, V-1st, PB-1st, HB-2 nd; Nick Ancker, Level 6: AA-3rd, FX-3rd, PH-3rd, SR-2nd, V-3rd, PB-3rd, HB-3rd; Conner Petellin, Level 8: AA-1st, FX-1st, PH-1st, SR-1st, V-2nd, PB-4th, HB-1st; Austin Kirk, Level 8: AA-2nd, FX-2nd, PH-1st, SR-4th, V-4th, PB-2nd, HB-4 th; Lincoln Powell, Level 8: AA-4th, FX-3rd, PH-3rd, SR-3rd, PB-5th, HB-3rd; John McCarthy, Level 9: AA-2nd, FX-2nd, PH-1st, SR-1st, V-2nd, PB-2nd, HB-2nd

Girls Level 3 Team-1st Place Kahlan Davis: AA-1st, V-1st, UB-2nd, BB-2nd, FX-1st; Maiya Terry: AA-11th, FX-1st; Macy Uemoto: AA-3rd, UB-4th, BB-1st, FX-5th; Kirstyn Edelblute: AA-8th, BB-2nd; Mackenzie Goings: AA-2nd, V-5th, UB-3rd; Paisley Goings: AA-13th, UB-5th

Girls Level 4 Team-2nd Place Sierra Holt: AA-2nd, V-2nd, UB-2nd, BB-4th, FX-4th; Bailey Chasten: AA-5th, V-8th, UB-10th, BB-3rd, FX-4th; Jaclyn Paterson: AA-7th, V-3rdFX-5th; Lily Hollibaugh: AA-12th, V-4th; Madison Ramirez: AA-4th, V-3rd, UB-2nd, FX-5th; Rileigh Halsted: AA-10th; Elizabeth Nelson: AA-8th, UB-1st; Amber Veneroso: AA-9th; Taylor Torgeson: AA-4th, UB-4th, BB-4th; Berkley Owens: AA-3rd, V-1st, BB-2nd, FX-4th; Katelyn Zastrow: AA-13th

Girls Level 5 Team-4th Place Hannah Snow: AA-9th, V-3rd; Alexyn Brenneman: AA-8th, V-5th; Shaylin DePasquale: AA-12th; Bethany Frey: AA-6th, FX-3rd; Riley Torgerson: AA-10th; Caitlin Scarola: AA-7th, V-8th, UB-3rd, FX-5th; Tegan Uemoto: AA-3rd, UB-4th, BB-2nd, FX-5th; Brianna Priest: AA-5th, V-4th, UB-4th; Braylyn Peterson: AA-11th, V-5th; Danielle Santerno: AA-10th; Allie Mathes, Level 5: AA-7th, UB-5th, BB-4th; Riley Sheets: AA-6th, UB-5th; Faith Khoma: AA-4th, V-3rd, UB-3rd, FX-2nd; Madilynn Bailey: AA-9th; Brianna Norberg: AA-10th, V-3rd

Girls Xcel Gold Team-1st Place Mauren Rouse: AA-2nd, V-3rd, UB-6th, BB-3rd, FX-1st; Mallory Lunceford: AA-1st, UB-3rd, BB-5th, FX-1st; Samantha Snow: AA-1st, V-1st, UB-5th, BB-2nd, FX-1st; Kaytlyn Brenneman: AA-1st, UB-1st, BB-1st, FX-3rd

Girls Level 7 Team-2nd Place Elliana Kirk: AA-6th, UB-5th; Tara Dittman: AA-5th, V-2nd; Isabelle Tafoya: AA-2nd, V-4th, UB-1st, BB-5th, FX-3rd; Wendi Fencl: AA-1st, V-2nd, UB-3rd, BB-4th; Mackenzie Walton: AA-7th, V-5th, BB-2nd, FX-2nd; Julie Lindquist: AA-5th, UB-5th, BB-3rd, FX-6th; Tyler Priddy: AA-10th; Abigail Peightal: AA-3rd, V-4th, UB-5th, BB-1st; Abby Quigley: AA-3rd, V-2nd, UB-3rd, BB-4th, FX-2nd; Mckenzie Roth: AA-9th, BB-3rd

Girls Level 8-10 Team-1st Place Danielle Lawson, Level 8: AA-1st, V-1st, UB-3rd, BB-1st, FX-3rd; Kiandra Carpenter, Level 8: AA-5th, V-6th, UB-5th, BB-4th, FX-2nd; Madi Whittemore, Level 8: AA-1st, V-1st, UB-1st, BB- 1st, FX-1st; Taylor Brockhoff, Level 8: AA-4th, V-3rd, BB-3rd, FX-4th; Amber Mallet, Level 8: AA-2nd, V-1st, UB-4th, BB-1st, FX-2nd; Kyra McFeely, Level 9: AA-2nd, V-3rd, UB-4th, BB-1st, FX-1st; Ashlyn Smith, Level 9: AA-2nd, V-2nd, UB-2nd, BB-2nd, FX-3rd; Tessa DePasquale, Level 9: AA-4th, V-5th, UB-3rd, BB-5th, FX-4th; Zoey Larue, Level 9: AA-1st, V-1st, UB-1st, BB-2nd, FX-2nd


Hayden Little League baseball signups are under way at All players new and returning must register online. All children new to the league must bring an original birth certificate and three proofs of residency to one of the scheduled registration walk-ups.

Walk-up registration dates and locations for new registrants are as follows:

Saturday, 10 a.m. to noon at Hayden City Hall;

Thursday, Feb. 7, 6 to 8 p.m. at Hayden Public Library;

Saturday, Feb. 23 10 a.m. to noon at Hayden City Hall;

Those who register online before Feb. 28 will receive an early bird discount.


Boys age 9-10 are invited to try out for a Coeur d'Alene baseball team to play in the Pony League. Tryout is Saturday at 9 a.m. at 1007 N. Boulder Court, Post Falls.

Information: Mike Pierce, 704-2741; Coby Langley, 818-7359.


Sunset Bowling Center


HIGH GAMES - Garrett Boyce 233, Dylan Lunsford 215, Isaiah Martinez 205.

HIGH SERIES - Garrett Boyce 621, Dylan Lunsford 542, Dan Vanderhoff 535.

HIGH GAMES - Chelsie Delcomte 199, Robyn Prescott 170, Satira McGlathery 159.

HIGH SERIES - Satira McGlathery 443, Natalee Findley 440, Robyn Prescott 433.

HIGH GAMES - Matthew Seymour 155, Daniel Pahl 131, Kameron Morgan 123.

HIGH SERIES - Matthew Seymour 394, Kameron Morgan 338, Daniel Pahl 333.

HIGH GAMES - Shaynie Montee 178, Dinah Seymour 151.

HIGH SERIES - Shaynie Montee 385, Dinah Seymour 399.


HIGH GAMES - Shaun Toles 138, Jacob Campbell 78, Noah Wells 71.

HIGH SERIES - Shaun Toles 217, Jacob Campbell, Noah Wells 127.

HIGH GAMES - Kylie Duhamel 78, Kylee Morgan 71, Charlotte Leach 58.

HIGH SERIES - Kylie Duhamel 141, Kylee Morgan 118, Charlotte Leach 113.

River City Lanes

Jan. 19


HIGH GAMES - Mackenzie Tucker 76, 62.

HIGH SERIES - Mackenzie Tucker 138, Ellie Powell 107.

HIGH GAMES - Aidan Carlson 117, 110.

HIGH SERIES - Aidan Carlson 227, Trevor Cord 187.

HIGH GAMES - Tannis Iversen 98, Hailey Howard 78.

HIGH SERIES - Tannis Iversen 228, Hailey Howard 213.

HIGH GAMES - Cassidy Peacock 172, 158.

HIGH SERIES - Cassidy Peacock 474, Logan Eddings 372.


HIGH GAMES - Miya McClellan 168, 145.

HIGH SERIES - Miya McClellan 456, Tanisha Parent 393.

HIGH GAMES - Anthony Huck 212, Joey Smith 193.

HIGH SERIES - Anthony Huck 519, Joey Smith 474.

Jan. 12


HIGH GAMES - Ellie Powell 84, 62.

HIGH SERIES - Ellie Powell 146, Katelyn Moylan 89.

HIGH GAMES - Aidan Carlson 127, Trevor Cord 101.

HIGH SERIES - Aidan Carlson 219, Trevor Cord 179.

HIGH GAMES - Tannis Iversen 95, 92.

HIGH SERIES - Tannis Iversen 275, Naleah McClellan 228.

HIGH GAMES - Neal Huber 134, Cassidy Peacock 127.

HIGH SERIES - Neal Huber 375, Skyler Huber 342.


HIGH GAMES - Savahnnah Stocker 182, 175.

HIGH SERIES - Savahnnah Stocker 532, Shaylynn Ramsey 391.

HIGH GAMES - Aaron Smith 233, Joey Smith 221.

HIGH SERIES - Joey Smith 632, Aaron Smith 513.

Jan. 5


HIGH GAMES - Ellie Powell 58, 54.

HIGH SERIES - Ellie Powell 112, Mackenzie Tucker 88.

HIGH GAMES - Aidan Carlson 90, Justin McKenna 79.

HIGH SERIES - Aidan Carlson 161, Justin McKenna 135.

HIGH GAMES - Tannis Iversen 120, Naleah McClellan 103.

HIGH SERIES - Tannis Iversen 299, Naleah McClellan 274.

HIGH GAMES - Cassidy Peacock 155, 138.

HIGH SERIES - Cassidy Peacock 421, Logan Eddings 345.


HIGH GAMES - Savahnnah Stocker 175, Tanisha Parent 170.

HIGH SERIES - Savahnnah Stocker 458, Miya McClellan 424.

HIGH GAMES - Joey Smith 226, Aaron Smith 178, Brennen Postal 178.

HIGH SERIES - Joey Smith 526, Brennan Postal 520.

Submit items for youth and non-varsity high school sports by noon Tuesday for publication Wednesday. Email stories and photos (in .jpg format) to

Information: 664-8176, Ext. 2019

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