AMNESTY: Say no Rep. Labrador

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Did Idaho elect Raul Labrador to the US House of Representatives to broker a deal for amnesty that Barack Obama will accept?

Idaho Representative Raul Labrador has emerged as the “immigration point person” for Speaker John Boehner on reform.

Behind closed doors talks have been going on for the past 3-4 years, according to Boehner in an article in The Hill, January 26, 2013. In the grand “spirit of bipartisanship,” both parties are crafting and will attempt to pass legislation that creates a path to citizenship for illegal aliens, a.k.a. amnesty.

Why the secrecy?

In 2007, when our elected officials hid in back rooms to construct amnesty legislation, amnesty proponents were at the table helping to write the legislation. No one represented the interests of American citizens or their concerns regarding the rule of law, jobs, costs, crime, lack of assimilation, overpopulation, border security, etc...

Why are the interests of illegal aliens being considered at all?

The first action carried out by these potential citizens was to violate American immigration law in order to take jobs from American citizens (often through identity theft and fraud — victimizing American citizens in the process), to feed off of our generous welfare system, to receive healthcare, an education for their children, etc...

What is the benefit of any form of amnesty to America and her citizens? Once citizens, illegal aliens can vote to institutionalize socialism, grant themselves more taxpayer benefits, bring more family members in through chain migration to take more predominantly low-skilled jobs from the poor and minority Americans.

According to Robert Rector of the Heritage Foundation in a 2007 study, “amnesty will immediately grant access to Social Security and Medicare benefits and, over time, to more than 60 different federal welfare programs.” Rector calculated that by the time amnesty recipients reach retirement age the cost will be $2.6 trillion!

Costs and unemployment have increased since 2007. No one knows how many illegal aliens are in America. Idaho, since the 2005 Census, has seen a 75% increase in the Hispanic population. How many are here legally?

The dirty little secret is there is no upside to making illegal aliens American citizens. Instead of passing disastrous amnesty legislation, why not first try enforcing current immigration law and securing the borders? How about changing immigration law back to accepting foreign nationals based on the needs of America?

No amnesty deal, Raul. Represent Americans!


Coeur d’Alene

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