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It is vital that we provide our body some respite and much needed rest, which is where the importance of detox lies. The detoxification process works by shifting the focus from metabolizing unhealthy foods towards cellular regeneration and internal cleansing of the body.

Every day you are exposed to toxins that find their way into the air you breathe, the water you drink, and the food you eat. Your body works hard, trying to process and eliminate these dangerous substances by transforming and then excreting them through your lungs, liver, kidneys, skin, and bowels. Unfortunately, many times these toxins do not exit your body effectively. They circulate back into your bloodstream and body tissues, and often become stored in our fat tissues.

What we breathe and put on our bodies is so important, and we cannot forget the foods we put into our body as being a prime contributor to potential toxic load. Conventional food production involves synthetic fertilizers and/or chemical pesticides, residues of which can be found in the foods we eat. Food processing refines away much of the nutritional value of our food, and so often replaces it with artificial colorings, preservatives, artificial flavors and colors, additives, etc.

Consider also our homes and daily lives. We encounter toxic substances every day, often in some very unsuspected places. Not only in more apparent substances like cleaning products, bug repellants, or air fresheners, but also in new upholstery, electronics, mattresses, and paint fumes - just to name the most common toxic offenders. Even in our skin and hair care products and cosmetics, which are often petroleum based or contain harsh preservatives - any compound that comes in contact with our skin has the high likelihood of being absorbed into our bodies. Also, many people don't think twice about using chemical fertilizers on their lawns, and toxic pesticides on their garden flowers - themselves releasing more chemicals into their immediate surroundings.

These toxins can accumulate in your body, sometimes over the course of many years, and can contribute to conditions such as:

* Low energy.

* Food sensitivities.

* Joint and/or muscle pain.

* Chronic fatigue.

* Inflammation.

* Fibromyalgia.

* Seasonal allergies.

* Poor concentration.

* Yeast infections.

The most noticeable benefits from detoxification are the physical ones. Since the toxins store up in major organs, detoxification will help these areas the most. The organs which are affected, such as the liver and stomach, will begin to work more effectively. After the detox is completed, you may feel "lighter" and have more energy. Also, since a detox is used to clear away free radicals, your body's immune system will be stronger.

We offer different detoxification programs at Natural Spine Solutions that might be right for you.

Dr. Wayne Fichter, D.C., is the lead doctor at Natural Spine Solutions, with more than 15 years of experience treating families. He also has been the lead doctor in handling serious neck and back problems through non-surgical spinal decompression. Call (208) 966-4425 for all of your spinal and wellness needs.

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