These people are driving others crazy

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There are times for diplomacy, for the gentle dispensation of information or mild persuasion to effect change for societal benefit.

This is not one of those times.

When you consider the danger some drivers are creating, nothing less than a verbal 2-by-4 to the backside will do.

So here we go:

If you are one of the drivers The Press front-page story referred to Wednesday, wake up.

First, if you see any sort of emergency response vehicle or vehicles pulled over on the road’s shoulder, the law requires you to move over one lane if there is one. You are required to create a safety buffer zone; it’s not just the considerate thing any conscientious citizen would do automatically.

Driving right next to an emergency roadside situation is bad enough, but what’s stunning is that according to many who risk their lives by responding to these situations, an increasing number of lookie-loos are whipping out their cellphones and trying to capture video as they breeze on by.

If you’re making a case about how social media is bringing out the very worst in us, here’s Exhibit 4,398. It defies both logic and common courtesy to realize that an increasing number of drivers would risk the lives of their passengers, themselves and innocent bystanders for an 8-second blurry clip they can post on their Facebook page.

We confess to being disgusted to the point of feeling like throwing up.

Speaking of throwing, the immediate reaction is to throw the book at these drivers. Putting only yourself at risk is a personal decision with consequences, but putting others in grave danger is inexcusable.

This phenomenon that statistically grows worse by the day needs to come to a screeching halt before more people are maimed and killed.

Pay attention to the road.

Think of someone besides yourselves.

Live to drive another day.

Most importantly, drivers: Put your damned phones away.

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