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ARCHES: Riverstone hurt by McDonald’s

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Posted: Wednesday, October 30, 2013 12:00 am

I was dismayed and disappointed to see the new McDonald’s emerge at a highly visible location in the taxpayer-subsidized Riverstone development.

What an incredible lack of foresight. Not only do the Golden Arches overshadow the publicly funded sculptures intended to beautify Northwest Boulevard, but this business stands in direct contradiction to many of the values I thought our city (and the LCDC) were aiming to promote.

This mega-chain certainly will interfere with the success of local restaurants, and does nothing to promote health, environmental stewardship, nor the creation of a live/walk/dine/shop community as was afore-promised. If stipulations were not in place to promote better community planning before this incredibly poor decision took place, I certainly hope they will be considered now. It would behoove our community to prevent other such chains from taking hold and further detracting from the beauty as well as the integrity, health and economic vitality of our community.


Coeur d’Alene

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  • Ziggy posted at 11:29 am on Sun, Nov 24, 2013.

    Ziggy Posts: 1286

    CdA has always been a town of haves and have nots. Trouble is, the haves, such as Granier, just don't want to be reminded of the thousands of struggling families and singles out there. Maybe McDonalds is what some working people can afford for a night out.
    As to wages--I'll bet McDonalds pays about what all the other service jobs down there pay. And the haves are just fine with minimum wage for these jobs. They like the minimum wage and they don't want to increase it one cent. So....what's the solution? Maybe we should divide the town 90% for the haves and 10% for the have nots. Kinda like Ketchum.

  • IdahoMike posted at 6:46 am on Sat, Nov 16, 2013.

    IdahoMike Posts: 127

    I agree with Granier. McDonalds is kind of the polar opposite of what Riverstone was supposed to be. If you bought an office and believed that the the community was going to be local shops, local residents, and about entertainment and a nice neighborhood look and feel, then you'd be bothered too. It's not about being an elitist. It's about having a big pile of steaming anywhere-USA manure all around you.

  • idaholiberal posted at 8:16 pm on Wed, Nov 13, 2013.

    idaholiberal Posts: 224

    Riverstone was "supposed" to be upscale. It never materialized. Auctioned-off apartments, low-income apartments, McDonald's....

  • NativeNIdaho posted at 11:13 pm on Sat, Nov 9, 2013.

    NativeNIdaho Posts: 1

    You eat where you want and let others eat where they want. Quit depicting McDonalds as some monster that has diminished the beauty of your precious Riverstone. There are many people in this area that do far more damage to my beloved hometown than the Arches.

  • Just_K posted at 6:52 am on Thu, Oct 31, 2013.

    Just_K Posts: 84

    My daughter worked at Coldstone for 2 years. She never made more than minimum wage. What about the servers at Red Robin? Azteca? Paid more than minimum wage plus tips? I think not. Typically, sit down eateries pay below minimum wage and it's up to the servers to "earn" enough in tips to bring them up to the standard. I agree with Chouli, this sounds a bit snobbish to me. Elite-ism is rampant in this area.

  • cedarincda posted at 11:34 pm on Wed, Oct 30, 2013.

    cedarincda Posts: 29

    Maybe we can build some more hotels with their high paying housekeeping and front desk jobs for our "economic vitality"

  • jmowreader posted at 9:28 pm on Wed, Oct 30, 2013.

    jmowreader Posts: 1482

    It's strange that the McDonald's street sign can overshadow the beauty of the sculptures in the middle of Northwest Boulevard in a way Northwest Boulevard between the southern edge of Idaho Independent Bank's parking lot and the US 95 overpass can't.

  • ANesse posted at 9:07 pm on Wed, Oct 30, 2013.

    ANesse Posts: 42

    I'd guess Allison is saying "The Arches" are more bothersome in what they stand for in this place that has taxpayer subsidized infrastructure.
    McDonalds pays low wages to a majority of it's employees. In fact Idaho leads the nation in these low wages. And this effects all wages and purchasing power, effecting in turn any business that wants to thrive here in Idaho. You need customers for a business to thrive and Idaho leads in poor people instead. These are people who are often over the age of 18 and deserve to make more than $7.25 per hour.

    This is off our subject but go to and get 12 signatures on our initiative to raise the minimum wage in Idaho. Spread the Word.
    Then we will like McDonalds and hope they encourage healthy eating in their menus as well.

  • Veeeee posted at 8:54 pm on Wed, Oct 30, 2013.

    Veeeee Posts: 422

    Well, the motto of Riverstone is something like "Work, Live and Play" here. I would add one missing thing...and that is a nice little cemetery over by the river. Then people who live there never have to leave Riverstone...ever! And with McDump now in the neighborhood, well, our Riverstone enslaved citizens can accelerate their path to an even earlier bye bye time. Yikes!!!!!

  • Intrepid posted at 2:47 pm on Wed, Oct 30, 2013.

    Intrepid Posts: 1057

    Really Doc? Are the Golden Arches any tackier than a 6 acre concrete lake and plastic swans? Besides it has to be a McDonalds so that the souls working in Riverstone can afford a little food.

  • Miketeague posted at 1:45 pm on Wed, Oct 30, 2013.

    Miketeague Posts: 2593

    Starbucks is OK?

  • chouli posted at 11:28 am on Wed, Oct 30, 2013.

    chouli Posts: 1294

    humpht...sounds a bit snobby to me.
    Actually, very snobbish...
    So do tell, the McDonalds isn't "worthy" of being "allowed" in Riverstone?? Really??
    Speaks volumes, doesn't it?!
    If you aren't a fan of McDonald's, and feel it's just beneath you...then don't patronize the business.
    Unlike you, many folks are a fan of McDonalds being there. I think I'll go there today...a nice short walk that meshes with the theme of work/live/walk/dine/shop community...
    food, folks & fun...I'm luvin' it :-)

  • Jimbob101 posted at 10:24 am on Wed, Oct 30, 2013.

    Jimbob101 Posts: 1

    Humm... and Red Robin is a fast food chain also right in the middle of it all. Don't know where you draw the line on fast food chains. A healthy Cold Stone Creamery?

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