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Records July 21, 2012



Kootenai County Sheriff


8:02 a.m.: A green John Deere Gator tractor valued at $7,500 was reported stolen from the hay barn at a business located in the 1100 block of East Lancaster Road near Hayden.


Cynthia Comstock-Anderson from Jeffery D. Anderson

Angela L. Cook-Sanisaca from Clever S. Sanisaca-Peralta


Stephanie E. Brown from Peter C. Brown


Jeffrey W. Attebury and Colleen E. Samsel

Robert E. Berg and Tiffany A. Parker

Rory J. Burns and Natalie A. Shaw

Kenneth P. Byrne and Clarice A. Taibi

Caiden W. L. Carruthers and Hannah L. Cazier

Cody R. J. Cohen and Allison Dyckhoff

William A. Craig Jr. and Jessica C. Callins

Tony A. Cruickshank and Kristine M. Shaw

Michael R. Demartini and Carrol L. Lyles

Percy C. Deschamps and Lori J. Arthun

Evan M. Emerson and Jennifer D. Linnebach

Jerry K. Flerchinger and Amy R. Rose

David A. Fortine and Ashley V. Fortine

Dean S. Fotis and Mary T. Springer

Evan M. Hamlin and Megan L. Leonard

Allen L. Hendrickson and Arlene L. Hendrickson

Ryan D. Hendry and Jovon L. Larsen

Ian T. Hunt and Krystal V. Henderson

Kenneth M. Kilbourn and Katrina L. Archer

Bart D. Klinge and Harvest G. Gumm-Brandt

Joseph N. Kubista and Crystal D. Silvers

Brian J. Lorensen and Alicia M. Cobb

Christopher S. Martin and Kimberly S. Shearer

Benjamin H. McAnulty and Jessica N. Morlan

Wilhelm V. Meyer and Alexandra E. Ward

Tracy F. Nelson and Laura S. Moore

Clinton P. Nowlin and Elise R. Anderson

Joseph R. Paisley and Erin A. Mahoney

Shawn E. Riley and Kimberli E. Price

Ryan P. Schuster and Aaryn E. K. Pecinovsky

Shawn T. Stafford and Ashley N. Huntington

Timothy R. Volking and Julie A. Austin

Adam A. Wilson and Azure R. Lobue

Patrick R. Rotchford and Kristine K. Franquemont


Portfolio Recovery Associates L. L. C., et al., v. Lisa M. Kenner, seeking payment of $8,432.69.

Amendola & Doty P. L. L. C., v. David B. Odenthal, seeking judgment of $10,151.88.

Cavalry SPV I L. L. C., v. Christopher W. Degustis, seeking payment of $10,442.83.

Craig L. Young v. Rampart Aviation L. L. C., et al., seeking damages of $9,304.12.

North Idaho Credit Corporation v. Aaron M. Yeakey, seeking payment of $5,782.69.

Terry A. Carr v. Warren Martin Sr., seeking judgment of $7,700.


North Idaho Credit Corporation v. Kari Wilkinson, was awarded judgment of $5,294.72.


Judge Robert Burton

Kelli S. O'Connor, 50, Spokane: 10 days in jail for invalid driver's license.

Francis D. Gunseor, 26, Coeur d'Alene: 15 days in jail for petit theft.

Mindy R. Dixon, 31, Post Falls: 30 days in jail with credit for time served for driving without privileges.

Brandon R. Dresser, 18, Post Falls: 40 days in jail with credit for time served for disturbing the peace.

Dylan J. Gutherie-Adams, 20, Coeur d'Alene: 30 days in jail with credit for time served and $300 restitution for petit theft.

Kenneth R. Johnson Jr., 54, Coeur d'Alene: 120 days in jail with credit for time served for probation violation.

Judge John Luster

Thomas J. Lang, 22, Post Falls: 60 days in jail for disturbing the peace.

Judge Eugene Marano

Carey J. Brooks, 23, transient: 30 days in jail for possession of drug paraphernalia with intent to use and possession of a controlled substance.

Judge Clark Peterson

Michael D. Moore, 29, Coeur d'Alene: 10 days in jail with work release for probation violation.

Judge Scott Wayman

Dennis W. Molyneaux, 52, Coeur d'Alene: 365 days in days with 330 days suspended, work release, $300 in fines, $100 restitution and two years probation for possession of drug paraphernalia with intent to use.