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Posted: Sunday, March 24, 2013 12:00 am

It wasn't too hard to figure out why Steve Adams won election to the Coeur d'Alene City Council. He barreled into office on a mighty wave powered by anti-McEuen Park voters galvanized by Kootenai County Reagan Republicans.

But even some onlookers who questioned Adams' aptitude for such a big job rationalized that all in all, he would be good for the community precisely because he was a political outsider. He would ask tough questions and perhaps address issues from a fresh perspective - one that wasn't in lockstep with the existing council.

After almost a year and a half of on-the-job training, the Adams saga just gets weirder. It reached a low-water mark last week in yet another heated debate over the city's wastewater treatment plan, this time a post-meeting whizzing match first with City Attorney Mike Gridley and then with Mayor Sandi Bloem.

Bad words, pointy fingers and clenched fists all reportedly were wielded. Feelings ended up being the only articles that were actually bruised in the final act of this particular high schoolish drama, but some very real concerns are emerging among the electorate. When it comes to ideology vs. policy, is Adams just playing devil's advocate, or is he actually the devil?

We do not mean that literally, of course. But when Adams agrees to support the city's approach to a daunting and frighteningly expensive federal mandate to clean up its water, and at the last minute, standing before a judge, runs the opposite direction, what are citizens to think? Time and time again, Adams has made it clear that he will reject anything with a District of Columbia return address on it. Unfortunately, it's therefore clear that he will oppose it even if it's in his constituents' best interests to accept it.

We encourage Councilman Adams to ask tough questions and to be willing to take unpopular stances on matters where he has demonstrable expertise. But we respectfully ask that on issues involving federal or state interaction, he remember that he's representing 45,000 Coeur d'Alene citizens, not a handful of bitter ideologues who feed him their agenda because they don't have the clout to conquer the city themselves.

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  • NAS4AH2 posted at 2:27 pm on Tue, May 7, 2013.

    NAS4AH2 Posts: 71

    is Adams just playing devil's advocate, or is he actually the devil?

    Nope that's me!

  • LTRLTR posted at 6:38 pm on Fri, Mar 29, 2013.

    LTRLTR Posts: 1171

    Randy: In case you missed it read the Spokesmans DFO blog comments regarding "City To Seek Sewer Expansion Vote"
    Posted by DFO
    March 29, 2013 8:48 a.m. • 28 comments

    Nasty, nasty, nasty, If a commenter has opposing questions, DFO threatens the cooler. You really find his blog attractive?

  • Randy Myers posted at 9:28 pm on Thu, Mar 28, 2013.

    Randy Myers Posts: 1635

    Please note the number of removed comments as evidence.

  • LTRLTR posted at 4:55 pm on Thu, Mar 28, 2013.

    LTRLTR Posts: 1171

    Randy, You just revealed yourself with your 12:28 reply to concerned citizen. It appears that you do flip-flop complaining about the tone of comments and than come across defensive in your remarks?

    No I am not picking on you. Just really confused why you think you are the target of spew?

  • Randy Myers posted at 12:28 pm on Thu, Mar 28, 2013.

    Randy Myers Posts: 1635

    "appear" being the key word. I am pretty sure that I am consistent belief -wise everywhere. It's one reason I don't post anonymously cc. I may be a bit more defensive here as i am more likely to be the target of spew.

  • Randy Myers posted at 12:25 pm on Thu, Mar 28, 2013.

    Randy Myers Posts: 1635

    Haven't read the Idaho constitution except fragments cc. I definitely support the Constitution of the United States of America

  • concernedcitizen posted at 5:02 pm on Wed, Mar 27, 2013.

    concernedcitizen Posts: 2530

    I have a question for you. Do you believe in the Idaho State Constitution? Simple yes or no.

  • concernedcitizen posted at 4:36 pm on Wed, Mar 27, 2013.

    concernedcitizen Posts: 2530

    I've read your posts over there Randy. It appears you, like DFO, only want people that agree with and will laugh with you. You appear to flip flop a little in your beliefs between here and there.

  • Jeffrey Wherley posted at 2:31 am on Wed, Mar 27, 2013.

    Jeffrey Wherley Posts: 3969

    I don't see any name calling. If you do you're still on those wrong drugs, or UP the Dosage boy, up the dosage :)

  • IAMWOMAN posted at 7:14 pm on Tue, Mar 26, 2013.

    IAMWOMAN Posts: 56

    Mr. Patrick - there are more than a handful of disgruntled CDA citizens displeased with the shenigans of how the city administrators/council/lcdc.

    Mr. Adams is doing his job. I think he IS listening to his constituency. We need representation by people more interested in the good of the community, and less interested in the personal monterary profits they stand to gain.

    Be mindful of who you vote for in the next city election. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

  • LTRLTR posted at 4:47 pm on Tue, Mar 26, 2013.

    LTRLTR Posts: 1171


    In case you missed it, here is the latest from your buddy for at your feel safe site:

    "BTW, Randy, I've been meaning to give you a H/T for battling the trolls in the Coeur d'Alene Press Online comments"

    "Sara MeyerRecalls aren't fun and I really hope that it doesn't become a yearly thing in CdA. DFO Staff Member: I agree, Sara. I was simply poking a stick in a hornet's nest."

    BREAKING NEWS: DFO likes to stir the hornets nest. Is he the ONE causing divisions in our community?

    Nice guy that DFO is NOT.

  • LTRLTR posted at 4:17 pm on Tue, Mar 26, 2013.

    LTRLTR Posts: 1171

    Remember the cartoon that DFO posted showing President Obama sticking a rifle in his mouth?

    Guess what happened? Nothing because his supporters give him the okay. Are you part of his club?

  • LTRLTR posted at 4:11 pm on Tue, Mar 26, 2013.

    LTRLTR Posts: 1171

    I am sorry Randy Meyers but I don't understand your point at 11?54 a.m. What did Wherley or DeNiles say that was so offending?

    The above editorial was disgusting. Don't you agree?

  • Timeless posted at 10:59 am on Tue, Mar 26, 2013.

    Timeless Posts: 480

    LT Realtor:
    The word "buckwheat" was simply an observant commenter relaying the verbiage on a bumper sticker she saw in Cda. That same vehicle also had another bumper sticker that said " Republican Women Make Good Leaders, You are following One Now"
    Was that your vehicle LTRLTR?

  • LTRLTR posted at 8:46 am on Tue, Mar 26, 2013.

    LTRLTR Posts: 1171

    Randy: Regarding your comment "Actually concerned citizen there is no name calling at HBO", i have provided some recent comments you missed reading over at the Huck site.

    " "Buckwheat".

    she thought he was an ignorant $#@f

    What a whiner


    posting an inappropriate comment (I called Councilman Adams a "moron"

    dysfunctional folks

    is a dumb,little troll,

  • Jeffrey Wherley posted at 8:29 am on Tue, Mar 26, 2013.

    Jeffrey Wherley Posts: 3969

    And none of the police were either around enough to know something was happening or refusing to do their job and protecting an elected official from an Assault from an out of control citizen. Seems like since a call to 911 happened an Assault, as defined in Idaho code 18-901(b), was in progress.

    Verbal Assault Law - It is unlawful to threaten by word or act to do violence to a person or persons. The law forbids the use of intentional threat to place fear in another person to the point that they believe they are in danger of harm (Idaho Code 18-901 and 18-902). A person convicted of this form of assault or battery can be fined up to $300 and serve up to 90 days in jail. (KCTFHR definition)

    18-901. ASSAULT DEFINED. An assault is:
    (a) An unlawful attempt, coupled with apparent ability, to commit a violent injury on the person of another; or
    (b) An intentional, unlawful threat by word or act to do violence to the person of another, coupled with an apparent ability to do so, and doing some act which creates a well-founded fear in such other person that such violence is imminent. (Leaving to place the call, as you suggest, would end the imminent possibility and the Emergency, I would have placed the cal while he was assaulting me, and let them record it on the 911 tape.)

  • DeNiles posted at 7:59 am on Tue, Mar 26, 2013.

    DeNiles Posts: 2450

    Wandy, you are so easily duped that it makes others cringe to witness such folly.

    HBO, where the paid moderator defines the topics, directs the conversation and edits the responses. And you are so naive that you think that this is some form of free speech and civil at that.

    You are a cheap bought pawn, a court jester used at the behest of others to facilitate and drive their agendas. You do not participate on HBO. You get -directed- at HBO. And the moment you do not serve the purposes at HBO, you get kicked off the website.

  • concernedcitizen posted at 6:14 am on Tue, Mar 26, 2013.

    concernedcitizen Posts: 2530


    You were not there. Neither was I. If someone got all up in my face with red face and blood veins bulging, yelling at me I would definitely call 911 as well. These people think they are above the law. Remember the story of kennedy pounding on someones HOME door because of a difference of opinion? Right or wrong the venom spewed over here is a direct result of the way the people are treated. Let me reiterate, I am in no way condoning but it all starts with the way one is treated. The powers that be think they are above even the law or ARE the law. I think Adams handled it correctly and with class instead of getting into a p!$$!ng match with the mayors henchman.

  • concernedcitizen posted at 8:08 pm on Mon, Mar 25, 2013.

    concernedcitizen Posts: 2530


    The name calling is horrendous over there. DFO also deletes any that he does not agree with or anyone that does not agree with him. At least you get a difference of opinion here whether you like it or not and ten times the posts. The more posts the more chance of different viewpoints. Why do you think mikey and other IDAHO political figures only post over their? Is that what you like, delete all who don't agree?

  • LTRLTR posted at 7:43 pm on Mon, Mar 25, 2013.

    LTRLTR Posts: 1171

    Randy Meyers: The community has been watching the city attorney become more and more aggressive over the last couple of years.

    Have you noticed how his face has changed during this time too?

    Anyone who can not control his angry in the court room or in the council chambers is increasingly becoming a risk to everyone around him.

    Normally when people call 911 they are scared of what has just happened or what may happen. I believe Councilman Adams was fearful at the time. Mike Gridley is a big guy and if he was leaning into Councilman Adams it can be very uncomfortable situation.

  • LTRLTR posted at 4:50 pm on Mon, Mar 25, 2013.

    LTRLTR Posts: 1171

    OH I see. Randy has joined that name calling crowd over at the Hucks site.

    Funny, it was not long ago, he was complaining about how awful the Cda. Press commenter were. LOL

    Randy Meyers post 4 week ago......"Nice attempt at deflection Brent. We are talking North Idaho here. Last I heard Sen. Byrd wasn't around here. It's true that there are racists in all political parties. I was just pointing out the seeming correlation between Republicans and North Idaho racists.'

  • LTRLTR posted at 4:43 pm on Mon, Mar 25, 2013.

    LTRLTR Posts: 1171

    Randy Meyers:

    What is it about Councilman's Adams 911 call that bothers you?

    I would of called for assistance too, if City Attorney Gridley was in my face. It sounds as Gridley was out of control and Adams was using his citizen rights.

    It's really strange that you have teamed up with those DFO folks who are constantly calling people racists and radical left wingers (or right). Why are you so attracted to the name calling, trouble causing people who fail to dig for the truth?

  • LTRLTR posted at 1:11 pm on Mon, Mar 25, 2013.

    LTRLTR Posts: 1171

    Cda. Press:

    Your comment "not a handful of bitter ideologues who feed him their agenda because they don't have the clout to conquer the city themselves." is very ugly and does not represent our community at all.

    Your comment is vicious, bitter, anti-american.

  • libertybell316 posted at 9:59 am on Mon, Mar 25, 2013.

    libertybell316 Posts: 6

    This article is another clear example of an uneducated group incapable of comprehending the most basic of laws and clear English language.

    "After almost a year and a half of on-the-job training" - I am amazed that you question a business owners capabilities to perform this job. I laugh at your attempts to make him sound like an imbecile when clearly he has read the constitution and correctly questioned the direction the city was taking without the vote of the people. Put down your crayons and read the constitution yourself – note section VIII would be a good part to start if it is too voluminous for you to get through.

    "a handful of bitter ideologues who feed him their agenda because they don't have the clout to conquer the city themselves." - Again, another wonder bend by the paper showing a complete lack of comprehension of what the ELECTED OFFICIALS job responsibility is. Regardless of city, county, state or federal issue, his responsibility is to represent the residents of CDA. I think there is no better representation than on those things that we LEGALLY have the right to vote upon, to allow us to vote. That is all Mr. Adams is working to do.

  • Timeless posted at 9:32 am on Mon, Mar 25, 2013.

    Timeless Posts: 480

    Hey Julie Clark, just admit that your wave of voters, voted in a bozo.

  • JClark posted at 8:20 am on Mon, Mar 25, 2013.

    JClark Posts: 91

    Hey Mr. Editorial Man.... Mr. Adams was elected by a wave of Voters bullied out of a Public Vote on a project on Public land . They were bullied out of this vote by those WITH the clout to conquer Coeurd'Alene....the "we" you refer to in your nasty article.

  • Jeffrey Wherley posted at 3:56 am on Mon, Mar 25, 2013.

    Jeffrey Wherley Posts: 3969

    Wow, ZIGGY! You hit it square on the nose.

    "CdA has no choice at all."

    And unless it comes to a public vote, and the people of this city are forced to see the tyrannical Governance they are living under from the EPA. Some will never see it, till it is too late. A vote forces them to look, that is why tyrants like your mayor doesn't like that votes, Tyrants fear transparency of a public debate.

    The only problem with your comment, is you ACCEPT that the loss of any CHOICE is OK. That is really truly SAD. The people of the city do have a choice, the can fight it to the supreme court, EPA cases that have gone that far, have all been thrown out and the EPA has been left screaming. But I doubt the citizen of CDA have the courage follow in the steps of others that have stood up and said NO, WE WILL NOT PAY YOU CRUEL and CAPRICIOUS FINES!

    Weak local and state leadership are the only true power the EPA holds, it is an Unconstitutional Regulatory organization, and is only able to exist through lack of people standing against it.

  • Jeffrey Wherley posted at 3:28 am on Mon, Mar 25, 2013.

    Jeffrey Wherley Posts: 3969

    Wow, 911 recording. Amazing, isn't funny how you bullies always spread around 911 recordings to try and attack the character of victims that find it unnecessary to, in times of extreme situations call for police assistance? Just shows how despicable you losers over there at HBO are. I have seen losers like HBO try to get people to drop charges out of embarrassment from playing 911 tapes over and over, it's like in the old days attacking the character of a rape victim by saying she deserved it for wearing short shirts. 911 calls rarely make the caller sound good, that's why it is always the preps that try to use them.

    Nothing I have read from the press, has said anything about pointing fingers in peoples faces, but fists and faces, name calling and yelling, all seem to be coming from the 2 wackjobs (Mayor and Attorney) attacking the representative of 1/5 of your cities population.

  • boohoo2U posted at 9:19 pm on Sun, Mar 24, 2013.

    boohoo2U Posts: 406

    Remember the Three Mikeys are but hirelings of the elite. Each be flushed when no longer needed.
    I can almost hear the echo of two flushes shortly after the new year installations of aspiring righteous representatives.

  • boohoo2U posted at 9:13 pm on Sun, Mar 24, 2013.

    boohoo2U Posts: 406

    Spokane's TMDL needs to be set at 50% of the load that comes across the dam. Kaiser and Avista still have skeletons leaching into the river. Spokane needs to clean up its act then teach us how to do it cost effectively.

  • concernedcitizen posted at 7:11 pm on Sun, Mar 24, 2013.

    concernedcitizen Posts: 2530

    I have to agree with Spikey and JW It was gridley and the mayor that were unprofessional.This is a sad and disappointing piece of biased garbage.

  • Spikey posted at 2:49 pm on Sun, Mar 24, 2013.

    Spikey Posts: 376

    arrrgh! This is all nut case looney tunes cocoa puff small town embarrassments. Both pro and con. Mike, a good editorial until you decided to describe those you disagree with as "bitter ideologues". I need a glass of wine and a good book to restore reality.

  • Jeffrey Wherley posted at 1:40 pm on Sun, Mar 24, 2013.

    Jeffrey Wherley Posts: 3969

    WOW, Mike.

    That was the most moronic piece of vilifying and Slanderous tripe I think you have ever wrote.

    So far I have yet to hear of any "high schoolish drama" coming from Mr Adams. Every Bit of the "Bad words, pointy fingers and clenched fists" that were "all reportedly were wielded" were done by your Childish Mayor and askholish City Attorney. This fact that you try to portray as being done by Mr Adams, by omitting who actually did them, is your Slanderous tripe. With your context being all about your view of Mr Adams being unworthy, your omission of the 'who dun it' facts, implies it was him.

    If you think he is wrong, fine. But DON'T LIE and make a RICHARD out of yourself.

  • DeNiles posted at 1:38 pm on Sun, Mar 24, 2013.

    DeNiles Posts: 2450

    Graceful? So the 3 of you go ballroom dancing together? Were you born with that crusty brown nose Randy? Seriously I do hope you are getting something for selling your soul.

  • Ziggy posted at 1:18 pm on Sun, Mar 24, 2013.

    Ziggy Posts: 1229

    The Press is right on this one. CdA has no choice at all. They must upgrade their sewer system because of the Spokane River TMDL and Long Lake. You can rail against federal laws but hey, you live in the USA, and you have to obey them. The EPA can and will levy a $35,000 fine per day against CdA if they do not comply.
    What Mr. Adams did is cost the city taxpayers an extra $60,000 or so to hold an election. If the people vote the bond issue down, which I would hope they will not as that would be shooting themselves squarely in the foot, then their sewer bills will be doubled. Spokane is looking at the same thing, as are Rathdrum, Hayden, and Post Falls. Hayden and Post Falls seem to be ahead of the curve with Spokane lagging behind as usual.
    Idaho got the best deal it could. It is a better deal than came out in the original iteration. Now is the time for everyone to upgrade to meet the TMDL. As I said, there is no choice here.

  • boohoo2U posted at 12:27 pm on Sun, Mar 24, 2013.

    boohoo2U Posts: 406

    Three waves: SD271, City Council and the big one to come: November Mayoral.

    Then it will be four to three in favor of Local Representation. Probably won't matter much with contracts already signed and the fall of the dollar making them meaningless.

  • LibrulLizard posted at 10:36 am on Sun, Mar 24, 2013.

    LibrulLizard Posts: 102

    Nicely said. I guess the Press has some redeeming and community minded opinions after all.

  • Adamsfly posted at 9:20 am on Sun, Mar 24, 2013.

    Adamsfly Posts: 46

    Mary Mary quite contrary......what do you think of your largest customer's editorial?

  • CHSdad posted at 7:52 am on Sun, Mar 24, 2013.

    CHSdad Posts: 380

    So DeNiles, do you support Adams' determination to cost the CDA tax payers more money than is necessary?

  • DeNiles posted at 6:29 am on Sun, Mar 24, 2013.

    DeNiles Posts: 2450

    I can see Mike Patrick in his Mayor Bloem cheer leading outfit, pom-poms and all. In his nose, a ring attached to a chain leash with two handles. Hagadone has one, the Mayor the other. Dance Mikey dance! Give us a cheer, bolster the unscrupulous, and keep your pathetic job and Sholeh too.

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