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A fateful trip to the carwash changed Sam Pappas' life.

He was struggling to clean his car when Dr. Rich May noticed Sam limping badly.

The reason: Pappas had broken his back in snowboarding accident nearly 12 years ago.

“I had surgery on my lower back and it didn't help me,” said Pappas. “I was in a lot of pain, so I was seeking alternative therapies. It just so happens Dr. May saw me at the carwash and came over to talk to me about why I was limping. I was pretty messed up.”

May, who owns Blue Chip Chiropractic in Hayden, hadn't officially opened his practice back then, but he wanted to help Pappas.

“Dr. May is awesome,” said Pappas, who works as a personal trainer.. “He put everything back in. I was dealing with incredible pain. He really made a difference in my life. I see him about once a year now, but back then he really healed me.”

Pappas isn't the only one. May has over 8,000 patients in North Idaho and the bulk of his practice are athletes.

“I want to restore people to what they could do before the injury,” he said. “It's rewarding to see my patients actually get stronger and perform to the best of their abilities.”

Eric Foster, an avid marathon runner, has been seing May for about six  years, helping him overcome knee, shoulder and foot injuries.

“I took a bad fall on the mountain and crushed my shoulder,” Foster said. “It was really bad. I tried to pop it back into place myself, which was a bad idea. I went to Rich and I was back to my normal self in four days.”

Blue Chip Chiropractic focuses on spine, shoulder, wrist, knee and ankle restoration. Dr. May has taught nationally and is a chiropractor for professional athletes. After 15 years of practice, 10 in North Idaho, he understands that people are unique, and every person's body has its own signature which needs to be listened to and understood correctly.

As Dr. May puts it, people are not “health care machines.” So he and his team deliver adept intervention tailored to the requirements of each individual. The process is so finely tuned he calls it an art.

“This, coupled with the fact that it is a distinctively high-level of chiropractic we offer, makes all the difference,” Dr. May said. “The goal is get the body operating the way it was intended to.”

Foster said he's been treated for stress fractures and knee injuries.

“Dr. May has taken me from, 'I can't move my leg without excruciating pain' to running faster than I ever have,” said Foster. “He really does make a difference.”

Blue Chip is at 8276 N. Wayne Dr. in Hayden. For appointments call (208) 772-4545. “Like” Blue Chip Chiropractic on Facebook.

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