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PRESS: Sold out for PYP

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Posted: Wednesday, September 26, 2012 12:00 am

Mike Patrick argues that because trustee Tom Hamilton has values conflicting with PYP, he should not participate in the decision about the program? If Patrick applied the same standard to himself, he’d have been disqualified from running interference for IB/PYP over the past three years. Mr. Hamilton campaigned and was elected based on his values. Who elected Mike Patrick?

Patrick, long on record as unable to “see” IB/PYP as a socio-political values-driven program, falls back on the standard liberal attack approach of labeling those who disagree as “conspiracy theorists.” This despite IB/PYP’s agenda being stated clearly on their website, in their speeches, lesson plans, workshops and everywhere else in their own materials.

Mike, it was disingenuous to suggest hidden motives by the school board. (Who is the conspiracy theorist now?) Trustees Hamilton and Seymour ran against IB/PYP. The other trustees have said they would look carefully at IB/PYP, and that is being done. Why would consideration of IB/PYP’s stated agenda be off-limits?

IB was terminated for its poor enrollment, poorer performance, AND its values and divisiveness. IB and PYP carry the same values and divisiveness. PYP performance is also off. Hayden Meadows, once our top elementary school, is now our least performing magnet schools. Kinders and first-graders and get off to a fast start that slowly bleeds-off until their performance falls off in the fourth and fifth grades, after a PYP education.

Mike, the “Pitchforks and paranoia” you refer to apply to one side in this dispute. Why was there no mention in your editorial of the disgraceful blog postings and intimidation tactics of those supposedly open-minded, tolerant IB supporters?

This fight is about a program that has an indisputable agenda that takes away from learning time vs. those of us who do not want socio-political agendas in our schools. School should be neutral ground in the culture war of our time. So why are we the bad guys? Mike, you have failed to grasp the context of this dispute as a smaller but important battle in the larger socio-political culture war embroiling our nation. By the way, Chicago is full of IB/PYP schools. How well has that worked?

Hayden Meadows’ performance may still be close to the top in Idaho, but that’s not saying much, since Idaho is a mediocre education state. Every year wasted is a tragedy for the kids. Whether Mr. Patrick wants to admit it or not, there are performance-based reasons for terminating the program. Irrespective, if this program is to rise or fall based on its political ideology, I say so be it. Let’s restore agenda neutrality to Hayden Meadows and get back to learning instead of indoctrination.


Hayden Lake

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  • 1inIdaho posted at 2:08 pm on Mon, Oct 1, 2012.

    1inIdaho Posts: 279

    He can't.
    There aren't any.
    It is simply IB's connection to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization that sets his tinfoil hat abuzz.
    It wouldn't matter if UNESCO could single-handedly banish ignorance from the planet... tools like Koler would object because there is "UN" in front of it.
    Too many nights sitting up listening for the black helicopters, have seriously warped his mind.

  • 1inIdaho posted at 2:03 pm on Mon, Oct 1, 2012.

    1inIdaho Posts: 279

    Let this stand as a less in voter apathy. We ultimately get the representation we deserve. If we aren't willing to educate ourselves on the candidates, or even go to the polls; then we deserve idiots like Hamilton.

    As Samuel L. Jackson would say; it's time to Wake The Eff* Up.

  • 1inIdaho posted at 1:59 pm on Mon, Oct 1, 2012.

    1inIdaho Posts: 279

    Seriously? Koler, you are a fool.
    1. Mr. Patrick does not hold a position on the school board; he is the editor of a newspaper. AS EDITOR, he is free to editorialize on any subject, as much as he wants, If he says things that people disagree with, nobody has to read his paper. Mr. Hamilton, on the other-hand, was elected to represent citizens. The mere fact that he was won his election should shame most voters (especially those with school-age children) in this district. Voter turn-out for the school board election was less-than 40%. This should be an abject lesson in the perils of voter apathy. In any case, you can bet that Mr. Hamilton's objection to the educational principles of IB/PYP on grounds that they (supposedly) conflict with his Judeo-Christian values, IS NOT the prevailing opinion in this district.

    2. How is calling Conspiracy Theorists, for what they are, any different than the way you insinuate nefarious intent in this organization's "agenda?"

    3. Mr. Patrick did not say that examination of IB's (ooohhhh) "agenda" was off limits. He's stating that a fair and balanced appraisal of the PROGRAM cannot occur when approached as an examination of a so-called agenda (as described by YOU).

    4. IB was discontinued because of COST. The witch-hunting board, unable to banish the program on the basis of the contradiction with THEIR narrow belief system, was ultimately able to convince people that it was not cost-effective. The values of the program had nothing to do with why it was discontinued... and the divisiveness surrounding this issue is rightly laid at YOUR DOOR. Absent your narrow-minded, ignorant witch-hunt, the people of this district couldn't care less.

    5. When you attempt to dismiss Hayden Meadows' top performance, you lose all credibility. The mediocrity of Idaho education is due primarily to dogged adherence to old, unimaginative, failed techniques. Hayden Meadows' success is due to innovative and progressive methods, including PYP.

    Seriously, Mr. Koler, I wish you and your ego would crawl back under whatever prehistoric rock from which you were hatched.

    Parents who prefer NOT to have their children participate in IB or PYP have ALWAYS been supplied with alternatives in this district. And, for those who don't like any of the alternatives; there is always HOME SCHOOL.

    You are a fear-monger and a fraud, sir, and I bid you good day.

  • involvedparent posted at 10:54 pm on Sun, Sep 30, 2012.

    involvedparent Posts: 27

    Duncan Koler has wasted the time of so many in our community and robbed my children of a peaceful education. We parents at Hayden Meadows are tired of his invalid, relentless attacks against an excellent school and an outstanding program.

  • AsISeeIt posted at 1:26 pm on Thu, Sep 27, 2012.

    AsISeeIt Posts: 28

    What allows for people like Hamilton to be elected to small town public office is their ability to get a high portion of votes in a very small voting pool by relying heavily on EVERYONE in the congregation to vote. With voter turnout as low as it is in our community, his church picked our school board member.

  • Humanist posted at 10:28 am on Wed, Sep 26, 2012.

    Humanist Posts: 3223

    Quote Duncan Koler: "This fight is about a program that has an indisputable agenda that takes away from learning time vs. those of us who do not want socio-political agendas in our schools. "

    Mr Koler, can you please cite specific items directly from their web site ( web site that you find offensive as part of a curriculum and why you would find those items offensive? Thank you.

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