WOLVES: Beers unreliable ‘expert’

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Re: the May 27th article on speaker Jim Beers; the article left an awful lot out…

If you read the transcript of his speech in MT, or read his thoughts online, you will additionally learn that Jim Beers:

1. Supports dog fighting, cock fighting and horse slaughter “property rights.”

2. States dog fighting and cock fighting should be regarded as  sports; HE SAYS they are the same as hunting. 

3. Previously worked for Wildlife Services, an agency which kills literally hundreds of thousands of “nuisance animals” each year, including eagles, raccoons, bobcats, bears, cougars, coyotes and wolves, by way of shooting, poisoning, trapping, and snares.  (see for yourself at www.goagro.org/index.html )

4. Supports trapping with leg-hold traps; a practice widely banned as cruel. 

5. Blames environmental and animal rights groups for the loss of his job.

(No surprise he hates wolves )

Mr. Beers clearly has an axe to grind with his former employer, the U.S. government, and is in some twisted way trying to portray the wolf as the poster child for government intrusion on personal rights.

The wolves of North America are simply trying to survive in their historic range where they were reintroduced. How can so much hate be directed at one single animal? Grizzlies, black bears, and cougars kill people every year. People even get killed by a moose or a deer once in a  great while. Yet who always gets the bad press? Have you ever heard of the “Anti-bear coalition”? 

Cougars kill an AVERAGE of two people a year! Wolves; two in North America in the last 100 YEARS! Yet IDFG has had requests from  some hunters that they LOWER quotas on cougars, in order to protect them!  Does this make sense? The war on wolves now seems exactly the same as when our ancestors settled here over 100 years ago! They wanted  to “sterilize” the land of all predators. Haven’t we learned anything from the mistakes of the past?

Nowhere in Jim Beers’ lengthy explanation of his job history does anything point to him being a “Wolf Expert” as stated.  In fact his claim of “200 lb. + wolves” clearly shows he ISN’T!  According to a press release by Idaho Fish and Game 3/29/10: “Harvested wolves ranged in size from 54 to 127 lbs-males averaged 100 pounds and females averaged 79 lbs.”  (IDFG Wolf Hunt Wrap Up:  http://fishandgame.idaho.gov/apps/releases/view.cfm?NewsID=5364)

See detailed charts describing the wolves reintroduced to Idaho: www.forwolves.org/ralph/wpages/1995idahowolves.htm



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