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At Heartfelt Headache Relief in Coeur d’Alene, we are committed to using the latest advances in dentistry in our practice. This commitment by Dr. Johnson and his staff is to serve our patients with the best possible care led us to a remarkable revelation in caring for patients with headaches.

He noticed that many patients had chronic headaches.

Some time ago, Dr. Johnson began to look into new advancements and therapies for pain relief because many of his patients had chronic pain symptoms in their head, neck, teeth, and jaw.

His research led him to suspect that imbalances in the way a patient’s teeth came together was the likely cause of the pain and the headaches. People swallow about 2,000-3,000 times each day. He felt that these unbalanced bite forces and the pain were associated with one another in some way. A link between bite force imbalances and headache, migraine, TMD, head and neck pain, etc., was very probable.

This research led to his founding Heartfelt Headache Relief in Coeur d’Alene, and has opened the door for many chronic pain sufferers to finding the getting relief from the pain that they were searching for.

Dr. Johnson starts investigating chronic pain conditions.

First, he discovered there needed to be another way of helping patients get free of headache and migraine suffering. The medical community has been treating headaches and migraines with drugs, injections to trigger points, nerve blocks and a many other techniques with very mixed results—sometimes with no results. Many patients have tried every method possible and still have the headaches.

Continued research by Dr. Johnson found there were doctors who were currently treating patients for headache and migraine symptoms that were a result of a bite force imbalance. They were experiencing successful treatment of these patients; the patients were experiencing long-term pain relief with treatments that were not drug or surgery-based. A treatment protocol was already being used to get rid of the root cause of patient’s pain.

Originally, a doctor and a neurophysiologist (the one who had developed the cold laser technology that many doctors use for other purposes today) together had patented a protocol for helping patients who have been suffering with chronic headache and migraine pain.

The cold laser was originally invented by the neurophysiologist was to aid in treatment of injured athletes get back in the game faster. It promoted faster healing of the injured muscles and ligaments; it also helped get rid of scar tissue. Cold laser combined with several other proven technologies successfully treated the causes at the root of headache, migraine, TMJ, jaw joint, head, neck, and face pain. Tinnitus (ringing in the ears) was even treated. And where drugs and surgery were failing, this technique worked.

Our office also used instrumentation to digitally analyze the imbalance of the bite force of the teeth very accurately. This device has allowed us to make adjustments to the bite forces gradually so patients can regain harmony and balance to the bite of the teeth and the head and neck muscles and nerves. These technologies are FDA approved and have been proven successful at getting long-term results for patients so they can become pain free. The teeth, muscles, nerves and joints all need to work together.

Dr. Johnson and his staff have a test which will reveal whether or not this treatment protocol will help patients who are suffering with these. And if this test shows that the protocol will work, the patient can have hope that this chronic condition can be greatly improved in getting patients pain free. The conditions written about in this article are now being treated with this new technology at Heartfelt Headache Relief in Coeur d’Alene.

Dr. Donald Johnson founded Heartfelt Headache Relief to help people live free with no limits and stop the pain! His office is at 114 W. Neider Ave., near Costco. The website for more information is www.HeartfeltHeadacheRelief.com and the office phone is (208) 667-4551. Schedule an appointment for a free consultation today.

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