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Sometimes you have to leave a job.

Im not sure if youd call this lucky or unlucky, but once in a while a situation comes along where youre truly sad to go and yet excited about the destination.

Thats the case for me as we visit today.

This will be the last time I write A Brand New Day on the regular basis Ive come to love, and that obviously qualifies as sad.

Its become part of my life.

Im genuinely honored by all the people Ive met through doing this column, and by the fact that youve shared your time with me (and Sammie the Worlds Greatest Cat) four times every week.

And yes, before we move on, Sammie is still jumping and hustling around although shes lost an awful lot of weight and now cant digest her food properly.

Shes not well, but doesnt realize it.

Shell also be upset if you dont remember her as the worlds greatest cat, which of course she considers herself to be.

In fact, Sammie just now snatched half of a giant cookie right out of my hand and disappeared.

Shes off the stage for a minute.

YOU KNOW by now that Im headed behind the curtain, as well.

But fortunately, just like Sammie, Im not really going anywhere.

I havent taken a job as a political reporter in Sri Lanka, or anything like that.

And I turned down Celine Dions offer to play in her band.

Heres the deal: Im moving up a few pages.

Ill be writing regular columns for our Press sports section.

I was about to type the words three per week, but remembered Im also going to continue doing the Zags Tracker page on Tuesdays during basketball season.

Theres an obvious question here


Well, I discovered while writing A Brand New Day that there are a heck of a lot more sports fans in North Idaho than I imagined.

As for the newspaper, its a pretty big load for just Mark Nelke and Jason Elliott.

The guys do a great job, but this is a sports-crazy region and its getting bigger and bigger and bigger.

That means even more sports fans.

More families with kids playing for local high schools, more grads from area colleges who care passionately about their college teams, just plain more of everything.

So what will I cover?

THE IDEA is to start locally and move outward as the stories get bigger and more important to readers in North Idaho much the way weve done with the incredible Zags phenomenon right down the road.

Basically, Im hoping to add something to the work Mark and Jason do every day.

Id like to create different angles, new perspectives and all those things that opinion columnists take on to provide a fresh look at things.

There might be a situation where one of the guys is covering a big prep game, and Ill attend the same event to give you another view of how it all shakes out.

The subject matter itself will probably become obvious as we go forward.

Ive written sports columns for 30-plus years, and the question of what to cover has always answered itself.

But at the end of day, we hope to give you something new and exciting.

Believe me, I wouldnt leave A Brand New Day and all the friends weve made unless growth throughout the region made a new direction inevitable.

I hate to finish today with a pun, but I hope we can all be good sports about the change.


That WAS a poor finale, wasnt it?

Good thing Im not leaving town.

Steve Cameron is a columnist for The Press. Email: scameron@cdapress.com

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